Feb 172017

Today, Drumpfenfarten went on a tirade that defies all logic and shows just how totally unhinged he is.  I'll start with the full video below.  Warning: It is almost 2 hours long.


Raw Story — President Donald Trump held a press conference today in which he once again boasted about his November election win and attacked the mainstream media for producing “fake news.”

But beyond the usual boasting and bashing, the president made several jaw-dropping statements that were surprising even by his standards. Below, we’ll go over the seven craziest moments at today’s press conference.

  1. Trump says that while the leaks coming out of his administration are real, the news stories being written about them are still fake news. When asked to explain the seeming contradiction in his desire to both crack down on leaks in his administration and to attack news stories based on those leaks, the president simply said the leaks from the administration were real, but the news they generated was fake.”The leaks are real,” Trump said. “The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake because so much of the news is fake.”
  2. Trump falsely claims that his electoral college victory this past November was the biggest since Ronald Reagan’s. With 306 electoral college votes, Trump’s margin of victory last year was smaller than not only Ronald Reagan’s, but also George H.W. Bush’s victory in 1988, Bill Clinton’s two victories in 1992 and 1996, and Barack Obama’s two wins in 2008 and 2012.When confronted by this, Trump simply replied that he “was given that information,” without acknowledging that the information was false.

These are the first two of seven wacky moments in Drumpfenfarten's weapons-grade crazy press conference.  If you don't have time to watch the video, these will give you a flavour of the press conference.

And there are a number of reactions to this so called press conference.  In this first one, Shep Smith from Faux Noise lays waste to Drumpf.

Huffington Post — After President Donald Trump spent much of his Thursday press conference lecturing and demeaning reporters, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith defended the role of the media, reminding Trump that “you owe this to the American people” to answer reporters’ questions.

“It’s crazy what we’re watching every day. It’s absolutely crazy,” Smith said, summing up the Thursday face-off. “He keeps repeating ridiculous, throwaway lines that are not true at all and sort of avoiding this issue of Russia as if we’re some kind of fools for asking the question. Really?!”

There are some humourous reactions to take care of your pounding headache!

Huffington Post — President Donald Trump’s combative news conference on Thursday got a YUGE reaction on social media, and the reviews weren’t exactly glowing. 

I tried to get one of the pictures over for you, but I couldn't manage it — kept getting an error message.  (However Nameless has used it in his comment so I'm editing it in. Thanks Nameless)  So have a look and pay particular attention to Ben & Jerry's All Natural Impeachmint Ice Cream.

According to another article in Raw Story most of which is not related,

Pres. Donald Trump’s wild and unhinged press conference on Thursday set tongues wagging across the Internet and, apparently, in the halls of Congress as well.

CNN’s John King said he received a message from a Republican senator who wrote, “He should do this with a therapist, not on live television.”

At what was ostensibly meant to be the announcement of Trump’s new nomination for Secretary of Labor on Thursday, the president launched into a series of long-winded tirades where he lambasted the press, U.S. intelligence agencies, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and anyone else he perceives as hostile to his agenda.

There you have it!  Drumpfenfarten at his best usual . . . bluster, liar extraordinaire, xenophobic, racist, misogynist, and narcissistic self.

TC, I think we're going to have to find a new word other than InsaniTEA to describe the philosophy of Drumpfenfarten and his lock-step Republican minions.



Feb 142017

It has been quite a while since I last posted any articles, so long that it feels foreign to me.  I was very busy going back and forth to my mother's care home.  I would sit with her for hours every day.  But that came to an end with my mother's passing, age 88, on 04 February 2017 from bronchial  pneumonia.  I have a lot to do now with her estate.  But most of what I need to do is not urgent.  I wanted to get back to posting but I have been just too tired this past month.  I did however save a few links that I thought were interesting, and some humourous.

Short Takes

Huffington Post — Despite Donald Trump’s transition from developer to reality star to president of the United States, his wardrobe and temperament haven’t changed a bit. 

Though no one seems to be able to do anything about his disposition, GQ decided to step in and give Trump a YUGE presidential makeover in a hilarious new video. The men’s magazine trolls the president BIGLY with advice on how to solve his slouchy suits, Scotch-taped ties and wrinkled pants. They even offer tailoring tips to make his hands look bigger.


I cracked up when I saw this.  Alas though, nobody can fix the personality . . . not even GQ.  Enjoy!

YouTube — John Oliver is back and explores Drumpfenfarten's acquaintance with truth.

Washington Post — To celebrate the 62nd anniversary of a school in northern Taiwan, students were invited to choose historical figures and “cosplay” them at a parade Friday.

Liu Hsi-cheng, a history teacher at Hsinchu Kuang Fu High School, suggested to his homeroom class that they go with famous people from Arabic culture, he told the Taipei Times.

But Liu's students had another idea: a theme based on Adolf Hitler.

