Dec 162017

I’ve had another busy day figuring out this week’s grocery list.  All the extra hassle is keeping me tuckered out.  Happy CATurday!!

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From YouTube (Real Time Channel): Real Time with Bill Maher (2018) | Season 16 Trailer


I’m looking forward to his return in January. RESIST!!

From Washington Post: Congressional Republicans secured enough support Friday to pass their massive tax plan, a measure that would deliver a major legislative victory to President Trump and his GOP allies and make tax changes affecting nearly every American family and business.

Passage appeared certain after two critical holdouts, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), said they would vote for the bill next week.

They know what they are doing to America. They know they are bankrupting people. They know they are murdering people. They know they are making children go hungry. They don’t care. We must hang this around their necks, until me drive them the way of the Whigs. The survival of The Republican Party and that of the USA are mutually exclusive.  RESIST!!

From NY Times: The House Intelligence Committee is racing to complete its investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, scheduling a host of witness interviews here and in New York for next week as Congress heads for its break, and, Democrats said, leaving other leads unfollowed.

Some of the most important witnesses are to be interviewed in New York by committee staff early next week, possibly leaving Democrats to choose between attending those depositions or voting on the massive tax bill coming before the House.

And in an indication that Republicans hope to wrap up their probe, the House committee has yet to schedule a single interview after the holidays, according to two committee officials familiar with the schedule. That has left Democrats fearful that the majority is trying to finish the investigative portion of its work by the end of next week, before the committee can connect the dots on one of the most serious efforts by a hostile foreign actor to hijack American democracy.

“I feel no need to apologize for concluding an investigation,” said Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, one of the Republicans leading the investigation.

This is what they’re up to. When they are "done", Gowdy can declare Putin’s Piddle Puppet innocent, opening up more attacks on and possible action against Mueller. RESIST!!




Collusion OK?

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Dec 052017

We are witnessing a major change in the way that the Republican Reich is defending their Fuhrer, Donald Trump, Putin’s Piddle Puppet.  Prior to now, the Reich had denied both contacts and collusion with Russia, and denied obstruction of the investigation.  Now that Trump’s guilt is obvious, the Reich have changed their tune.


At first, it was all so simple. The Trump White House said there were “no contacts” — zero, zilch — between Trump’s campaign and Russia. But in time this elegant defense encountered a formidable opponent: reality.

And so for a year now, Trump and his advisers, facing mounting evidence of their campaign’s entanglement with Russia, have redrawn lines of defense and revised talking points with such daring that it has amounted to a veritable Marshall Plan for the moving of goal posts.

As details of campaign contacts with Russia piled up, Trump and his officials instead said there had been “no collusion.” As more evidence came in showing attempts at high-level collusion, the White House retreated to another line of defense: Trump himself didn’t collude. “Nothing about the actual facts published to date suggests that the president . . . colluded with anybody,” was White House lawyer Ty Cobb’s careful phrasing.

Now, with four Trump campaign officials indicted and two of them, including Trump’s former national security adviser, pleading guilty, even that distinction no longer seems safe.

One of Trump’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, just told the New Yorker that it doesn’t matter whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, because “there is no crime of collusion. Another Trump attorney, John Dowd, told Axios that technically the president “cannot obstruct justice, because he is the chief law enforcement officer.”… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Washington Post>

I urge you to click through and read the entire article.  I’ very well documented.

It might be easy to miss the importance of this change in strategy, but Rachel Maddow analyzes it extensively, filling in all the blanks.


On the two lies…

Pence knew from the beginning.  He should be indicted, convicted and incarcerated with Trump.

The reason Michael Flynn lied to the FBI is to cover up the quid pro quo between Trump and Putin.



Proof of Conspiracy

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Dec 032017

Ever since it became evident that Michael Flynn, the main Republican facilitator between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the Republican Reich has claimed that Flynn was a rogue player, doing things without authorization from or report to the Reich.  Now we have have proof that the Reich was in the loop on Flynn’s discussion of quid pro quo with Russia.


When President Trump fired his national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, in February, White House officials portrayed him as a renegade who had acted independently in his discussions with a Russian official during the presidential transition and then lied to his colleagues about the interactions.

But emails among top transition officials, provided or described to The New York Times, suggest that Mr. Flynn was far from a rogue actor. In fact, the emails, coupled with interviews and court documents filed on Friday, showed that Mr. Flynn was in close touch with other senior members of the Trump transition team both before and after he spoke with the Russian ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak, about American sanctions against Russia.

While Mr. Trump has disparaged as a Democratic “hoax” any claims that he or his aides had unusual interactions with Russian officials, the records suggest that the Trump transition team was intensely focused on improving relations with Moscow and was willing to intervene to pursue that goal despite a request from the Obama administration that it not sow confusion about official American policy before Mr. Trump took office.

On Dec. 29, a transition adviser to Mr. Trump, K. T. McFarland, wrote in an email to a colleague that sanctions announced hours before by the Obama administration in retaliation for Russian election meddling were aimed at discrediting Mr. Trump’s victory. The sanctions could also make it much harder for Mr. Trump to ease tensions with Russia, “which has just thrown the U.S.A. election to him,” she wrote in the emails obtained by The Times… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

What the Times missed is the fact that puts the final nail in the coffin.  KT McFarland’s email was shared with Reince Priebus, Trump’s then chief of staff; Steve Bannon, Trump’s then-senior strategist; Sean Spicer, Trump’s future press secretary; and others.  While Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten was not on the list himself, I find it inconceivable that he would not have known what was clearly common knowledge to the senior transition officials.


