Sep 242020

I get a Trump* virus test on Monday at 7:00 AM.  WWWendy is taking me before her work.  My stent surgery is 3:00 PM Thursday.  I’ll be home Thursday evening.  Today is a crazy day as you all know, between grocery delivery and out to DMV.  Thank you for your patience.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:19 (average 4:57).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?


Busy day!


Vote Blue No Matter Who Top to Bottom!!


  20 Responses to “Personal Update – 9/24/2020”

  1. You have a busy schedule there, TC, and I hope that you get your nap and rest, when you get back from the DMV today.
    In the meantime, you take good, good care, and I don’t say it enough, but!! Thank YOU for all you do and say. 

    *THIS JUST IN: “What country are we in?” Joe Biden on dt’s refusal/comment to commit a peaceful transfer of power after losing November election. 
    2. “Trump is sure pushing hard to develop a vaccine for a virus that ‘affects almost nobody.’ ~ Sylk L. ~ 
    3. “A 6th GOP Justice, nominated by an impeached president who lost the popular vote by 3M, confirmed by GOP Senators representing 15M fewer Americans than their democratic colleagues, after Obama’s pick couldn’t even get a vote! When I say the system is rigged, this is what I mean.” ~ Robert Reich ~ 

  2. btw….Your picture of you looking at the computer screen is adorable. 20 20 20 

  3. Busy indeed Get as much rest as you can.

    Kitty looks like he is in the research phase.  So serious!

    Sam is up.

  4. Hope that you’re doing better. Good luck and please take care, not to over do it today.
    Hope they’re ontime with your grocery delivery.
    Hopefully the DMV visit will go smoothly. I know here in San Diego the DMV is a pain. It can take hours, even if you have an appointment. I normally take care of getting my yearly car registration tags at my local AAA office to avoid the lines at the DMV. Plus they give me the tag for my car right them, which makes it easier than waiting for them if I was to do it by mail.
    Glad you were able to schedule tRump’s virus test for Monday. Too bad it’s so early. Will be praying that all goes well for your Thursday procedure.
    Your picture is adorable.
    Take care and tell Wendy “Hell0”.  Thanks TomCat

  5. Too bad it can’t be more fun busy, but…, hey you had time for a selfie, right?
    His Dumpness went to the SCOTUS to view RBG’s grave, heard her cursing him, and went inside.

  6. It’s good to stay busy – but it’s also good to pace yourself!

    Be sure to schedule a good number of rest periods – even if you don’t feel like you need them.

    If your stent procedure is Thursday morning AND you’re scheduled to come home Thursday afternoon/evening – that’s encouraging.  Means most likely you will not have general anesthesia – but light, sedative anesthesia.  Usually Propofol, like in relatively minor procedures like colonoscopies and carpal tunnel surgeries.

  7. Getting a virus test on Monday and a stent placed on Thursday is very good news, TomCat.

    Best prepare for the surgery by resting as much as you can and keeping your energy up until you can improve your goop intake after the surgery. Listen to your friend Nameless, the doctor knows best.

    3:18 Well, we both like cats, don’t we?

    Cartoon: No, you’re not to stay behind that screen too long. Go and rest!

  8. If anybody is interested, The Atlantic has an excellent article by Ibram X Kendi author of “How to be an Anti Racist” which I have been reading (60% complete).  The article is a fairly long read for a magazine but worth the time.

    Puddy Tat, please stay safe and healthy so that you can get that stent and feel more comfortable and hopefully satiated.  Will the surgeon be able to tell you if the tumour is swelling because it is healing, or if the tumour is getting worse?  If he can, I pray that it is the former.

  9. Glad all the pieces are going fairly smoothly to get your stent done TC.  Prayers go with you for both negative test results and successful surgery.

  10. Grateful thanks and exhausted TGIF Hugs to all. 23

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