Liu warned his students that such a theme would be “very controversial,” the paper reported — but ultimately “chose to respect the students' decision and did not veto it” after the class voted on it twice.

On Friday, students from the school in Hsinchu, about 55 miles southwest of Taipei, showed up to the festivities wearing Nazi uniforms and brandishing signs, arm bands and long red banners with swastikas on them.

I was flabbergasted when I saw this piece.  The teacher, IMO, missed an excellent opportunity to educate the students about history and ethics.  Is it any wonder why Drumpfenfarten would like speaking with the head of state of Taiwan against the "One China" policy that Obama and others had maintained?  Click through for the rest of the story.

MSN.com — If you thought the yellow brick road was cool, then you are going to love one road France just paved. 

can't embed the video but I thought this was really cool, and so proactive, something we won't see in the US with the current administration, and not likely in Canada either.  Click on MSN.com.

CBC — Australian researchers have observed two specimens of a rare sea dragon that's never before been seen alive.

Sea dragons aren't very common, found in the waters off the coast of southern Australia. For some time, only two types were known: the leafy sea dragon and the common sea dragon (sometimes also called the weedy sea dragon).

Then, in 2015, PhD student Josefin Stiller discovered that four samples collected over the years — the first in 1919 — had been misclassified as a common sea dragon. Instead, it was its own species, named the ruby sea dragon.

One more reason why we need to protect the oceans as habitats and as life affirming bodies.  Click through for more of this fascinating creature.

My Universe

 . . . and not to leave out the canines . . . 

Feb 102017

I slept poorly last night.  In what continues to be the weirdest winter I can remember, the temperature at midnight was 57°, prompting the homeless in the neighborhood to throw a party on the street below.  The noise level did not abate until it was almost time to get up, and although I did sleep, I was awakened frequently.  I discovered that our new analytics package was set by default that only Administrators could see the dashboard  I fixed it to include Editors.  Tweak away, Lona.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:39 (average 5:43).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?  A kitty has to be damn careful around that place.  I could get peed on by a dawg!! Surprised smile

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Infuriated after Senator Elizabeth Warren read a scathing letter from 1986 about Jeff Sessions by Coretta Scott King, Donald Trump vowed on Wednesday to secure an endorsement for Sessions from Frederick Douglass.

“I know Frederick Douglass will write a great letter, much better than that bad letter Coretta Scott King wrote,” Trump said. “I said really nice things about Frederick Douglass last week, so I’m sure he will do this for me.”

Visibly angered by the King letter, Trump contrasted the “great job Douglass has done” with the “terrible, very bad job that Coretta Scott King has done.”

“I don’t know who this Coretta King person is, but she should stay away from writing letters because she has zero talent for it,” Trump said.

At the daily White House press briefing, Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, said that, while Trump is confident that Sessions will be confirmed as Attorney General, “a strong endorsement from Frederick Douglass will clearly seal the deal.”

Andy, If Douglas endorsed Beauregard, color me scared stiff and gone! RESIST!!

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Life in Trump’s America Just Got Worse for Your Pet | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


If torturing and poisoning animals increases profit, Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten supports it. RESIST!!

From Think Progress: National Security Adviser Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with the Russian Ambassador to the United States around a month before President Donald Trump took office, the Washington Post reported Thursday night.

Flynn allegedly told Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak that any sanctions put in place under the Obama administration could be reversed. The allegations could put Flynn in hot water, as officials say they were inappropriate at best and possibly even illegal. The situation gets worse for Flynn, as he said on Wednesday he hadn’t discussed sanctions with Kislyak. He backtracked on Thursday.

“While he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn’t be certain that the topic never came up,” Flynn’s spokesman told the Washington Post… [emphasis added]

The traitor had no recollection, huh? Remember this?  RESIST!!



Jan 242017

American infrastructure is crumbling so badly, that the American Society of Civil Engineers rates it at D+, much lower than that of Western Europe.  Throughout his campaign the Pumpkin Pinocchio promised to create thousands of new infrastructure jobs.  However, his actual plan is to take $millions from the poor and middle classes, convert it to welfare for billionaires investing in for profit infrastructure p0rojects only, creating few, if any new jobs.  By contrast, Democrats are offering  a REAL infrastructure proposal.


“America’s infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and decay,” President Trump declared in his inauguration speech last week. “We will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation.”

Trump had made repeated mentions of the state of the country’s infrastructure on the campaign trail and pledged to create a $1 trillion package to address it.

When his team released details of his plan, however, it didn’t live up to the promise. Instead, his advisers promised to offer tax credits to private firms that are interested in infrastructure projects with profit potential — in other words, the ability to charge Americans user fees and tolls — that would almost certainly do nothing to address the most dire upgrades.

To call Trump on this discrepancy, Senate Democrats will offer up their own $1 trillion plan.