Nov 152017

Store to Door just left after delivering my groceries, and I put them away.  Wendy is coming this evening to tend the sickly TomCat.  I’m hurrying to hide under my covers.

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Eric Trump has asked his father, Donald Trump, if he can have his brother Donald, Jr.,’s room, Eric Trump confirmed on Monday night.

“Don, Jr., got this ginormous room, and I got a crappy little one,” Eric Trump said. “Don, Jr., got to work in the real-estate company, and I got stuck with the winery. But all that’s about to change.”

Eric Trump said that, although his father had not yet responded to his request, he was optimistic that his wish would be granted. “It looks like Don, Jr., might not be needing his room for quite some time,” he said, barely suppressing a grin.

Make it so, Andy! Make it so! RESIST!!

From Cap Times: When Gov. Scott Walker announced his re-election campaign team today, it was like an invitation to a reunion for some of the players in the John Doe II scandal.

That scandal involved allegations that the Walker team was illegally coordinating with Wisconsin Club for Growth to raise money to fend off the recalls of Republican state senators and of Walker himself. (The Wisconsin Supreme Court eventually threw out the John Doe II prosecution in a corrupt and baseless decision in July 2015.)

Some familiar faces from that scandal are back on Team Walker.

Click through to smell the feces. The Fartfuhrer of Fitzwalkerstan is as vile as ever. RESIST!!

From Think Progress: In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions repeatedly came under heavy criticism from Democratic members. At issue was his statement, delivered under oath during his confirmation hearings, that neither he nor anyone else on the Trump campaign had contact with Russia during the course of the 2016 election. It was subsequently revealed that Sessions had multiple meetings with the Russian ambassador and knew about other contacts between campaign staff and Russians.


Amen! RESIST!!



Nov 082017

Store to Door just delivered groceries, and I put then away.  Wendy is coming this evening.  I seem to be coming down with a cold, so please pardon my brevity.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Guess Who Celebrated Election Night With Trump


May the Fuhrer be Saterized. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Donald Trump has accomplished little or nothing in his final year as President, a new poll finds.

According to the poll, a majority of Americans believe that Trump has made no progress on the economy, terrorism, or other key issues in his Presidency’s dwindling final days.

More troubling for Trump, the poll shows that Americans have lost confidence in his ability to salvage his Presidency before his imminent departure from the White House.

Davis Logsdon, a history professor at the University of Minnesota, said that Trump’s failure to accomplish anything of substance during his last year in office is a problem that has plagued other lame-duck Presidents.

From Andy’s keyboard to God’s eyes! RESIST!!

From NY Times: When the world looks at the United States, it sees a land of exceptions: a time-tested if noisy democracy, a crusader in foreign policy, an exporter of beloved music and film.

But there is one quirk that consistently puzzles America’s fans and critics alike. Why, they ask, does it experience so many mass shootings?

Perhaps, some speculate, it is because American society is unusually violent. Or its racial divisions have frayed the bonds of society. Or its citizens lack proper mental care under a health care system that draws frequent derision abroad.

These explanations share one thing in common: Though seemingly sensible, all have been debunked by research on shootings elsewhere in the world. Instead, an ever-growing body of research consistently reaches the same conclusion.

The only variable that can explain the high rate of mass shootings in America is its astronomical number of guns.

Click Through for much more. Although the number of guns is skyrocketing, the number of gun-owning households remains constant. That shows that Republican Ammosexuals are compiling arsenals. Given their propensity for "2nd Amendment Solutions", that trend threatens us all. RESIST!!



Nov 072017

I’m on an unusual schedule this morning.  I woke up, like usual, at 5:00.  I had a bad case of Republicosis, so I dressed, got out of bed, and motored down to the bathroom in record time.  I almost didn’t make.  I’ve been back three more times and taken two doses ode Immodium AD.  I feel like going back to bed, but I dare not do so, before the Imodium kicks in.  So I’ll do all my blogging early and hope I can lie down later.

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Fantasy Football Report:

Here’s the latest from our own fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends.



I would not have won, were I playing an attended team.



Seth, Vivian and I lead the league.  Jack, who appears to be AWOL, is in the cellar.

Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Trump is Lying About Russia


Of course Trump is both lying and guilty. We’re just waiting for the shoe to drop and to see who does what about it. RESIST!!

From Addicting Info: In his infamous dossier, former British spy Michael Steele alleged that Trump had paid prostitutes to come up to his room and urinate on one another on a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama once shared. Steele claimed at the time that the incident was filmed and would be used by the Kremlin as “kompromat” (compromising material).

Award-winning British journalist Paul Wood reports for The Spectator that not only do multiple witnesses confirm the pee pee tape, but there are more extreme recordings of Donald Trump than just a couple of Russian girls urinating:

I heard of Russian kompromat — compromising material — on Trump from two sources months before the Steele dossier came to light.

There are, though, reports of witnesses in the hotel who corroborate Steele’s reporting. These include an American who’s said to have seen a row with the hotel security over whether the hookers would be allowed up to Trump’s suite. The dossier’s account of hookers in a Moscow hotel room was the subject of gossip among politicians and intelligence people for months before it was published.

“Now claims are circulating of more tapes showing more extreme behavior. Expect these allegations to emerge in due course,” Wood says cryptically.  [emphasis added]

I have no desire to see Putin’s Piddle Puppet on the pee-pee tapes myself, but I want them on display for everyone to see.  I want then on the news, and I want them on a wide-screen outside every Republican Supply-side pseudo-Church in the country. RESIST!!

From YouTube (MSNBC Channel): Photo Finish In Race For Virginia


See Cartoon, please. RESIST!!