Jun 222017

I’m headed out to see Christine, my Ophthalmologist for my final planning and measurements appointment before my cataract surgery on 7/18.  I’ll be home late this afternoon, but will be visually impaired from being dilated.  I should be back in the saddle tomorrow.

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Obstruction of Justice

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Jun 212017

We have discussed many times that that the Reich on the Right, the Republican Reich, is virtually always wrong.  On the other hand, the Reich on the Left, Robert Reich, is virtually always right.  In this case, Robert is right that there is already sufficient evidence to impeach the Orange Obstructer for Obstruction of Justice.


Obstruction of justice was among the articles of impeachment drafted against both Presidents Nixon and Clinton. The parallel between Nixon and Trump is almost exact. White House tapes revealed Nixon giving instructions to pressure the acting FBI director into halting the Watergate investigation.

Two weeks after Trump told Comey privately “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty,” he had another private meeting with Comey in the Oval Office. After shooing out his advisers – all of whom had top security clearance – Trump said to Comey, according to Comey’s memo written shortly after the meeting, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.”

Then on May 9, Trump fired Comey. In a subsequent interview with NBC Trump said he planned to fire Comey “regardless of [the] recommendation” of the Attorney and Deputy Attorney General, partly because of “this Russia thing.” Trump also revealed in the interview that he had had several conversations with Comey about the Russia investigation, and had asked Comey if he was under investigation…

From <Robert Reich>

Here’s the video.

I fully agree, with the caveat that things will have to get much, much worse, before House Republicans will act.  Probably, Democrats will have to flip the House first, hopefully in 2018.  Then they can impeach Pence at the same time.


Jun 212017

I’m feeling very tired, because I could not sleep last night.  I’m not sure why, but I suspect it was the excessive humidity.  I’m waiting for Store to Door to deliver groceries, and Wendy will be here this evening, because the TomCat is stinky beyond belief.  Tomorrow I have my preliminary eye examination, before my cataract surgery.  I will be fully dilated.  I will post a brief Personal Update before leaving.  I doubt that I will be able to reply on my return, as I will be almost blind for the evening.  Have a happy hump day, but never hump Trump.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): So, Does Trump Have Tapes of Comey? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

FBI/Comey tapes? Interesting! I believe Trump did make tapes, because his ego is as big as his hands (etc.) are small. RESIST!!

From Daily Kos: As Vice President Mike Pence inches closer to the presidency due to, you know, all that stuff his boss keeps doing, here is your periodic reminder, stolen from his Father’s Day rant way back in the Bush era, that Mike Pence is also a complete nut.

“Despite her delicate features and voice, Disney expects us to believe that Mulan’s ingenuity and courage were enough to carry her to military success on an equal basis with her cloddish cohorts. Obviously, this is Walt Disney’s attempt to add childhood expectation to the cultural debate over the role of women in the military. I suspect that some mischievous liberal at Disney assumes that Mulan’s story will cause a quiet change in the next generation’s attitude about women in combat and they just might be right. […]

From the original "Tailhook" scandal involving scores of high ranking navy fighter pilots who molested subordinate women to the latest travesty at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, the hard truth of our experiment with gender integration is that it has been an almost complete disaster for the military and for many of the individual women involved.”

This is in addition to his refusal to meet privately with professional women in the workplace lest he be overcome by their female wiles and, of course, a governance record in his own state that nobody in his party dares bring up these days.

This is a reminder that any attempt to remove Trump from office must include Pence. I have said from the beginning that pseudo-Pence is as bad as, or even worse than the Peach Pussy-grabber. RESIST!!

From Me:

I’m sad to announce that the evil Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff 52% to 48% in GA 6. Handel, a betrayer of women, ran mostly on hatred and patriarchy. Ossoff ran mostly on health care and jobs. I expect some in the regressive extreme of the left to claim the loss is evidence of the need to abandon the Democratic Party. It means no such thing. We almost took a district that has been in Republican hands since 1979, and was carefully gerrymandered to keep Newtered Newt in power for twenty years. In the end, a small majority who voted cared more for fostering hatred and keeping women barefoot and pregnant than they did jobs and health care. RESIST!!



I originally published this cartoon six years ago today.  Isn’t it sad that it’s as valid now as it was then?