Democratic Senators Charles Schumer (NY), Bill Nelson (FL), Patrick J. Leahy (VT), Ron Wyden (OR), Sherrod Brown (OH), Maria Cantwell (WA.), and Thomas R. Carper (DE) plus Independent Bernie Sanders (VT) will unveil a package on Tuesday that would have the federal government directly spend $1 trillion to upgrade infrastructure itself, rather than hand out tax credits to private companies.

The proposal will address a number of infrastructure needs, not just those that can be privatized with user fees attached. On top of $210 billion to upgrade roads and bridges, it will call for $110 billion to repair water and sewer systems, $180 billion for railways and bus systems, $100 billion for energy infrastructure, $75 billion to fix schools, $20 billion to install more broadband capacity, $20 billion to go to public and tribal land maintenance, and $10 billion to upgrade Veterans Affairs hospitals…

From <Think Progress>

Now, I wouldn't want folks to get their hopes up in vain.  The chances that the TomCat will abandon felinity and become a dawg are greater than the chances that bill will see a vote at present.  Nevertheless, Democrats need to keep showing Americans what viable government looks like and keep rubbing Republicans' deplorable noses in it.


Jan 222017

I had virtually no sleep yesterday, because of the women’s march.  I’m not complaining, just pooped.  See today’s lead article.  Wendy just left.  We fumigated the stinky TomCat, did the dreaded task, completed some paperwork that I can’t see,did some light housekeeping, and had brunch.  Tomorrow, please expect no more than a Personal Update.  I have an appointment with my Ocular Oncologist to determine whether or not the surgeries I had six months ago for my eye cancer were successful.  If so, I can start dealing with cataracts.  If not, I’ll lose the eye.  The odds are very favorable.  After being completely dilated  I will not be able to see well enough to type until Tuesday morning at the earliest.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:30 (average 4:16).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (SNL Channel): Kellyanne Conway

The fame would not be worth all the grabbing with tiny hands.  RESIST!!

From Robert Reich: The ongoing contest between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wings of the Democratic Party continues to divide Democrats. It’s urgent Democrats stop squabbling and recognize seven basic truths:

The Party is on life support. Democrats are in the minority in both the House and Senate, with no end in sight. Since the start of the Obama Administration they’ve lost 1,034 state and federal seats. They hold only governorships, and face 32 state legislatures fully under GOP control. No one speaks for the party as a whole. The Party’s top leaders are aging, and the back bench is thin.

The future is bleak unless the Party radically reforms itself. If Republicans do well in the 2018 midterms, they’ll control Congress and the Supreme Court for years. If they continue to hold most statehouses, they could entrench themselves for a generation.

Robert Reich is spot on.  I shared one of his points. Click through for the other six.  RESIST!!

From Common Dreams: About an hour after President Donald Trump was sworn in on Friday, his administration suspended indefinitely a scheduled cut in mortgage insurance premiums—effectively raising costs for middle-class borrowers by about $500 a year.

The drop in rate, which was announced January 9 and supposed to go into effect on January 27, had been lauded as an opportunity to make homeownership more accessible to an estimated one million first-time and low-to-middle-income borrowers.

The Fuhrer is wasting no time kicking the poor and middle classes in the balls.  RESIST!!




RepubliCare Cowards

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Jan 172017

I remember 2008 when Barack, Obama made the mistake of trying to negotiate with Republicans over ObamaCare, how they stalled while pretending to negotiate in goods faith.  Then all expenses paid Republican operatives toured the  country attacking Democrats, who courageously stood up to the abuse,  in their town hall meetings.  Eight years later, the tables are turned, with a few changes.  The Democrats (and some Republicans) trying to keep Republicans from destroying their health care are not paid operatives.  And the Republicans trying to destroy ObamaCare are cowards.


President-elect Donald J. Trump and congressional Republicans appear to have accomplished a feat that President Obama, with all the power at his disposal, could not in the past seven years: They have galvanized outspoken support for the Affordable Care Act.

People who benefit from the law are flooding Congress with testimonials. Angry consumers are confronting Republican lawmakers. And Democrats who saw the law as a political liability in recent elections have suddenly found their voice, proudly defending the law now that it is in trouble.

Thousands of people across the country held rallies over the weekend to save the health care law, which Republicans moved last week to repeal with a first but crucial legislative step. A widely circulated video showed Representative Mike Coffman, Republican of Colorado, eluding constituents who had wanted to meet with him to express their concerns on Saturday at a community event in Aurora, Colo. Rallies on Sunday to save the health law drew robust crowds around the country… [emphasis added]

From <NY Times>

Lawrence O’Donnell covered both Cowardly Coffman and other protests against the Republican War on Health Care.

You can be sure that The Fuhrer’s response is rat shit.  His transition team is alrerady walking it back.

There’s a reason Republicans are so cowardly.  They know that all they have to offer is RepubliCare, whose only notable featured is the RepubliCare Death Benefit.  If you’re rich enough to pay for health care, you get health care.  If not, you get to die free, and the Republican Party won’t charge you a penny more.