Jan 202018

It’s another stinky, muggy day, and I slept poorly.  I can’t wait for shower day tomorrow.  Welcome to the first day of the second year of Trump’s Russian Republican Reich and the first day of the Republican Shutdown.

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Short Takes:

From YouTube (MoveOn Channel): This is Trump’s Shutdown


Even then, Trump was lying. Last night, after the Senate vote failed, Schumer even offered Trump funding, as demanded, for the wall. Trump refused. RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Donald J. Trump is “scared to death” that the 2020 Presidential election will be decided by Americans, an aide to Trump has confirmed.

The aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that Trump is panicking over a doomsday scenario in which Americans, sidelined during the 2016 election, play a dominant role in influencing the 2020 contest.

“It sounds paranoid, but, as we speak, representatives of the United States are already plotting to remove him from office in 2020,” the aide said. “They are determined to replace him with someone who takes a move favorable view toward their country.”

The aide said that the Americans, frustrated by Trump’s open hostility to the United States since taking office, will “stop at nothing” to achieve their ultimate goal: installing an agent of the U.S. in the Oval Office.

Andy seems to have a window into Putin’s Pervert’s psyche. RESIST!!

From Politico: “The shutdown rests at the feet of the GOP and it appears a majority of Americans agree”

Michael Steele is a former chairperson of the Republican National Committee.

Despite the rhetorical effort to paste Democrats with “Schumer’s Shutdown” and to redefine what constitutes majority control of the senate (“60”? Really?), the fact remains that this shutdown rests at the feet of the GOP and it appears a majority of Americans agree. I don’t like it. It certainly could have been avoided, but the President wound up negotiating against himself by taking a potential agreement off the table, leaving Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to lament, “As soon as we figure out what he is for, then I would be convinced that we were not just spinning our wheels.” That put Republicans in the position to spin their wheels right into another government shutdown. Pitiful.

We need to call this disaster what it is: the Republican Shutdown! RESIST!!




  13 Responses to “Open Thread – 1/20/2018”

  1. TNY: The Orange Ogre BETTER be terrified that genuine Americans will decide the 2020 election – and especially the midterms later this year!

    Politico: Of course the Rethuglicans are going to blame the Democrats for the shutdown. They’re not interested in responsibility, only finding scapegoats.

    Cartoon: Abso-flipping-lutely!

  2. MO: Of course he’s going to blame ANY ONE besides himself for the debacle he’s created, he’s a liar & pos.

    NYer: Spot on, Andy! Spot on!

    Politicio: Good article. I’m with Patti Solis Doyle, in saying, dt, Ryan & McConnell and dt, are to blame. To quote her line: “Voters won’t remember the details, but they will remember the drama. That’s bad for Republicans.” Yes, it is !!! And they don’t give a sheet either!

    Gawd, 2nd year?? of this id’s presidency? Good Grief !!

    Hope that you get some rest, it’s warming up here now. Not as cold as last week. Enjoy your evening, take care, and Thanks, Tom.

  3. Move-On: tDump is showing, anyone with open eyes, which, sadly, does not include theGOPigs, that he is the most s**thole, poorest dealmaker, we have ever had in the WH.  As i wrote, last night, some clown Republican was shown on the news referring to his vaunted prowess as a dealmaker…yeah, maybe, with his hooker!
    New Yorker: What a crazy idea!  Damn, why didn’t we think of that?
    Politico: I know what he is for.  why did they not ask me?  He is for himself, f**king period!
    I sincerely do hope, as I imagine many of you do, that this will be the last straw in the coffin of the GOP!  FORMER, thank you, governor Chris Christie tried to get through a TSA checkpoint for VIP’s he other day…he was sent to the ordinary citizen’s line.  We need to send Ryan, McConnell and some more of those piggies, tDump, Pence, and so on to the same place.  tDump needs to go to the Leavenworth line!

  4. 4:26 Kind of pretty to eat. Save it for WWWendy instead.

    MoveOn – According to an email from Nancy Pelosi, McConnell sent out an email as soon as the shutdown was finalized, to every Republican colleague, with talking points to blame the shutdown on Democrats. Now, people are saying they have been reading the same talking points in comments all day. Well, I assume they all have yooge e-mailing lists. Well, we had certainly better do the best we can with what we have. They have a giant head start.