Pithy Progressive #5

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Jun 202017

Back in the day when Democrats could actually run as Democrats, we never had to ask questions like the ones we are looking at today:  How can we get Democrats elected to offices since a Teflon President has apparently passed on that mantle (now usually referred to as IOKIYAR) to an entire guilty party, for whom people CONTINUE TO VOTE?

While the whole country has been focusing on the special election for Georgia’s Sixth, it has kind of gone under the radar that South Carolina’s Fifth also has an election today, for the same reason – the previous Rep, Mike Mulvaney, accepted a position with the Trump Administration.  Here, Archie Parnell (D) is hoping to take it away from Ralph Norman (R).  So I think I should address him while he is still a candidate.  I’ve cut (and I do mean cut, including whole planks) information on his biography and issues from his website.

A South Carolina native, Archie graduated from Sumter High School and earned bachelor and law degrees from the University of South Carolina. He worked as a tax attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and for the House Ways & Means Committee under Democratic leadership.  Archie then accumulated business and international experience while working for some of the biggest American companies.

 1.  Taxes and Big Corporations

Archie will use his decades of experience and detailed knowledge of the tax code to make big corporations pay their fair share. He knows how to close the loopholes that allow big companies to stash trillions of dollars overseas, and will use that revenue to strengthen our infrastructure and create jobs here at home.

2.  Education

As a product of South Carolina public schools, Archie knows the life-changing power of teachers. This Congressional district is home to 95 Title I schools – schools that are a majority low-income and are recipients of Federal funds. Archie will stand up for all South Carolina public schools, and will fight to keep the US Department of Education funded and in existence. Our schools must give every child in every zip code the opportunity to succeed and fulfill their potential.

3.  Jobs and Infrastructure

While much of the economy has improved since the crash of 2008, real wages have not gone up for many working Americans in over three decades…. Archie believes that infrastructure enables small businesses to grow locally and attracts larger businesses to move here from elsewhere in the US and abroad. Archie knows that expanding and modernizing broadband infrastructure and cell coverage will create more economic opportunities for South Carolina as well.

4.  Healthcare and Medicare

Archie will stand up for families and defend healthcare and Medicare from Washington’s attempts to weaken them. Archie believes that if you have paid into Social Security and Medicare, you have earned it — it should never be taken away from you. He opposed the Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act, which would have raised premiums on older Americans and weakened Medicare, and has called on all candidates in the race to do the same.

6.  Veterans and Military Families

Archie grew up in a military family. After his father grew up in an orphanage, he entered the Army and, later, the Army Air Corps and the United States Air Force. Like many others, his father’s military service offered a stepping-stone to a better life for Archie’s family.

South Carolina is full of active duty personnel, reserve forces, members of the National Guard, and veterans of all ages. Those brave men and women have earned access to not only to world quality healthcare, but also to educational and professional opportunities that will allow them to be successful after their service. The Department of Veterans Affairs not only owes top quality care to veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, but long-term preventative care and wellness to younger veterans of more recent conflicts. Archie believes that no one who sacrificed blood for their country should ever have to worry about the quality of their healthcare.

8.  Energy and the Environment

South Carolina has been at the forefront of renewable energy for more than a century. The power of the Catawba and Broad Rivers has been harnessed for hydroelectric power since 1904, providing clean energy to thousands of customers. Nuclear power plants in York and Fairfield Counties employ thousands of people and provide electricity to millions of homes. Archie supports the expansion of these renewable resources as we continue to decrease our dependency on fossil fuels that damage our water and air. He opposes the dismantling of Federal environmental regulations that allow corporate polluters to get away with poisoning our community’s drinking water, soil, and air. He believes that it is possible for industry to thrive without abusing our air and water, and he looks forward to giving the EPA back the enforcement capabilities that keep South Carolina workers and families safe.

9.  Equality and Opportunity

Our nation is built on the idea that all people are created equal and our Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law. We are bound by these legal principles, but more than that, we are bound by a shared hope and vision for our country and our children.

Our fellow citizens fought and died for their right to cast a ballot, but many also sacrificed in their righteous pursuit of all kinds of equality. Women fought for the right to vote and the right to work; Archie will push to ensure that equal work receives equal pay, and he will fight for an expansion of medical leave laws that allow families to feel secure, whether they suffer from an illness or are blessed with a child. He supports the protection of civil and marriage rights for all Americans, and rejects prejudice of every description.

