Jan 202021

OK, so I’m a little giddy today. Aren’t you? Be honest!

This was last night, which is why it is so dark. I wanted something upbeat for today, and neither Biden not Harris is much of a grandstander, but they are both caring.

Robert Reich

Now This News – I missed it at the time, but now I wonder if it could help if seen by Trump** supporters.

“The Damage Report” I have no comment.

Beau on inauguration Security (which will basically be completed by the time this goes up – let’s hope he is right – he taped it Monday.)

Music – “Jubilee” by G. W. Chadwick – because it’s my personal favorite feel-good piece.


  7 Responses to “Video Thread 1/20/2021 (a palindrome) (not sarah)”

  1. No CC on the Reflecting Pool COVID Ceremony

    What’s not to like WRT Reich’s recommendations?

    Sorry you voted for him, Tammy – but Trump has shown the world exactly who he is (liar, cheater, pig, scumbag, etc., etc.) for decades now.

    Hopefully Trump will testify in his own defense in his upcoming Impeachment trial.  That’d be a HOOT!

    • There isn’t on the CNN one wither.  I finally found one on NBC that did.


      • Thanks so much. 

        Not sure why, but CC has always had problems w/ transcribing lyrics.  And this one was … a disaster.  Fortunately most of us know the lyrics to at least the first verse of “Amazing Grace”.

        Anyone have any thoughts WRT why lyrics are so difficult for CC to transcribe?

        • Not quite the same as proper names, are they.  But yes, I do have thoughts.  My first thought is that the biggest difficulty is with choruses – because more than one voice at once makes it harder to pull out the cinsinants especially.  Singing is basically done on the vowels, and getting the consonants clear is a problem for singers.  Less so for soloists, but still some.  And that’s with lyrics in the middle singing ranges/  Go too high or too low and the vowels also migrate.  So, for what that’s worth – I have sung in choirs and taken voice lessons but I’d never claim to be a singer.

  2. Thanks for posting, Joanne.

  3. HP: Beautiful ceremony. 
    RR: All excellent, I’m sure that President Biden w/get on this quickly. Thanks, Mr. Reich! 
    NT: Unreal, and treasonous behavior, through and through. 
    DR: Good grief. “Trump’s Last Days” What a great statement! Love it!
    Beau: Good explanation. 
    Jubilee: Good sound. 

    Thank you, Joanne.

  4. Thanks, JD.  Exhaustion, pain and 26

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