Bill Maher from 1/26

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Jan 272018

It’s that time of week again, and I’m happy to share four fine video clips from Bill’s show last night.  Enjoy!

Monologue: Mueller and Mulligans


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Mulligan…

Roger McNamee: Brain Hacking


What McNamee describes is emotion hacking, not brain hacking. Brain hacking could not work on Republicans. Trying would be like ball hacking a eunuch.

I’m With Hair


"I’d call Trump a cunt, but he lacks depth and warmth." Classic!

New Rule: Snide and Prejudice


Trump would never hate the Irish. Some of them are orange.

Those were good ones.



  7 Responses to “Bill Maher from 1/26”

  1. Bill – Monologue – Isn’t it Eric who is supposed to be the family dipshit? Oh, never mind. (Trust it to be a GOLFING TERM that Republicans are giving to Trump. If it were actually about morals they could have used “absolution” or “indulgence.”)

    McNamee – They do have “lizard brains.” It is physically a part of the brain, but it stores only emotions, which seem to be mostly negative, like anger and fear. I think what they utterly, absolutely don’t have is minds.

    “Hair” – I have already voiced my approval of that. Along with “Grab them by the midterms!” (Love the parodies too.)

    New Rule – “Snide and Prejudice” – just the title wins the internet! But the rest of the parody is … exquisite … too.

  2. All good.
    Bill, keep em comin’.

  3. Maher #1: Where does one start to give kudos?  They land all over the place!
    Maher#2: “Brainhacking,” is engaging the brain’s two emotional systems, the limbic, and the sympathetic nervous systems.  All mammals have these systems, and some reptiles (Republicans?) do as well, such as alligators.  When these systems are engaged, we are not capable of thinking rationally.  I wish Bill would have spent a little more time listening, rather than having to get his words in!
    Maher#3: Who the hell knows what went on in the vacuum of the tDump’s head, when he sent that tweet out?
    Maher#4: Damn!  There is the answer for the Muslim ban- let more brown and black people in, that way you’ll never run out of people to pick on!  

  4. Bill Maher #1: The idea of “the deep fryer will get him”was really appealing until Bill also suggested that there’s one thing that would turn Drumpf into a decent human being: reincarnation. Perish the thought!

    Bill Maher #2: Isn’t it scary that cyber-algorithms put people in groups on social media, groups that get them addicted to come to because they all agree with each other, groups that may not consist of other real people, but bots and the like? You are real, aren’t you, TomCat, Joanne, Nameless, Lynn and all those other people who come to PP and C2NN regularly and agree on one thing: RESIST Drumpf and Republicans? Us real people now need to resist Facebook and Google too!

    Bill Maher #3: I’ve seen most of those signs before and that was just on our regular, government subsidized, networks and media I guess we’re not as prudish as Americans are, but are always in for a good laugh where Drumpf is concerned.

    Bill Maher #4: So sad, Bill took all the wind out of Donald’s sails before he could even switch from picking fights with black people to picking them with Irish. Drumpf could never come up with such brilliant snide remarks himself.

  5. Yes Lona, I am the real deal right down to the bottom of my sasquatch feet!  As to FB, I have an account but I rarely go there and I would never follow news there . . . that and Faux Noise are the real fake news!

    All the vids are good, but I especially like the women’s march signs!

  6. Thanks all.  Very Busy Hugs!!  46

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