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It only broke the record by 12° yesterday.  Today is worse.  AC helps, but it’s falling behind.  I have collected the data for the Monthly Report, but I’ll put off writing it until tomorrow.  Does anyone have a spare blizzard?

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:38 (average 5:52).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Trump’s Threats Are Getting Out of Control | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


I’ve noticed that, in the last couple days, Congress has ignored their Fuhrer. Is it the beginning of the end? RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Lt. Col. Amy McGrath (Ret.) has launched a Congressional bid for Kentucky’s 6th district and her introductory ad is phenomenal. McGrath is a former Marine fighter pilot who flew 85 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Aviation Museum in Kentucky in November 2016. She’ll be facing Republican Andy Barr in Kentucky’s 6th District, which Barr narrowly won in 2012.


What a great ad! Bought Bitch Mitch supports her opponent. Isn’t that enough reason to support her?  Also, she has brass cojones!  RESIST!!

From NY Times: Two close associates of Pope Francis have accused American Catholic ultraconservatives of making an alliance of “hate” with evangelical Christians to back President Trump, further alienating a group already out of the Vatican’s good graces.

The authors, writing in a Vatican-vetted journal, singled out Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s chief strategist, as a “supporter of an apocalyptic geopolitics” that has stymied action against climate change and exploited fears of migrants and Muslims with calls for “walls and purifying deportations.”

The article warns that conservative American Catholics have strayed dangerously into the deepening political polarization in the United States. The writers even declare that the worldview of American evangelical and hard-line Catholics, which is based on a literal interpretation of the Bible, is “not too far apart’’ from jihadists.

It’s a blessing to see authentic Christians calling out Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians within their own denomination. The Fuhrer likes the pseudo-Christians and hopes to grope the nuns.



Cousin Pole Cat knows what he’s doing!


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  1. 5:07  Sturdy and long-lasting, but maybe not for hail country.

    I hear northern Wisconsin is comfy (55F at 2 pm), but I don’t know for how long.

    Well, this is handy.

    Whereas this is another reason why firing is not enough.

    Keith # 104 – It does make you wonder just how far he can go without offending enough Republicans to initiate impeachment.  Or whether there are in fact enough Republicans who are up to their eyeballs in the same corruption in which he is mired – and who therefore have more to lose by turning on him than by sticking with him.

    DKos – All the women veterans, at Kos and here, are in love with her as a candidate.  “We’ll see about that.”  TERRIFIC!

    NYT – I can’t tell you how glad I am to see this development.  AMEN !!

    Cartoon – Your cousin is very intelligent.

  2. The Wall St. Journal just reported that Müller has impaneled a Grand Jury in regard to the Russia situation!  I just posted the story at C2! 

  3. KO: So when we can breathe a sigh of relief, and start the party? Hope it’s soon! Btw, will Russia ask dt for all the $$ he owes them, now that he has sanctioned Putin? I hope the blowback happens!! and quickly.

    DK: Absolutely, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, as I told JL, if I lived in her state, KY, I’d be right there with her!! She’s what we NEED now! Salute, and best to you, Ms. McGrath, (Ret-USMC)! Awesome!! (She should get BIG posters with those words too: “We’ll see about that!” Priceless!

    NYT: I gotta say, (and I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore, though raised as one, and went to Catholic schools), but I Love this Pope. So honest, and straightforward. Wonderful, excellent news!!

    Cartoon: Spray them good, Mr. Skunk! Knew a man in NC who had a pet skunk…she was adorable. I had a pet ferret for years. Not the same, but with love and kindness they both make wonderful pets!

    Sure don’t have any blizzards here, but we did get an inkling of rain, just enough to wet the lawn. I’ll take dry heat over humidity, that must be miserable where you’re at. Hope you get a chance to relax, and take good, good care. Thanks, Tom.

  4. Keith: Trump is not a Republican, he just use them, as he uses everyone else, seeing people as just “things!”  He is on an old video stating that if he were ever to run for President, he would do so as a Republican, because their supporters are just SO dumb!  Keith said it well, there is not, never has been, any “business acumen,” or “Art of the Deal,” only threats, and bullying!
    DK: No, not a great ad…a phenomenal one!
    NYT: Wow!!!  Numerous times I have commented, maybe here, &/or at C2, but certainly on e-mail petitions (even earlier today)that we are on the road to a Theocracy, just like the one in Iran, if we let these blooming idiots have their way!  KUDOS! to the Vatican!
    Cartoon:  Skunks can be the nicest people!
    P.S.: My posting is at:

  5. Keith Olbermann #104: Just before summer recess it looks like Republicans are indeed ignoring Drumpf and his threats, having learned that, except for signing dozens of executive orders in the first few months to undo everything Obama has done, Drumpf has been absolutely useless to them. That doesn’t mean that they’re ready to impeach him. At this stage it’s to early to tell how much the GOP leadership and they themselves get hurt by an impeachment investigation; they won’t join in until most of them are in the clear or think they have covered their a$$es enough to be safe. The GOP was a divided party before the primaries, Drumpf’s candidacy and subsequent election has widened the riff and the question of impeachment may well tear the GOP apart for good.

