Jan 192018

As we all know, White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, has declared that Trump is allegedly in “excellent health” … all 6’-3” & 239 pounds of him.

But doubts about the accuracy of this assessment have swept through the Twittersphere & Internet.  And thanks to Chris Hayes, we now have the mocking rise of the “Girther Movement”.

Well, you can count me as a card-carrying “Girther”!

And I’m joined by some famous folks …

And speaking of Pres. Obama and health, let’s start the comparisons with this one:

And to set the record straight WRT his “alleged” 6’ 3” height

Of course much more popular ones compare Trump’s height and weight with some well-known sports figures:

And this one has especially gotta sting:

But with Trump’s rampant narcissism, he no doubt sees it this way:

I would never call in to question the physician’s veracity – but others might …

[OK – that one’s Photoshopped … but still funny]

And it’s not like Trump doesn’t have a long history of playing fast and loose with facts and the truth …

But beyond the spurious height and weight is that mental acuity test he “aced” …

And about that Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test?  Well, there was this exchange during the test …

“Technically it’s a rhinoceros, sir.  But ‘pointy-nose horse’ will do just fine, Mr. President.”

And the challenge from James Gunn has been made to Donald …

That’s great, but I fear this is the likely outcome:



  12 Responses to “Friday Fun: The Girther Movement”

  1. I can’t blame Trump for being fat.  I’m fat.  But my fat is out there in front of God and everyone.  Trump stores most of his fat between his ears, so it’s most obvious when he opens his mouth. 26

    Good one, Nameless!

    • I don’t think anyone is doing any “Fat Shaming” on Trump.  (Although that kind of courtesy and consideration has NEVER impeded Trump from mocking many, MANY people on their physical characteristics, ancestry, etc.). 

      The question is the veracity of the numbers.  They just don’t square with what anyone’s two eyes can plainly see.

  2. Not thrilled at seeing anything of Trump, period.
    Yes, I do know you are poking fun at this porker. sigh…

  3. “Girther Certificate” — LMAO!!!

    As I have been told by medical professionals, muscle weighs more than fat.  So it is entirely possible that if Drumpf were muscled up like these other fine specimens, and he had the same dimensions, he’d be a lot heavier.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with you TC, “Trump stores most of his fat between his ears, so it’s most obvious when he opens his mouth.”

    Good one Nameless and from a medical doctor to boot, albeit a pediatrician.

    • No, no one is fat-shaming Trump here.  Only deceit-shaming.  Which is appropriate always.

      I’m really glad you posted this, because I have been wanting to ask for other opinions on, what kind of man
      – grows up
      – completes medical school
      – goes into the Navy
      – is promoted all the way to Admiral, and
      – still goes by “RONNY”?

  4. I agree with Tom’s and Jim’s comment(s) on this one. 0221

    Thanks, Nameless for your post.

  5. Can a foreigner join the Girther Movement and if so where can I sign up? 

    Another great article, Nameless, which has brought back the spring in my step. Laughing out loud tends to do that, so thank you.

    The whole medical examination was another pathetic White House scam. Dr. Ronny Jackson couldn’t get Drumpf below the IBM’s obese margin by dropping one (or more) pound, he also had to have him grow an inch to stay on the safe side of the margin. And then declare him in “excellent health” while Drumpf’s LDL cholesterol was over 140 while he was taking Rosuvastatin to lower it. It should have been a 100 or less. If Drumpf keels over, Jackson won’t pronounce him dead until weeks after the event, all for the good of the country, eh?

    And don’t get me started on the MOCA…

  6. Very funny!  Very clear that he is of immense capacity to blow smoke out of his rectal passage, the one from which he speaks.

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