OK, I am not so sure hydroelectric (and certainly not nuclear) power quite make it to sustainable energy.  But, as TomCat said of Jon Ossoff, Archie “has tailored [his] agenda to the needs of his own constituents.”  And I guarantee he will be better for both South Carolina and for the country than Ralph Norman.

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Jun 202017

Almost six months into the Residency of Putin’s Puppet, the Republican Reich has accomplished less than any administration in our nation’s history.  The rabid Republican base are howling desperately, with gangs bared, for a win.  Bought Bitch Mitch and the Republican Party [R-KY] do not care how sleazy they has to get, how deeply they have to harm the economy, and how many people they have to kill to to keep their deplorable base loyal.


Senate Democrats plan to go all out in their protest against the GOP healthcare bill starting Monday night.

Lawmakers in the party plan to use a series of stall tactics to try to draw attention to the way Republicans are writing their version of the American Health Care Act and to protest the policy changes that are expected to be in the bill.

A Democratic Senate aide told Business Insider the move would consist of four measures:

  1. Objecting to nearly all unanimous-consent requests, which are used to more quickly act on requests or resolutions that have bipartisan support. While this will not prevent any measure from passing, it can slow down proceedings significantly. The Democratic aide said some resolutions would be allowed through, such as a resolution honoring the victims of last week’s congressional baseball shooting.
  2. Submitting a series of unanimous-consent requests designed "to attempt to force the House-passed healthcare bill to committee," delay a series of votes on the legislation, "and increase transparency, forcing Republicans to publicly defend their ‘no hearings strategy.’"
  3. Using a series of parliamentary procedures "to highlight the difference between the open process used to pass the Affordable Care Act and the process Republicans are pursuing now."
  4. Highlighting healthcare issues "late into the evening in a series of speeches."

While none of these measures can hold up the bill indefinitely, the Democratic protests would slow down the Senate business and most likely bring more attention to the issue…

From <Business Insider>

Even if they are unable to prevent it, Democrats must still put up the biggest fight in history.  Chris Hayes interviewed Bernie Sanders, who summarized the situation perfectly.

Rachel Maddow interviewed Oregon’s Jeff Merkley about Republican tactics and the Democratic response.

Call your senators and demand that this evil bill never see the light of day.  Your life may very well depend on it.



Jun 202017

Yesterday we set another heat record for the date, 88° with extreme humidity.  Now we have two days in the mid 70°s, before the next heat wave including mid 90°s this weekend.  The building’s hallways and bathrooms are still so hot, that after my last trip to Republicate, my hair was sweat soaked and I had to dry it.  Except for the heat, I’m feeling pretty well.  Having gone from extreme Republicitis to extreme Republicosis, I returned to mild Republicitis.  Now I have mild Republicosis.  I guess this is what it takes to return to normal.  I just put in tomorrow’s grocery order, and Thursday is my first outing.  I have the preliminary appointment before my cataract surgery.  Have a Republican-free day.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (GQ Channel): Trump Appears to Be Self-Destructing | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann


The Republican Party is desperate to hold the Fuhrer together, until they finish their task of giving the rest of YOUR money to billionaires, destroying YOUR freedom, and establishing their permanent, totalitarian Republican Reich. RESIST!!

From The Last Word: Jon Ossoff responds to Trump’s attacks

On the eve of the Georgia 6th District special election, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff joins Lawrence O’Donnell to react to President Donald Trump’s attacks on him and explains why he is trying to talk about health care as much as possible during the campaign.


Jon is an example of a Democrat, who has tailored a progressive agenda to the needs of his own constituents. RESIST!!

From NY Times: If liberals voted at the same rate as conservatives, Hillary Clinton would be president. Even with Donald Trump’s working-class appeal, Clinton could have swept Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

If liberals voted at the same rate as conservatives, Democrats would control the Senate. Clinton or Barack Obama could then have filled the recent Supreme Court vacancy, and that justice would hold the tiebreaking vote on campaign finance, labor unions and other issues.

If liberals voted at the same rate as conservatives, the country would be doing more to address the two defining issues of our time — climate change and stagnant middle-class living standards. Instead, Trump is making both worse.