Pence Spreads Gospel of Hate

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Feb 112018

I saw the Olympic Games as a possible vehicle for peace in Korea.  Anytime we can get a a nuclear armed megalomaniac like Kim Jong Un to take a step back from the edge, that has to be a positive thing.  The rapprochement  between Moon Dae In and Kim Yo Jong, which included plans to meet, are just such a step.  Unfortunately, the less intelligent and less wise nuclear armed megalomaniac insists on using tiny hands to beat his war drum, so he sent a troll, Vice Resident Pence, to Pyeomgchang to spread his pseudo-Christian gospel of hate.


Despite global calls for #KoreanPeace and hopes that U.S. Vice President Mike Pence would use his trip to South Korea for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games to engage in diplomatic talks to ease rising tensions with North Korea, Pence remained icy toward the country’s delegation.

As he left the Olympics on Saturday, Pence told reporters aboard Air Force Two that he was "encouraged" by his talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, and claimed "there is no daylight between the United States, the Republic of Korea, and Japan on the need to continue to isolate North Korea economically and diplomatically until they abandon their nuclear ballistic missile program"—despite the radically different approaches Pence and Moon took regarding North Korea’s presence at the games.


While Moon both met and attended events with Kim Yo Jong—the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and a key representative for the country at the Olympics—Pence declined to acknowledge her, even when they were seated near to each other:

Pence’s blatant refusal to engage in diplomacy came as a clear rejection of demands from around the globe that he use his presence at the Olympics to de-escalate nuclear tensions that have ramped up since President Donald Trump took office. Pence instead reiterated messages the world has come to expect from the Trump administration on the topic of North Korea; he vowed to impose the "toughest and most aggressive" economic sanctions "ever," insisted the country was trying to "hijack the message and imagery" of the games, and stayed seated as the joint team of athletes from the two Koreas entered the Opening Ceremony on Friday…

Inserted from <Common Dreams>

That was hugely disrespectful to both Koreas.  Somebody really needs to hide the Fuhrer’s button



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  1. Somebody really needs to hide the Fuhrer’s button.

    Somebody really needs to tan the Fuhrer’s hide – along with that of the mini-Fuhrer.

  2. Geesh, how disrespectful. What good did he do by going?? Hell, he should have stayed home as he acted like a brat. He could have saved big bucks to the taxpayers. Probably got a spanking from Dumpty anyways.

  3. It seems obvious that Trump doesn’t want to “de-escalate nuclear tensions”.  He wants to keep the crisis hot because his hold over his base is strengthened by a state-of-siege atmosphere in which they see threats everywhere.  He may even be thinking that Korea is his best opportunity for a wag-the-dog war that (he believes) would make the American people rally around him.  It’s Moon Jae-in, who is definitely a liberal by South Korean standards, who is trying to reduce tensions with the North.  He undoubtedly regards Trump’s rhetoric as a huge threat to his country’s safety.
    As for Pence, East Asians are used to boorish behavior from Americans and they know that Trump and his gang are worse than most.  I imagine Moon and Kim Yo Jong traded a few private jokes about it.

  4. Neither Pence, nor tRump, has any savvy, or interest in learning any savvy, or diplomatic skills.  Pence acted like the up tight ass**le that he is, probably on orders from his orangeness, to boot.  They continue to show the world how utterly incompetent this excuse for an administration is.

  5. The Orange Ogre just might be the death of the USA as we know it.

  6. The Dutch media are focused on the accomplishments of their sportsmen in the winter Olympics and not much on politics, but they do mention the apparent thawing of the relationship between North and South Korea. There is some gloating that this seems to be against the wishes of the USA administration by word of Pence, but if anything they are positive about the possibilities created by this sports event.

    But it doesn’t seem to matter very much how the US thinks about it, as now is the case in most global matters. For instance, the EU has declared last week that they will not make any trade deals with nations which have nor ratified the Paris Climate agreement. Within a year this administration has taken itself from the most powerful and influential nation in the world to an onlooker. China must be rolling on the floor laughing with Pence’s blind and stubborn hard-lining; they can be sure both Koreas will want to turn to them if and when new diplomatic talks between the two countries take place were it not that bully Drumpf will prohibit it by threatening South Korea with stopping US aid.

    By the way: our media noted that Pence only stood for the USA delegation and no other countries.

    • I have to eat a little bit of crow, because the Dutch gave Drumpf some attention:

      Thanks JL A for the great tip.

  7. Thanks all.  Hurried hugs! 35

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