Bill Maher from 6/14

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Jun 152019

It’s that time of week again, so here are three video clips from Bill’s show last night.  Enjoy!

Monologue: A Stain in the Oval Office


The stain on the Oval Office is a shit stain… a Russian shit stain.

Martin Short: Timeless


OK Canada! We’ll take Martin Short. You can have Ted Cruz back.

New Rule: The Deadbeat Dad Party


Deadbeat dads are committing a despicable act, but comparing them to Republicans is cruel and unusual punishment.

Thanks Bill!



  3 Responses to “Bill Maher from 6/14”

  1. Bill – Monologue – I’m 73 and still a natural blonde, but mine is real. I’m not sure why anyone of either party should be “shocked” by Traitor Tot’s admission that he doesn’t see anything wrong with collusion and that “everybody does it.” My reaction was “But of course he does.” WRT Sarah Sanders, I will make a prediction: her replacement, whoever it is, will be worse than she is.

    Martin Short – Hmmm. A segment about nothing. Unusual. Well, unless you’re Jerry Seinfield.

    New Rules – Lincoln and TR were not in my lifetime, and Eisenhower wasn’t really a Republican, so I can say that during my lifetime Republicans have never been a responsible daddy party. Abusive daddy, possibly. But a responsible father doesn’t keep making the same fiscal mistakes over and over again when the results so obviously are catastrophic. I could go on, heaven knows. Except, blood pressure.

  2. Must be Saturday, date night tonight, for watching Bill. 
    Thanks, Tom.

  3. Thanks and Hurry Hugs! 26

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