Jan 072017

I’m still buried in chores, and I was feeling quite tired, so after doing my research this morning, I took an upside down cat nap, that Lona had sent from Oz.  As a result, I’m running way late and hurrying.  Today and tomorrow are holy days in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  My Broncos are done for the season, but if your team is still meditating, may they bask in the Orb’s blessed light.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


For the first time in this series I have to disagree with Keith. If the vast majority deplorable Trump goose-steppers saw Keith’s video, they would roar at Keith with rage, because the things about Trump that Keith calls "illness" are the same things about him that Republicans love. RESIST!!

From YouTube (TYT Channel): Bernie Sanders Destroys Trump From The Senate Floor


If course Trump was lying, and I said he was at the time he twitted those tweets. He’ll never admit it. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: An alarming report issued by heads of the U.S. intelligence agencies on Friday asserts that the Twitter account of President-elect Donald Trump was successfully hacked by a four-year-old child.

Profilers and cryptologists who studied Trump’s Twitter feed believe that the account was first hacked during the 2016 campaign, when the child was three.

“The hacker would often wake up in the middle of the night, in an addled and cranky state, and start tweeting,” an intelligence source said. “This disrupted sleep pattern is consistent with a suspect in the three-to-four-year-old age range.”

Sorry, Andy, I don’t buy it. The garbage that floods the nation from the Fuhrer’s Twitter feed is way below the emotional maturity level of the most socially inept four year old. RESIST!!



Monica!!  Go visit Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten!!

Jan 052017

I’m getting ready to leave for today’s Physical Terrorism with Courtney, aka Lady Torquemada.  It’s 21° outside.  I’ll be wearing jeans, a heavy T-shirt, under a thermal sweatshirt top, under a hoodie, a faux fur Russian hat, and ski gloves.  This will be my coldest trip since losing my leg.  This is my only article today, as I’ll be quite tired when I return.  I’ll finish this then.

I made it back safely with good news.  My progress is such that  Courtney is cutting me back from two sessions to one session monthly.  That will save me $25.

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Surprise, surprise. Congressional Republicans don’t want to know—or don’t want the public to know—just what exactly Russia did to influence the November elections, and Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the guys who were supposedly going to stand up to their fellow Republicans and demand an investigation, are backing down. McCain and Graham have been calling for a select committee, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that investigations through existing Senate committees are enough.

Like I said a few says ago, McConJob and Lindsey Poo were just posturing to look better than they are. As I expected they are now goose-stepping in lock step with the Tangerine Traitor’s Republican Rectum Reich.

From The New Yorker: Amid reports that Charles Manson is ill, the Donald Trump transition team has removed his name from its list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

For President-elect Trump, the development was a serious setback, since Manson had reportedly topped the short list of Supreme Court picks since his name was first floated last December.

At that time, Trump said that Manson’s extensive experience with the judiciary made him uniquely qualified to “shake up the Supreme Court.”

Dang Andy!! Charlie is a perfect match with Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten.

From NY Times: Mexicans Are the Nafta Winners? It’s News to Them

The Gray Lady misses the point entirely. Whether Mexican workers are better off under NAFTA than American workers, or vice-versa is not what NAFTA is about. Neither are.  NAFTA benefits greedy 1% vulture capitalists.



Jan 012017

Because today is such a busy day, I’m actually staying up last night to get as much of today’s work done in advance as I can.  Finding two more short takes this morning took some doing.  Go Broncos!!

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Short Takes:

From Salon.com: 2016 was a challenging year for LGBT rights. A year after the Supreme Court legalized equal marriage 5-4 vote, an unprecedented number of bills targeting queer and transgender people were introduced to state legislatures. According to the Human Rights Campaign, more than 200 anti-LGBT bills were debated by states across the U.S., including Massachusetts, Illinois, Louisiana, and Montana. Many failed, unable to make it out of committee or vetoed by state governors. Others passed.

The 10 public figures listed below were those most active in creating a climate of bigotry and hate this year, in which a backlash to LGBT equality flourished. If 2017 is just as bad of a year for queer folks as the last one was, you’ll have these people to blame.

1. Pat McCrory, Governor of North Carolina

2. Mike Pence, Vice President-Elect [Resident NOT President]

I shared two Republican homophobes. Click through for the other eight. RESIST!!

From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): There’s a reason they hate us

Barf Bag Alert!!


If the Republican Rectum Reich hates them, that’s more than sufficient cause to love them. RESIST!!

From Think ProgressIt’s now 2017 and we are down to the last 20 days of Barack Obama’s presidency. In 2012, prognosticators were very confident about what would happen to America by now because of Obama’s reelection. Let’s check in and see how their predictions turned out:

1. Gas was supposed to cost $6.60 per gallon.

In March 2012, on the floor of the United States Senate, Mike Lee (R-UT) predicted that if Obama was reelected gas would cost $6.60 per by the end of Obama’s second term. Lee said that gas prices would rise 5 cents for every month Obama was in office.

That’s one. Click through for the other three. RESIST!!



Dec 302016

The last year of comparative liberty is about to come to an end, and I shall be quite busy with record keeping.  I just received my annual Social Security letter.  My rent has increased $15 per month in the last year, medical copays – $30, groceries – $20, medical transit – $15, so that’s $80 per month hitting only the obvious.  Fortunately, I received a generous Cost of Living Adjustment to help defray that expense.  I got a whole dollar every month.   And in the coming Republican Rectum Reich, I may not even get that, although it’s possible that they will defer the change a few years to get past the 2020 voting.

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Here is one of my gifts from Wendy.


