See the Republican Lie!

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Jul 172017

When confronted with facts about their own crimes, Republicans like to call it fake news, but when the truth is already widespread, they deflect and project.  They change the subject and lie to make it seem like their opponents are guilty of similar or worse crimes.  When Breitfart contributor, and Faux Noise conspiracy theorist, Herb London, used this tactic, Joy-Ann Reid tore him a new one.  See the Republican Lie!


Conservative activist Herb London appeared on AM Joy and attempted to defend Donald Trump by deflecting towards conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Joy-Ann Reid continued her journalistic duties as she forcefully fact checked him in real time. It was an epic performance.

The AM Joy Host was not pulling any punches as she immediately corrected the record from the lies spewed by her Conservative guest. London started off by giving a long soliloquy in an attempt to minimize the severity of the Trump Scandal. He included some easily debunked statements about the Trump administration.

"I don’t believe for a moment there’s a criminal case here," London said. "I do believe that there’s an awful lot of razzle-dazzle as you pointed out. And I’m not happy about the fact that the Russians are involved in any way with what happens in an American election. But I do think that the high dudgeon that you’ve now expressed to make a major case is a distraction from the policy agenda of the Trump administration. And I’m not necessarily a defender of the Trump team. My feeling is that what you’ve overlooked is the fact that we’ve made significant strides since Donald Trump has been president, and that has been overlooked largely because this is a distraction notwithstanding your claims to the contrary. It is a distraction from the kind of policy agenda that I think we should be following."

London went into lying conspiracy land…

From <Egberto Willies>

Unfortunately, once you turn on Egberto’s videos, they don’t turn off, as long as you are at the site, wasting resources, but I did find the same clip elsewhere to embed.

Click through for the rest of the story.

Kudos to Joy-Ann.  Rarely do we see a fascist so egregiously exposed.


Jul 172017

Except for a grocery delivery from in the next seventy minutes, I finally have everything ready for tomorrow’s cataract surgery.  I have to report at 7:15 AM for 8:30 surgery.  I should be able to leave by 10:30.  When I return, either I will post a Personal Update, or Wendy, who is taking me both ways, will do so on my behalf.  On Wednesday, I plan to post a Personal Update in the morning.  I have to go to Christine’s office for a day one follow-up appointment in the afternoon, and Wendy will pick me up from there on the way to my normal shower evening.  Then I’m done with medical mayhem for eight days, god willing.  The groceries came and I have put them away.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (Tree Crowder Channel): Liberal Redneck – (Internet) Freedom Isn’t Free


If I wanted crying dwarf porn, I’d watch Republicans in Congress. Demand Net Neutrality! RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Donald Trump announced his candidacy back in June of 2015, and though he got some mention in other articles, I went all the way to November before I did my first piece entirely donated to Donald.

Sixty million people died in World War II, but fascism won. It didn’t win on the battlefield. It didn’t win right away. It won because the same fears, the same greed, the same hatred that fueled its growth in the first part of the twentieth century never went away.

The symbols of fascism became anathema, but the causes … went deep. And gradually, slowly, one step at a time, all those vices became first tolerated, then treated as virtues, and then as the only acceptable view.

That was my view of Trump then — the manifestation of how America had grown not just to accept, but celebrate, all the hatred, prejudice, fear, and repression that marks the worst authoritarian dystopias. And the most horrible thing about what’s probably the most horrible article I ever wrote, is that all of it fell utterly short of being horrible enough.

Like too many people, I thought “no, we’re past that, Americans will never accept this level of racism.” I was wrong. I thought “Americans will never tolerate such blatant sexism.” Wrong again. I thought “Christians will never hand their banner to a man who openly, proudly, daily shapes his life around vengeance, a man who thinks forgiveness itself is contemptable.” I was very, very, wrong.

The author, Mark Sumner, and I seem to have an awful lot of thought in common here. Click through for the rest. RESIST!!

From NY Times: Sometime in the next few days the Congressional Budget Office will release its analysis of the latest version of the Republican health care plan. Senator Mitch McConnell is doing all he can to prevent a full assessment, for example by trying to keep the C.B.O. from scoring the Cruz provision, which would let insurers discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. Nonetheless, everyone expects a grim prognosis.

As a result, White House aides are already attacking the C.B.O.’s credibility, announcing in advance that whatever it says will be “fake news.” So why should we believe the budget office, not the Trump administration? Let me count the ways.

First, this White House already has a record of constant, blatant lying about health care that is, as far as I can tell, without precedent in modern history. Just a few days ago, for example, Vice President Mike Pence made the completely false assertion that Ohio’s expansion of Medicaid led to a cutback in aid for the disabled — a lie that the state’s government had already refuted. On Sunday, Tom Price, the secretary of Health and Human Services, claimed that the Senate bill would cover more people than current law — another blatant lie. (You can’t cut hundreds of billions from Medicaid and insurance subsidies and expect coverage to grow!)

The point is that on this issue (and others, of course), the Trump administration and its allies have negative credibility: If they say something, the default assumption should be that they’re lying.

Click through for the rest of this fine Paul Krugman editorial. The only time Republicans stop lying is after someone nails the lid on. Our choice is simple. RepubliCare dies, or we do. RESIST!!



Even though I made this cartoon in 2011, InsaniTEA still comes in the same flavors.

Jun 302017

As June comes to an end, it’s heat wave time in Portland with 88° forecast and high humidity, currently 62%.  I need to install a new poll tomorrow morning.  Does anyone have a good idea for a poll question? 

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From YouTube (Media Matters Channel): Fox News shames Medicaid recipients

Barf Bag Alert!!


