Mar 062014

I’m writing for tomorrow, and I had hoped to have an additional article, but my new vacuum arrived.  Assembling it was most interesting, because I do not have a doctorate in Engineering, and I am not psychic.  It works.  Then I had to try it out.  Then I had to clean the refrigerator for my store to Door delivery.  Tomorrow is my annual physical, and my doctor is way on the other side of town.  I’m taking the lift bus, and I’ll be gone most of the day.   I Have to fast after Midnight.  I’ll be doing good to get out even an Open Thread for Friday, if I can.

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Short Takes:

From Upworthy: If you haven’t met Rev. William Barber, then you are in for a treat. This is not your grandma’s Sunday service, that’s for sure. (Or, if it is … then you totally have one cool grandma.)

Pay close attention to the words of "The Great Dissenter" at 2:01 and see if you agree.



From Daily Kos: The fact that Florida’s Republican governor and legislature refused to expand Medicaid under Obamacare was bad enough. Florida has the second highest number of uninsured people among all the states. About one quarter of Florida’s population was uninsured before the health exchange opened in January. That’s 3.8 million people. If the state were to expand Medicaid, one million of them would get Medicaid coverage. But it gets worse. Florida isn’t just turning away Medicaid expansion money, they’ve jeopardized existing funding by refusing to comply with federal Medicaid law. The state has decided to impose a limit of six emergency room visits per year to Medicaid patients. The feds say Florida can’t do that, Florida says, sure we can. And now they’re losing funding.

The only thing that will save Florida is a giant dose of Dulcolax to cure their case of Republipation.

From YouTube: RACHEL MADDOW: Why We Did It Preview


It will be most interesting to see if the reasons Rachel has uncovered are the same as I have projected. First, seize the oil. Second, establish permanent bases for military operations in the Persian Gulf that is not under the control of Saudi Arabia. This special will air at 6:00 PM pacific Time on MSNBC.


Apr 172013

I’m still down and feeling like I should be buried in the deepest corner of my kitty box.  Nevertheless, I could not ignore today’s international holiday.

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Short Takes:

From NY Times: A nonpartisan, independent review of interrogation and detention programs in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks concludes that “it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture” and that the nation’s highest officials bore ultimate responsibility for it…

Click through for much more.  This is what would happen if there were a criminal investigation into the Republican War Crimes committed by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, et al. It is years past due.

From Alternet: It’s a sign of how well relentless propagandizing works that Joe Stiglitz has to devote a lengthy op-ed in the New York Times to debunking the idea that our income tax system, whose salient characteristic is low tax burdens for the rich, is good for anyone other than the rich. Economists have increasingly taken note of the fact that the US experiment in lowering taxes produced the opposite of the outcomes that were claimed for it, namely, spurring growth and increasing incomes in all cohorts (the barmy “trickle down” theory). Cross-country comparisons show that advanced economies with higher growth rates, like Germany, typically tax their wealthy more, showing that high taxes on the rich are not a negative for growth. Instead, giving tax breaks to the rich has turbo-charged rentier capitalism…

Click through. The class warfare propaganda, inflicted on America by the Republican Party, needs to be debunked again and again and again.

From Right Wing Watch: On a recent "Faith and Freedom" radio broadcast, Matt Barber and Mat Staver were discussing the current Religious Right outrage over an Army Reserve briefing [faux noise dekinled] in which "Evangelical Christianity" was listed among various kinds of "religious extremism."

A spokesperson said the slide was not produced by the Army and was removed and the person responsible for it has apologized, but Staver and Barber know who is really to blame: the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Staver is correct that this is like what happened in Nazi Germany, except that it is Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians that are dehumanizing gays, Muslims, and others, and in the case of gays, are even sponsoring their murder by the Ugandan courts. Talk about projection! There is only one reason SPLC designates groups as hate groups; they are groups that spread hatred.



…why Democrats should not follow through with Republican plans.

Feb 192013

The MSNBC special on how the Bush Regime lied us into the Iraq War, did not contain much new information.  In fact, about half of it formed the basis of my own objections to Bush’s criminal attack on a sovereign nation.  However, it does collect and document the information so well and so undeniably, that even  a Republican could understand it, if they were willing to to do so.  In case you missed it, here it is in its entirety.


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At the time, I had not yet begun to blog, but I had gotten myself thrown out of several MSN communities, accused of treason, for taking the view that the Bush Regime was fixing the intelligence to support a Republican war for oil and conquest.  I began to blog shortly afterwards.

Ironically on September 11, 2001, several employees were I worked and I were watching the lunch room TV, and knowing that I’m a bit wonky, a couple asked me what I thought the attack would mean for the future.  I said that I thought GW Bush would use the attack as an excuse to invade Iraq and as a rationale for curtailing our civil liberties.  How I wish I had been wrong!  How I wish we had charged the Republican war criminals!

war criminal

Aug 102012

Yesterday the cardiologist told me she thinks I may have had a ‘silent’ heart attack, so I’ll need to go back twice later this month, once for a stress test and once for an echocardiogram.  My COPD flared badly, and I’m worn out.  I’ll be intermittent for the next month, because I’ll have a lot of medical appointments to deal with.  My plan for today is to post just this Open Thread, catch up on a huge backlog of comments here, and make the rounds of sites where I post links to clean up my message backlogs there.  Then tomorrow, I hope to blog normally.

