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Jan 202018

After a long two month absence, it’s that time of week again, and I’m happy to share four fine video clips from Bill’s show last night.  Enjoy!

Monologue: Trump’s Tighty Whities


Bill is right. The tighty whities are Trump’s deplorable voters.

Michael Wolff: Current Affairs

Many other psychopaths and sociopaths, like Trump, could easily pass the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which tests for dementia, not psychotic conditions or personality disorders.

Saru Jayaraman: Forked


Now, in my youth, I lived well on tips, working as a waiter for a year, and I never showed more cleavage. Dang!!  If only I had known!

New Rule: Distinction Deniers


I agree with Bill, except that Pence is worse than ISIS.  Pence and his Fuhrer are responsible for the deaths of more innocents.

It there ever was a day we needed comic relief, this is the day!



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  1. All great!Just got watching it with the hubby, good to see him back!

    Wonder who the woman is that Mr. Wolff was talking about…??

    I didn’t have any cleavage to show when I was waitressing, as a kid in OC, NJ., I was thin as a rail back in the day. That wasn’t an issue back in the 60’s that I ran into. Unfortunately….it’s gotten worse for our young women out there who depend on their tips to live. How awful !!!

  2. Maher is brilliant as always!

  3. Bill – Whities – How appropriate for Trump.

    Affairs – I believe the “draw a clock” tests for some kind of physical damage to the brain which is treatable. Which also doesn’t sound like Trump.

    Forked – I’ll bet you never wore a flower in your hair, either. Sad. Even on tips, women get underpaid compared to men.

    Deniers – There is really too much to say about this whole area for me to cover my feelings – but I can throw out a few smartass remarks. For one, have you tried that “Isn’t there any distinction” line elsewhere? like, maybe, “There’s a difference between … a fertilized egg and a 8-month-old fetus, right?” Do try, and then tell us how that worked out for you. OK, for two, four degrees of, for instance, homicide, are written to draw distinctions between the intentions of a killer. But the victim is just as dead regardless. You cannot in justice demand that a victim’s feelings be limited by the intentions of a perp. People feel what they feel. That must be accepted. Women have recovered from being raped, and other women have committed suicide after being shown a man’s penis. That is a fact. OK, for three, humor is one of the greatest tools that bullies have, not just to bully, but to suck non-bullies into bullying along with them. When my husband was about five, his family made a record of him telling Peter Rabbit, I think it was. But they didn’t allow him to just tell it. They kept interrupting with smart alec comments and laughing at him, while he became more and more frustrated, almost to tears. This was considered humor. I know about it because after we were married he got it from things he had stored at his parents’ home and played it for me. Even he thought it was funny, then. I was horrified. It was clearly child abuse. Yes, humor is wonderful. (So is sex, for that matter.) Yes, we need humor (and sex.) But there are right and wrong ways to use both. At least I can say that he is now able to see that some things in his childhood he thought were normal were actually abusive. So when he says that “Amahl and the Night Visitors” is a trigger for him, I don’t argue. And I don’t watch it in his presence. I won’t rant any more, though I could.

    • JD, I fully agree with you that it’s wrong to be wrong, regardless of degree.  I know that one victim may fell just as violated by repeated fanny pinching at the water cooler as another might at being raped.  However, in my years as a prisoners’ advocate, I have learned that the emotions of the victim are a very poor basis on which to base punishment.  All I’m saying is that a lesser punishment is appropriate for a lesser offense, not that no punishment is appropriate for a lesser offense.

      Also, men of my generation need some reeducation.  In our formative years, girls that wanted to have sex always paved the path to it with several Nos, so they would not appear to be sluts.  It’s not that way anymore! 01

      • You are certainly right that things have changed, and in many ways dramatically.  23

        What I think needs to happen is a way to base punishment on the seriousness of action/intention while at the same time recognizing the effect on the victim in education/reeducation. I know that’s a tall order, but it’s a tall problem.  In a way, it’s only part of a tall problem.  Look at how many times we (and I include professional pundits in that “we”) find ourselves saying something like “People need to recognize that actions have consequences,” in multiple contexts, not just this one  As someone who has been living for 33 years with the consequences of things that were done to my husband as a child, of which I have barely scratched the surface above, I tend to get hot under the collar at times.  (And I am not referring to alcoholism, which he was pretty demonstrably born with.  I mean other ways in which he got messed up.)

  4. So good to see Bill Maher back at full force. But I can understand his remark that he wasn’t really looking forward to ending his vacation; it must be hard to start again where you left off, making even more sarcastic jokes about the orange guy in the White House and at the same time having to powerlessly watch that same guy, backed by Republicans who have now united behind him, drive the country into the ground. Bill’s frustration is ours, but I’m so glad he decided to come back, though.

    Isn’t the fact that you, a man, lived well of your tips without having to show more cleavage, even being instructed to show more cleavage by your boss who didn’t pay you a living wage, the whole point of Saru Jayaraman’s argument, TomCat?

    Bill’s absolutely right: things have degrees, and the #metoo discussion should acknowledge that. By all means, agree that on all sexual harassment, assault and rape is bad, may have lasting impact on the woman who has to endure it and it’s effects never ever should be underestimated, and simply shouldn’t be tolerated, non of it, ever. But please don’t blur the distinction between them; not for the sake of men but for women who lived through it. Has anyone in these #metoo discussions have any notion how demeaning it is for a rape victim to hear that a back-rub by the water cooler is the same as being raped? Any psychiatrist or psychologist will tell you it is not.

  5. Thanks all.  Very tired hugs! 33

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