Jan 202018

It’s another stinky, muggy day, and I slept poorly.  I can’t wait for shower day tomorrow.  Welcome to the first day of the second year of Trump’s Russian Republican Reich and the first day of the Republican Shutdown.

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From YouTube (MoveOn Channel): This is Trump’s Shutdown


Even then, Trump was lying. Last night, after the Senate vote failed, Schumer even offered Trump funding, as demanded, for the wall. Trump refused. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Donald J. Trump is “scared to death” that the 2020 Presidential election will be decided by Americans, an aide to Trump has confirmed.

The aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that Trump is panicking over a doomsday scenario in which Americans, sidelined during the 2016 election, play a dominant role in influencing the 2020 contest.

“It sounds paranoid, but, as we speak, representatives of the United States are already plotting to remove him from office in 2020,” the aide said. “They are determined to replace him with someone who takes a move favorable view toward their country.”

The aide said that the Americans, frustrated by Trump’s open hostility to the United States since taking office, will “stop at nothing” to achieve their ultimate goal: installing an agent of the U.S. in the Oval Office.

Andy seems to have a window into Putin’s Pervert’s psyche. RESIST!!

From Politico: “The shutdown rests at the feet of the GOP and it appears a majority of Americans agree”

Michael Steele is a former chairperson of the Republican National Committee.

Despite the rhetorical effort to paste Democrats with “Schumer’s Shutdown” and to redefine what constitutes majority control of the senate (“60”? Really?), the fact remains that this shutdown rests at the feet of the GOP and it appears a majority of Americans agree. I don’t like it. It certainly could have been avoided, but the President wound up negotiating against himself by taking a potential agreement off the table, leaving Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to lament, “As soon as we figure out what he is for, then I would be convinced that we were not just spinning our wheels.” That put Republicans in the position to spin their wheels right into another government shutdown. Pitiful.

We need to call this disaster what it is: the Republican Shutdown! RESIST!!



Jan 192018

It’s another warm, super-muggy day.  WWWendy sis a stellar job of destinking the TomCat yesterday evening.  Unfortunately, The TomCat is already stinky again, and the next shower is Sunday.  Sad smile TGIF!

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From YouTube (Late Show Channel): The Fake News Awards Were Worth The Wait


Colbert lied. Trump is bad at being Resident 100% of the time, not 90%.  Kudos to all who won a Fake News Award from the Pumpkin Pervert. RESIST!!

From YouTube (Funny or Die Channel): White Noise Sleep Machine: How Racists Sleep At Night


Republicans can get their own Aryan 2 for only $19.99. RESIST!!

From Washington Post: An appointee of President Trump has resigned from the federal agency that runs AmeriCorps and other service programs after remarks he made disparaging blacks, Muslims, gays, women, veterans with PTSD and undocumented immigrants surfaced in the news media.

Carl Higbie lasted less than six months as the chief of external affairs in the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Higbie’s Thursday afternoon resignation, which was prompted after CNN unearthed the comments he made, comes amid increased scrutiny of the president’s appointees for racist or anti-Muslim statements made in the past.

Sadly, the Republican Party has a deep pool of bigots in which to find a replacement, who also hates blacks, Muslims, gays, women, vets with PTSD and undocumented immigrants. RESIST!!



Jan 152018

It’s yet another muggy day here, and I’d like to catch a holiday nap, but I want to post for MLK Day.  To do otherwise would be… Republican.  Since the situation this year is the same but worse, I’m recycling last year’s lead article, because I don’t know how to improve it.  Have a safe holiday.

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From YouTube (Parody Project Channel): "— — —," a parody inspired by "The Thing."


Thanks to JD for introducing me to their work.  I hope I live to see the — — — join Sturmbannführer Scalia and ol’ Split-foot. RESIST!!

From Media Matters: National Review’s Rich Lowry defends Trump’s racist comments as "common sense on immigration"

Lowry: "These countries he was referring to, they are basket cases. They are disaster areas"

Click through for video, if you dare. National Review is a standard Republican site. They aren’t even openly alt-right. Racism is just a Republican norm. RESIST!!

From NY Times: The bipartisan group of senators, including Mr. Durbin and Mr. Graham, reached an agreement last week that would provide a path to citizenship for DACA recipients while also providing money for border security and making other changes to immigration policy.

But Mr. Trump dismissed the proposal, calling it a “big step backwards.” And on Sunday, he offered a pessimistic take on Twitter, writing that DACA was “probably dead” and blaming Democrats. He kept up the finger-pointing when he spoke to reporters on Sunday night.

“We’re ready, willing and able to make a deal on DACA, but I don’t think the Democrats want to make a deal,” Mr. Trump said. “And the folks from DACA should know the Democrats are the ones that aren’t going to make a deal.”

When the Fuhrer says Democrats don’t want to make a deal, after they already made one in which they were giving up too much, he is lying. Trump is the one who refused that deal. He wants to blame Democrats unless we cave-in. RESIST!!



Jan 082018

It’s currently intermittently sunny, 40°, and 99% humidity, so I feel chilly and sweaty at the same time, but am not running a fever.  ARGH!!  I am still not well, but am improving.

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From CNN: Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said Sunday he regretted not responding sooner to comments attributed to him that were critical of Donald Trump Jr. in an explosive new book on the White House.

"Donald Trump, Jr. is both a patriot and a good man," read Bannon’s statement, which CNN obtained Sunday from a source close to Bannon. "He has been relentless in his advocacy for his father and the agenda that has helped turn our country around."

The statement later adds: "I regret that my delay in responding to the inaccurate reporting regarding Don Jr has diverted attention from the president’s historical accomplishments in the first year of (Trump’s) presidency."