Tomorrow I will be the featured guest in the Lies My Country Told Me Blogtalk Radio show.  If you’d like to listen in, it will be at 2 PM EDT (11 AM PDT).  Just click the link.

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Short Takes:

From MoveOn: Whoa: Did FDR Call It Or What?


FDR was psychic. He predicted Willard.

From NY Times: Forty years after the United States stopped spraying herbicides in the jungles of Southeast Asia in the hopes of denying cover to Vietcong fighters and North Vietnamese troops, an air base here is one of about two dozen former American sites that remain polluted with an especially toxic strain of dioxin, the chemical contaminant in Agent Orange that has been linked to cancers, birth defects and other diseases.

On Thursday, after years of rebuffing Vietnamese requests for assistance in a cleanup, the United States inaugurated its first major effort to address the environmental effects of the long war.

Mitigating that injustice has been far too long in coming. Lets not forget, we also need to clean up and remove the Agent Orange in the House of Representatives.

From CNN: Donald Trump is set to get a ‘unique’ gig at the Republican National Convention in late August, an aide to the real estate titan confirmed on Friday.

"Mr. Trump’s role will occur at the Tampa Bay Times Forum (site of the convention), though the specifics of the role are not being released at this time. The role, like Mr. Trump, is unique and will be memorable for all those in attendance at the convention and those watching around country. Stay tuned," Executive Vice President and Special Counsel Michael Cohen told CNN.

LOL!  Shaving his head, perhaps?



Feb 272012

Yesterday I had a bad air day, with my COPD making it difficult to breathe, and my still-ailing rear end making it impossible to sleep with the severe coughing.  Therefore, this is today’s only article, posted early and set to release just after midnight, so I can return to bed.  I am not current with replies and will catch up when I can.  Tomorrow is a paperwork day, but we’ll see what the day brings.

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It’s not out yet.  I’ll post two tomorrow.

Short Takes:

From USA Today: President Obama is hosting a White House dinner tonight for the nation’s governors, but one prominent state executive won’t be there.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

Brewer, whose finger-pointing confrontation with Obama last month has become a symbol for political polarization, told NBC’s Meet The Press that she has prior engagements.

Bull!  Such discourteous behavior is not at all surprising from the Death Angel of Brewerstan, formerly Arizona.

From Common Dreams: The US Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday over the reach of the Alien Tort Statute and a 20-year-old law that allows victims of torture to pursue civil lawsuits against the responsible individuals.

Corporations and human rights groups are squaring off over whether foreign victims of war crimes, killings and other atrocities can sue multinational companies in American courts.

The just outcome is a no brainer here.  However I have no confidence in SCOTUS to arrive at it.

From TPM: Rick Santorum’s contention here Saturday that President Obama’s plan to make college more accesible is really a scheme to brainwash people into becoming liberals may have struck some outside observers as a little odd.

But for the tea party crowd gathered here as part of an Americans For Prosperity rally, Santorum’s words about higher education were right on point.

“President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college,” Santorum said. “What a snob!”

Educating people teaches them to think critically for themselves, making them less vulnerable to brainwashing.  To brainwash them, keep people ignorant, the way Santorum and the Republican Party prefer.  Santorum’s contention is pure projection.



Jan 192012

Yesterday I was quite tired so I slept late and napped in the afternoon.  I made a big pot of my infamous rice and beans in my pressure cooker, so I am not fit company for man nor beast.  I’m current with replies.  Today housework beckons.

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Short Takes:

From RSN: Spanish judge on Friday re-launched an investigation into the alleged torture of detainees held at the U.S. detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, one day after a British authorities launched a probe into CIA renditions to Libya.

The twin developments demonstrated that while the Obama administration has stuck to its promise not to investigate whether Bush administration officials acted illegally by authorizing the use of harsh interrogation techniques, other countries are still interested in determining whether Bush-era anti-terror practices violated international law.

Hat Tip to Lisa G for emailing me the link.  I could not be more pleased.

From Crooks and Liars: On the heels of the announcement that Democrats gathered 1 million signatures toward the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, activists have launched a campaign to draft Russ Feingold to run against Walker. Feingold is a former United States senator from Wisconsin who lost his last re-election campaign in 2010, but is still widely popular among progressives in the state and across the country. Feingold supporters can sign the petition.

While Feingold has said he does not want the job, I would be thrilled if he changed his mind.  I signed.  You?

From The Hill: House Democratic leaders are increasingly arguing that the next payroll tax package should not be fully paid for with spending cuts.

Top Democrats say offsetting the entire cost of a yearlong payroll tax package, as Republicans have demanded, is a bad idea in a fragile economy.

I disagree with the House Democrats.  Because these are Social Security funds, they must be replaced with tax increases or spending cuts.  I would favor  cut in fossil fuel company welfare.

From Current: Keith Olbermann, Ron Wyden and Marcos Mark Ruffalo discuss SOPA/PIPA.

The Democratic sponsors are clinging to the AFL-CIO, not the motion picture industry.  Kudos to Ron Wyden!