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Aug 112019


In November 2010, I joined a site called Care2 and, largely because of the fine people there, I started supporting Care2 News Network by cross posting all my articles there.  That was thousands of articles ago.  It’s a sad day, because this is the last day that C2NN will be online.  Tomorrow Care2 will be petitions only.  I thank the site administrators there for years of service, and I respect their decision, despite my disappointment over it.

I’d like my many friends there who used C2NN to stay politically active here at Politics Plus.  Our URL is http://www.politicsplus.org/blog  Here’s some info to help you participate here.

To read and comment on Politics Plus, you don’t have to join.  Just go and do.  When you want to read comments or comment on an article, just click the title of the article.  Read the comments.  There is a comment box at the bottom.  To comment fill in your name and email address (always use the same name and email address each time you visit).  If you have a website, you may fill in your URL.  Otherwise, leave it blank.  Make your comment.  Click the Submit button.  The first comment you ever make will be held for moderation as a defense against SPAM.  We will approve it as soon as possible. After that, as long as the name/email address you enter remain exactly the same, and as long as your comment contains three links or less, it will not be held for moderation. There is a bug in our comment editor that complicates making nested replies to individual replies to articles. To do so, scroll to the comment box at the bottom, and fill it out as though you were commenting to the article, but don’t click the Submit button. Instead, scroll up to the comment to which you want to reply. Click the Reply link under that comment. When a non-functioning comment box opens under that reply, click the Submit button below that box, and your reply will appear nested under that reply. If you need help with anything, just holler. Our staff (Lynn, SoINeedAName, Joanne, Lona, and I) are damn good at it.

Whether or not you follow us home.  Thanks for all your support and thanks for the memories.



  16 Responses to “Farewell C2NN”

  1. Yes, it’s sad to see C2 go by the wayside……… 
    I’ve been here since 2006 (almost daily) to see what was going on nationally or globally. 
    I sure w/miss y’all. Thanks for the memories! xo

  2. I’ve been at C2 for something going on 10 years, some bit less involved with TC, and PP.  I have enjoyed “meeting,” and getting to know numerous people here, and will miss those who not go to PP.  
    Good luck to all.

  3. For the last several years, I have used my Care profile page as my home page. Even if it no longer works, however, I may not need to look for another, because my home page is not the same as my start page. And if it does work (profiles were not included in the list of what’s getting turned off, but you never know) I’ll probably keep it as a souvenir.

    I did think C2NN would be live until Thursday, but it makes little difference.

    If anyone, Care2 member or not, would like be to send out an email notification once a week regarding SoINeedAName’s and my more-or-less weekly articles, send me an email from the addess you want to receive at, to jvdix at yahoo dot com, and I’ll include you. I have a few addresses already. I will always use the BCC feature to protect your privacy.

  4. Some Care2 “refugees” have created groups on Facebook and Mewe.com. I recommend the latter.

  5. I never joined C2NN and didn’t visit very often at all – but anytime we lose a full-throated supporting voice of progressive ideals it’s a sad day.

  6. I too have been a member for close to 20 years. I started off with daily clicks and then started signing all of the petitions. Then it would send me an email with the top stories of the day and after I got to know more about using the site, I realized that there was so much more to do. I spent hours a day making sure to sign all of the petitions I could. It was only a coupe of years that I got to know Politics Plus., and have checked into it daily every since.I will miss so many of you…you;re all part of my family.. Take care. Bless you all.

  7. Been on C2 since 9th July 2010, i really wanted to make it to 10 yrs….
    This is so tragic, Love & Light to ALL!
    πŸ’” πŸ’” πŸ’”

  8. I’ve been a member of Care2 since 2005 but became active daily around 2009 or so. I’ve made true friends through Care2, something I came to realize again and was grateful for very recently. Not all my Care2 friends are politically active, so I’ll have to keep in touch with those by other means than Politics Plus, but it’s good to see how many politically active friends are now commenting here. I hope you are here to stay.

  9. Thanks and Hugs to all! 29

  10. 20+ years on Care2! First for the e-cards (dear Camilla’s delightful work!!), then healthy living articles & clicks, then petitions, groups, C2NN.
    And in these years, I’ve made some very special friends, some I’ve got to meet face to face, or by phone … some others, it feels as though we’ve met up in person. I’ve learnt so much from exchanges in C2NN & in groups.
    44 years ago, I had to leave Beirut very suddenly – the office I’d joined to stay on in Lebanon was transferred to another country because of the civil war. I had only a few days notice, time to pack my things & leave them in the office for shipping later (almost 2 years before I saw them again!!) but little time to reach friends & say where I was going … especially given the chaos of the civil war. So I landed up in a country where I knew a couple of colleagues, but didn’t speak either of the common local languages, nor the way things worked there. A privileged refugee, but still, a refugee.
    And now I feel like a Care2 refugee!!But PP is still here, and I’ll be back here 22

  11. Welcome Evelyn! 19

  12. Please join us in Care2share at Mewe Tom Cat!!

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