Dang!! Yesterday I begged for someone to give Putin’s Pervert a BJ. I did not expect such a speedy response. RESIST!!

Also from CNN: Trump initially misquoted conservative columnist Michael Goodwin with two tweets citing Goodwin as saying:

"’His is turning out to be an enormously consensual presidency. So much so that … there has never been a day that I wished Hillary Clinton were President. Not one. Indeed, as Trump’s accomplishments accumulate, the mere thought of Clinton in the W.H., doubling down on Obama’s … failed policies, washes away any doubts that America made the right choice. This was truly a change election, and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.’ Thank you Michael Goodwin! (Please read entire column) [email protected]"

Goodwin originally said "consequential", not consensual. The Trump residency is anything but consensual. It’s rape. RESIST!!

From Raw Story: Wikileaks has shared a link to the tell-all book about Donald Trump’s White House that has made waves in Washington D.C.

In a move that appeared to have the success of Michael Wolff’s tome Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House firmly in its crosshairs, the organization tweeted out a link to a full PDF of the book in a move that may have constituted copyright infringement.

Wikileaks is firmly entrenched in the Republican Reich. Their intent is to prevent Wolfe from selling his book, which is available right now for $18.00. I just bought the Audible version for $19.00. Down with Wikifreaks and GOP Pervert Assange! RESIST!!



Then Republicans has their way.  Poverty won.


Steele Under Fire

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Jan 062018

If you look back a few years, you might remember how ObamaCare was sailing through the Senate, with Public Option attached.  There was no rush, because Republicans appeared to be negotiating in good faith, with Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) on the verge of agreement for the Republican side.  What we did not know is that Lindsey Poo and Snake in the Grassley were just stalling for time, to allow Republicans to organize their sabotage of the bill with their Koch funded Tea Party Town Halls.  We saved the bill, but we lost the Public Option.  Eight years later, Lindsey Poo and Snake in the Grassley have joined the Republican Reich to sabotage what had appeared to be a bipartisan Senate investigation of Russia’s election activities here.  They have asked DOJ to indict Christopher Steele, of all people.

0106PigsChristopher Steele is not the issue. Yet the former British intelligence official who wrote a series of unconfirmed reports on Trump-Russia connections during the 2016 campaign seems to have become the main target of congressional Republicans. On Friday, two Republican senators—Charles Grassley of Iowa and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina—released a letter they had sent the previous day to the Justice Department and the FBI requesting a criminal investigation of Steele. There have been no other known congressional criminal referrals related to the Russian attack on the 2016 presidential election or to interactions between Trump associates and Russians during the campaign.

In recent weeks, Capitol Hill Republicans have intensified both their attack on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation and their call for a quick end to the congressional inquiries. And with this move, Grassley and Graham are trying to bolster the Republicans’ Trump-saving counter-narrative: the real scandal is the Steele dossier.

Pause for a moment and ponder this. The US intelligence community has concluded that Vladimir Putin ordered a clandestine act of information warfare against the United States to harm Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump during the election. And during that race, Trump’s camp had a series of contacts with Russians or suspected cut-outs. Also throughout the time Putin’s operation was under way, Trump and his lieutenants kept denying this assault was happening—even after his top campaign aides were informed that Moscow wanted to secretly assist Trump and after Trump was briefed by US intelligence agencies that Russia was behind the hack-and-dump assaults targeting Clinton and the Democrats. That is, the public now knows that the United States was attacked by Putin, that Trump associates were interacting with Russians during this period, and that Trump and his crew, intentionally or not, provided cover for Moscow by insisting no such operation was occurring.

Yet what now draws the ire of congressional Republicans the most is Steele and his reports… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Mother Jones>

I urge you to click through for the rest od David Corn’s article.

If KKK Beauregard manages to get one of his flunkies to indict Steele, that will make him unwilling to travel to the US to give testimony for the Mueller investigation.

Ari Melber also reported on this story.

Every time we think that Republicans could not get more vile, they do.


Jan 062018

It’s a muggy sticky day, so humid that I had to change my undershorts in the middle of the night, even though I didn’t feel hot.  I hate sweating and feeling chilly at the same time.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  May the Holy Ellipsoid Orb bless your team, id they are still alive.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Late Show Channel): Trump Adjusts To Life Without Sloppy Steve


Does Trump call Bannon Sloppy Steve, because Trump doesn’t get him until Putin is done? RESIST!!

From Politico: Responding to several days of speculation about his mental well being and fitness for office, President Donald Trump defended himself on Twitter on Saturday morning as "very smart" and "a stable genius" in the wake of allegations contained in an incendiary book about the Trump administration released this week.

“Now that Russian collusion, after one year of intense study, has proven to be a total hoax on the American public, the Democrats and their lapdogs, the Fake News Mainstream Media, are taking out the old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental stability and intelligence…..” the president tweeted at 7:19 a.m., hours before he was scheduled to meet with congressional GOP leaders at Camp David.

Several minutes later, Trump added: “…Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. Crooked Hillary Clinton also played these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames. I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star….. [emphasis added]

Nobody will ever accuse that moron of modesty! RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Donald J. Trump, legendary among U.S. Presidents for his aversion to reading, demanded on Thursday that members of his White House circle act out Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire and Fury,” in a command performance in the Oval Office.

According to those who witnessed the dramatic presentation, Jared Kushner played the role of Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump played the role of Ivanka Trump, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders played Steve Bannon.

Sources who sat through the private performance of “Fire and Fury” said that Sanders’s portrayal of Bannon was particularly impressive.

“Sarah’s a natural,” one source said. “At the end of the day, acting is just lying.”

But the performer who “stole the show,” according to one source, was Eric Trump, who was cast in the role of his father.

Dang, Andy!! I’m surprised he didn’t shoot them! RESIST!!