The only way the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, can defend RepubliCare is to viciously attack RepubliCare’s intended victims. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: Donald Trump’s Achilles’ Heel and/or the soft, dark, underbelly of his weakness is clearly his ego. So, it would make sense that one way for the frustrated and angry American people to get back at him would be to mock his fragile, legend-in-his-own-mind, immature self-importance. Donald Trump has been called the man-child/boy-president and been spoofed all over the Internet with images of him as a grown toddler. You can see some of those images here. This video falls right in line.


I shared the long version, because I could embed it. The character in the video is far too ethical, mature, and well-behaved to be Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten. RESIST!!

From The Rachel Maddow Show: Trump allies work to smear FBI, discredit Russia investigation

Matthew Miller, former chief spokesman for the Justice Department, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump allies going on offense to discredit the FBI officials and the Trump Russia investigation.


Both Snake in the Grassley and Lindsey Poo will stop at nothing to protect their Fuhrer and their Reich from the truth. RESIST!!



Jun 272017

I don’t know why, but I could not sleep again last night, and between exhaustion and feeling sick of writing about the latest evidence of Republican treason and the latest Republican ploy to kill Granny, I need to make this today’s only article.

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From YouTube (GQ Channel): The Amazing New Trump Defense | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


I think I’m going to puke! RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: A goodly number of progressives rejected Hillary Clinton on the grounds that she wasn’t good enough for them. Their most common claim was that she is just as bad as Mr. Trump. I have a few questions for them:

Would Hillary Clinton have pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords?

Would Hillary Clinton have greatly accelerated deportations of illegal aliens?

Would Hillary Clinton have attempted to ban Muslims from entering this country?

Would Hillary Clinton have appointed Chelsea Clinton to an important position in the White House?

Would Hillary Clinton have encouraged foreign diplomats to pay inflated prices for her products?

How foolish, thoughtless and selfish they behaved! Click through. The list is a long one. RESIST!!

From NY Times: The Senate bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act was edging toward collapse on Monday after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said it would increase the number of people without health insurance by 22 million by 2026.

Two Republicans, Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky, said Monday that they would vote against even debating the health care bill, joining Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, who made the same pledge on Friday. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin hinted that he, too, would probably oppose taking up the bill on a procedural vote expected as early as Tuesday, meaning a collapse could be imminent.

“It’s worse to pass a bad bill than pass no bill,” Mr. Paul told reporters.

Ms. Collins wrote on Twitter on Monday evening that she wanted to work with her colleagues from both parties to fix flaws in the Affordable Care Act, but that the budget office’s report showed that the “Senate bill won’t do it.”

Heller and Collins are only two. We can’t depend on Idiot, Son of Idiot, Named after Idiot. RESIST!!




RepubliCare Kills!

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Jun 232017

Mitch McConnell (R-KY), aka Bought Bitch Mitch, and the Republican Party have released the Senate version of RepubliCare.  It’s easy to explain.  Are you rich?  Are you a senior?  Are you disabled?  Do you have a pre-existing condition?  Are you poor?  If you answered no to the first question, and yes to any of the rest, Bought Bitch Mitch and the Republican Party are trying to kill you.


After throwing a celebratory garden party outside the Oval Office with all those white guys in suits who passed an Obamacare repeal plan that would take away the healthcare of 24 million Americans, President Trump seems to have had a change of heart. He began characterizing the scheme as “mean” and urged Senate Republicans to be more generous and less hardhearted as they recrafted the House bill.

Well, now that Senate GOP rewrite has been released from the backroom secrecy in which it was drafted under the guidance of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, it appears no one really paid any attention to what Trump had to say. McConnell turns out to be just as mean as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

The Senate Republican bill would take away billions of dollars from Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor, and spend that money on a big tax break for wealthy people. The bill would also sharply reduce subsidies that help low-income folks purchase health insurance. In these and most other ways, the Senate measure is not radically different from the House version of the American Health Care Act which, according to polls, is deeply unpopular with more than 80% of voters…

From <LA Times>

Since Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten has tweeted his approval of Senate RepubliCare, he takes his seat at the head of the Republican death panel.

Chris Hayes explained why the bill is the polar opposite of what Trump and the Republicans promised.

It was all a lie!

Rachel Maddow gives is the most in-depth coverage I’ve seen.

Kudos to ADAPT!

Do you want to save the millions on the Republican hit list?



Jun 192017

Amid all the hoopla about bipartisan comity in the aftermath of the shooting by a deranged regressive that pretended to support Bernie Sanders, I predicted two things.  First I thought it would last for days at most.  Second, I knew it would be Republicans that would abandon it.  I’m sad, but not surprised, to tell you that I was right on both counts.


The race for Georgia’s 6th district is at a fever pitch now. After a long special election campaign, tomorrow is finally election day. Will voters flip the 6th district and send Democrat Jon Ossoff to Congress? Polls are tight and every single vote will count. As the race comes down to the wire, Republicans are hitting a new, nearly unthinkable low. They are using the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and three others at a Virginia baseball field to try and sway voters. And they aren’t shy about it, here is Brad Carver, GOP chairman in Georgia’s 11th congressional district, talking to the Washington Post:

“I’ll tell you what: I think the shooting is going to win this election for us,” Carver said Saturday after a get-out-the-vote rally for Handel in Chamblee. “Because moderates and independents in this district are tired of left-wing extremism.”

They even went so far as to use footage of Congressman Scalise being taken off the baseball field in a stretcher, featured in an ad called “Stop The Violent Left.” See the utterly repulsive ad below.

From <Daily Kos>

Triple Barf Bag Alert!!


This shooting is the only one committed by a so-called leftist in many months, while almost every week a Republican commits a hate crime, and every day, Republican politicians and pundits encourage others to commit violent acts, such as the time when Bloody Bullseye Barbie, pictured above endorsing Karen Handel, targeted Gaby Giffords by placing a Bullseye on her campaign headquarters.