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The Lincoln Project – Another reminder video. Well, that’s what we need. Otherwise people forget.

Now This News generally has CC both enabled and built in. This has neither. I can only imagine the person who posted it needed a hanky too – so much so as to forget CC

Ring of Fire – Interesting news from Texas

Corey Ryan Forrester (not shouty for once) – Boilerplate Conservative Campaign Ad

Beau – Questions about Chicago (Adam Toledo). Credit to Beau for being able to speak in a controlled manner. I think I’d be shrieking. (Ck CC)


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  1. I looked at the time on this one (!!:21) and published without it.  Then I viewed it, and changed my mind.  It’s oo important to omit

    • JM: I hope Kirschner is right and the Biden administration will in time present all Americans with what Trump and his ilk have been trying to do, how much they hollowed out all these federal bureaus and agencies, what needs to be done to repair it and what to prevent it from ever happening again.

  2. LP: Gawd, worse years having him as potus, a man full of hate, vitriol, the lies and the discord, 4 long horrible years. I won’t forget. 
    NT: Horrible. A crying shame. And, yes….”there’s NO excuse”. 
    RoF: Just me, but I’d love to see Beto get the job…I like Matthew…but… we’ll see.  Yep, Abbott needs to go. Talk about being an as-….yep! That’s him. 
    BCCA: Good one! lol 
    Beau: I feel what he is saying….Geez…please, when will it s.t.o.p.??? 

    Thank you, Joanne for post. 

  3. LP: I can appreciate the concept, but it is preaching to the choir, by now, and brings on a sense of PTSD!  The last thing I want to see, or hear is TOT, until he is arrested.
    NT: I saw some of this when I was at the gym.  I hope he nails the bastard!
    ROF: But, at least he is, apparently, a human being, unlike TOT, and it’s easy to be better than Abbot.
    CRF: Nailed it, he did!
    Beau: Those parts of town were crated, purposefully, by the larger society, even with FDR’d blessings.  Read “The Color of Law,” by Richard Rothstein.  For the defenders of the system “Well, it’s just one less person of color, what the hell.”
    JM: Yes, it is important, and as per one of my comments of yesterday, this is the kind of thing the Faux News fools will never hear about, as they continue to live in their gaslight fairy tale!

  4. LP: Yes, sadly it needs to be repeated. Not because we will forget but because the GQP wants to pretend it never happened.

    NTN: This wasn’t policing, this was murder witnessed by many who recorded it on their phones. I wondered if Chauvin would have taken his knee of Floyd’s neck earlier if those witnesses had all been white. If his hatred for black people hasn’t pushed him to show them he would never give in to them. The arrogance on his face while looking into the cameras suggests as much that to me. Let’s hope the jury comes back with a guilty verdict.

    RoF: Please, what is this with America’s obsession with celebrities? And don’t tell me it’s just Republicans who think a well-known face automatically has the competence to lead a state or a country.

    CRF: Excellent satire this time; his name is terribly well chosen. 22

    Beau: I don’t know what I felt: Beau’s anger, his disgust or his disappointment? Probably a mixture of those three and a lot more but it was palpable. Perhaps I’m just projecting, like the GQPers that asked those questions usually do. That’s certainly possible because I distinctly had those feelings while Beau was struggling to keep his cool.

    • On celebrities … I think that when someone is in the public eye a great deal, people come to feel that they “know tham” as people rather than just knowing the name.  That alone would not make people favor celebrities, but add to that the fact that the entire American expriment – the Revolution, the COnstitution – was based on the idea of government by amateurs.  Most other countries don’t have a tradition like that.  When I was growing up, thius was discussed in my home – not all the time, but enough to make it clear that my family believed in the values of experience and demonstrated knowledge.  Clearly that’s not the norm.

      I do suspect that, no matter how the people who run the government – any government – are selected, there are ging to be some who are looney tunes.  Given that, there is something to be said for trraining people from childhood how to lead – provided they don’t dangerously inbreed (Hapsburgs, I’m lookin at you.)

  5. Thanks, JD. 35 I’m too tired to and have too much pain to watch videos. 19

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