And, to bless your eyes after that assault on them, here is one of my gifts to Wendy.


She considers it a bad idea to wear it to the middle school where she works, but will wear it to her bartending job.

Short Takes:

From YouTube (RWW Channel): RWW News: Bakker: Hell Opposes Trump Because He Supports Righteousness

Barf Bag Alert!!


This is the same Jim Bakker that cheated on Tammy Faye and defrauded over 100,000 supporters out of $millions through assorted PTL Network scams. He certainly recognizes his own king in Trump. The Fuhrer is so righteous he called Ivanka a "piece of ass". RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Capping an extraordinary year for the former television host, the Kremlin has named Donald J. Trump its Employee of the Month for December.

“No one has worked more tirelessly for the glory of the Fatherland than Donald Trump,” the Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an official statement. “He has set a high bar for all Kremlin employees, and for that, we salute him.”

To mark the honor, Trump’s name will be added to a plaque that hangs in the hallway outside the Kremlin’s H.R. office.

According to Kremlin sources, Trump faced tough competition in the Employee of the Month voting, besting both Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ExxonMobil’s C.E.O., Rex Tillerson.

OK, Andy, I give up. Is it satire, or are you actually suggesting that Putin (R-RU) honor his whore?  RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Republicans have no idea how to replace Obamacare and continue some semblance of care for the 20 million people the law covers, so they’ve come up with a solution: delayed implementation on steroids.

That’s right—Obamacare [repeal] is so “unpopular” that the GOP is trying to avoid backlash at the polls by delaying the effects of implementing it, potentially until after the next presidential election. Sahil Kapur writes:

Republicans are debating how long to delay implementing the repeal. Aides involved in the deliberations said some parts of the law may be ended quickly, such as its regulations affecting insurer health plans and businesses. Other pieces may be maintained for up to three or four years, such as insurance subsidies and the Medicaid expansion. Some parts of the law may never be repealed, such as the provision letting people under age 26 remain on a parent’s plan.

House conservatives want a two-year fuse for the repeal. Republican leaders prefer at least three years, and there has been discussion of putting it off until after the 2020 elections, staffers said.

Sheer cowardice! Talk about trying to untether themselves from the damage they will inflict on tens of millions of Americans. They repeal it, they own it! Doesn’t matter how long they delay implementation in order to lay the blame at someone else’s doorstep.

This is classic Republican projection.  We need to hammer home the damage this will do, especially to states in thrall to the Republican Rectum Reich, every day until the Republicans are defeated.  RESIST!!



Dec 292016

News is still in short supply, unless one wishes to repeat the same stories, day after day, where only the individual identities of the targets of hatred from the Fuhrer and Republican Rectum Reich are new.  Nevertheless, I’m back in the saddle.  Yesterday’s bank run proved most interesting.  In the shower, Stumpy had bee3n hanging down without a shrinker, causing him to expand, and the hot water made it worse, so as I dressed to go out, Stumpy would not fit into George.  Thankfully, Wendy accompanied me to the bank, and in return, I treated her to burritos from a neighborhood food cart.  Fortunately George popped on without difficulty today.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: As the Republican Congress prepares to vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act, gutting Social Security benefits for seniors and the disabled, and other measures to please their billionaire donor base, they are apparently deathly afraid of the American public seeing them do it, and even more afraid of allowing the public to see the Democrats’ response:

House members could be fined and referred to the Ethics Committee if they break rules governing electronic video and pictures in the House chamber under a new rule proposed by House Republicans more than six months after the Democrats’ guerrilla sit-in over gun control.

"Any subsequent offense will be assessed at the higher amount, regardless of whether it is connected to any other offense by time or proximity," part of the proposal reads.

The “fine" would be $500 for the "first offense" of photographing or videotaping, with $2500 for every "subsequent offense," according to the proposed Rule.

In addition, the new Republican rule would ban anyone from seeing organized protests by the opposition, because sit-ins in the House well will be banned as well.

The First Amendment is suspended for the Republican Rectum Reich.  RESIST!!

From Robert Reich: [Resident]-elect Donald Trump is accusing President Obama of putting up “roadblocks” to a smooth transition.

In reality, I think President Obama has been too cooperative with Trump.

In the waning days of his administration, I’d recommend Obama take the following last stands:

1. Name Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the President power to fill any vacancy during the recess of the Senate. The Supreme Court is no exception: Justice William Brennan began his Court tenure with a recess appointment in 1956. Any appointments made this way expire at the end of the next Senate session. So if Obama appointed Garland on January 3, the appointment would last until December 2017, the end of the first session of the 115th Congress.

The Reich on the left is right. I shared one. Click through for the other six. I particularly like number three.  RESIST!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show:

Taking credit where credit is NOT dueVice President Biden’s Former Economic Advisor Jared Bernstein talks to Ari Melber about how Trump is trying to take credit for job growth when his policies could very well undermine his constituents.


You can be sure that, as soon as the Pumpkin Plutocrat is responsible for any economic developments, he will give "credit" for them to Democrats.  RESIST!!



Dec 142016

It now looks like Alternet author Janet Allon has a new series, the "Despicable Things …This Week", or words to that effect.  This is her third in the series and I am sure it is not her last.  Trump and the right wing nutjobs are not likely to disappoint in providing suitable fodder for her new series.  This article, like her previous series, is guaranteed to have you doing deep sighs and shaking your head.

The mind reels with the mounting horrors and the sheer pace at which they come. How could one mere week contain so many terrible and impulsive actions from a man who has managed to get elected leader? At the beginning of the week, Donald Trump did everything he could to completely piss off the Chinese government,… Continue reading »