    TNY – Trust the Mango Mussolini to jump straight to 2020. No one is important but him. He thinks. In 2018, let’s show him just how2 wrong that is!

    Politico – Well, thank heaven for this. Hope it helps.

    Cartoon – From your graphic to God’s eyes!

  5. Oh, Andy! Ya did it again! Captured the essence of the people’s hatred of the Orange buffoon! Good one!

  6. MO: Yes, this time it is (almost) solely down to Drumpf. He has undercut the GOP so many times these past few days with his “shithole” outburst, his contrary Tweets and his refusals, even the GOP didn’t know which way the wind was blowing. Yes, the great deal maker has once more proven he can’t even do that: make great deals, or rather: any deal. But that won’t change things for now. The GOP and their leadership will stand by him, no matter how unhinged his dealings have become.

    TNY: Too factual, dear Andy.

    Politico: Republican Michael Steele suddenly woke up last night and had an epiphany. But you know how those things go, by the time he woke up in the morning, he had only a vague memory of it left and by now he can’t recall his great insight at all. Pitiful indeed.

    Cartoon: Excellent! Is this the one you used in 2013 when Ted Cruz managed to shut Government down and then said he had nothing to do with it?

    This is what I came across looking for images for the government shutdown. Quite appropriate, don’t you think?

  7. Puzzle — 4:16  Pretty flower . . . too pretty to eat!  But if you’re gentle Puddy Tat, I’ll let you shake the bugs from the slipper and you can eat those.

    MoveOn — I was just reading some headlines in WaPo, one of which was “Negotiating with Jell-O”: Trump’s shifting positions fueled the rush to a shutdown, which is rather suggestive in itself and accurate based on what I have previously.  

    ““Negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O,” Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) complained on the Senate floor Saturday, some 12 hours into the shutdown. “It’s next to impossible.”

    This account of Trump’s divisive role in shutdown negotiations is based on interviews with more than a dozen lawmakers, White House advisers, government aides and Trump confidants, most of whom requested anonymity to discuss private negotiations.”

    The person most responsible for the shutdown is Drumpf, followed close behind by Republicans.  For Republicans, it is always ‘our way or the highway’!  Republicans need to be tarred and feathered and then run right out of town!

    The New Yorker — Kudos Andy!  Drumpf has been talking about 2020 since before the inauguration.  Not good leadership when 2018 mid terms are still ahead.  I wonder if he’ll even campaign for some of the Republicans up for re-election like he did for Roy Moore?  If he does, may he be as successful!

    Politico — Heather McGhee, president of Demos:

    “Republicans control every branch of government, yet they have completely failed to serve the interests of the majority of the American public, from ripping health care away from millions, to passing a tax scam that enriches the wealthiest at the cost of hurting working families, to now refusing to maintain protections for DACA recipients.”

    Good article.  I place most of the blame on Drumpf and Republicans.  Drumpf does not provide any leadership.  He is more like a court jester!  He has no interest in working collaboratively, but prefers ruling by fiat.  Republicans likewise rarely work collaboratively, their mantra being ‘our way or the highway’.  They do not represent “We The People” (the 99%), only the wealthy and corporations (the 1%), let alone govern, something they know nothing about.  Dems have to keep up the pressure for “We The People”, forcing the government to represent all.  That means in part, playing fairly in the sandbox . . . no voter suppression,  etc.

    Cartoon — From your keyboard to God’s ears by way of American voters.

    Later!  I’m off to battle the winds which are currently about 30 km/hr.  I can see some trees almost bending over to touch their toes.

  8. The republicans and others on the right have forgotten how to do their jobs.
    The only things they know how to do is oppose and undo any good things that the previous administration enacted, loot the treasury in order to give tax breaks to the rich, and revise the tax structure so that vital programs can no longer be funded.
    The dream of saint Ronald Reagan.
    The freedumb caucus must go.

  9. Thanks and pooped Ellipsoid Orb hugs for all. 04

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