    DK: Kudos to Amy McGrath, I hope she’s battling for the people of Kentucky in Congress soon.

    NYT: Most will know how I feel about religious institutions, but when I read about this article in the NYT I was very pleasantly surprised indeed and immediately called it to my husband’s attention. This article in La Civiltà Cattolicaas isn’t written as a personal view but apparently has the stamp of approval of the Pope and even though it isn’t an official statement from the Catholic Church of Rome it is an attack on the “hate” cult of Evangelical fundamentalists and Catholic Integralists. But what amazes me most is that the authors warn for the desire of Christian fundamentalists for a theocratic state of which the defense of “religious liberty” is a major aspect.

    The erosion of religious liberty is clearly a grave threat within a spreading secularism. But we must avoid its defense coming in the fundamentalist terms of a “religion in total freedom,” perceived as a direct virtual challenge to the secularity of the state.”

    …Evangelical fundamentalists and Catholic Integralists brought together by the same desire for religious influence in the political sphere.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that. It must be the first time that the Catholic Church warns against religious influence in politics and adheres to the separation of church and state. Kudos for that, although I don’t see spreading secularism as a grave threat, of course 09

    Cartoon: I do hope that skunk in defense mode and about to spray.

  6. Puzzle — 5:41  Good thing I am not a builder because I’d never get there in time to pick up the roof tiles!

    YouTube — As Keith said, Drumpf’s one saving grace at this point is that he has a loyal base which Republicans don’t want to alienate, at least not before the 2018 midterms.  Amazing isn’t it, Republicans will hold onto a criminal pResident (IMO) all for the power!  Will Drumpf ever be too much to bear for the Republicans to impeach before 2018 midterms?  I doubt it.  They will continue to ignore him.  Drumpf, IMO, is a lame duck pResident and it is only 6+ months into his first term.  Drumpf and all Republicans must go!!  The sooner, the better!!

    Daily Kos — I disagree with you on one point.  She does not have brass cojones.  She has brass lady cojones, and they are even stronger!!!  After all, she has 2 kids and just the intensity of the birthing process is something men could never endure, so I am told.  Good ad.  I am glad that she names McTurtle as a problem for the people he is supposed to serve . . . facts not rhetoric!

    NY Times — “The writers even declare that the worldview of American evangelical and hard-line Catholics, which is based on a literal interpretation of the Bible, is “not too far apart’’ from jihadists.” — That is similar to something we have said before . . . the ultra conservative Christian church (evangelical or Catholic) are extremists, no different than Muslim extremists which they decry.

    “… the pope’s argument that religion in the service of politics or power is ideology, and that the manipulation of anxiety for political ends risks rendering the church a “sect of the pure.”” — AMEN!!!

    Cartoon — There is a little song that I remember from over 50 years ago about skunks that goes like this:

    I stuck my head in a little skunk’s hole                                                                                                       . and the little skunk said “Well bless my sole!”                                                                                                . Take it out! Take it out! Take it out or remove it!                                                                                           .

    Well I didn’t take it out                                                                                                                                . And the little skunk said “If you don’t take it out, you’ll wish you had!”                                                            . Take it out!  Take it out!  Take it out or remove it!

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I removed it!

    Moral: Especially if you are Republican, don’t mess with a skunk! (or a progressive!)

    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

    I am late to this party because I did not get home from teaching until just after 2200 hours.  I was exhausted!  But I had a wonderful baked salmon dinner with the family, Persian style.  From their house, usually I can see the city centre of Coquitlam.  Yesterday, not at all because of the smoky haze.  And today it is worse.  Around 800 hours today, the sun in the east was literally blood red and it was well up in the sky.  I have never seen it like that.  Unfortunately, many people, myself included, are suffering from breathing problems, red eyes, and sore throats from the smoke.  Although you have some smoke in Portland, I hope it isn’t as bad as here!  Be careful with your COPD Puddy Tat!

  7. Thanks all.  Much too Hot Hugs! 26

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