The Fuhrer Rants Racism

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Jan 122018

Donald Trump, Fuhrer of the Republican Reich is a racist.  Duh, you say!  I know.  I might as well say that the Pope is Catholic or that bears shit in the woods.  However, this time Trump went off the deep end, triggering outrage from around the world.  Needless to say, even the best responses from Republicans have been muted, for reasons I’ll address later.


President Trump grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they discussed protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal, according to several people briefed on the meeting.

Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to countries mentioned by the lawmakers.

Trump then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries such as Norway, whose prime minister he met with Wednesday. The president, according to a White House official, also suggested he would be open to more immigrants from Asian countries because he felt that they help the United States economically.

In addition, the president singled out Haiti, telling lawmakers that immigrants from that country must be left out of any deal, these people said.

Why do we need more Haitians?” Trump said, according to people familiar with the meeting. “Take them out.”  [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Washington Post>

Rachel Maddow covered this story in depth.  Be warned.  The video is altogether superior, but you’ll need to budget 24 minutes to listen to it.

Since then The Fuhrer has called it fake news.  Lindsey Poo Graham has the most positive response from a Republican in the room.  He said that he had said his piece directly to Trump, while still there, but refuses to say what he said to Trump.  Cotton and one other Republican Senator in the room said they "do not recall" what he said.

Republicans are complicit through their silence on the matter.  Why?  It’s really quite simple.  They put Trump in the White House, notwithstanding help from Russia, because what he does represents who they are.  That’s why every Republican in office anywhere is one Republican too many!



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  1. I’ve been reading about practically nothing else today – when I’ve been home and not out getting my car worked on (which I’ll have to do more of next week.)  Some of our Democrats are coming up with better responses, such as Dick Durbin (who I am confident has by now been called a liar, in so many words, to his face, multiple times.

    What makes me most crazy is the twit on Fox News claiming that it’s people who aver that it happened are the ones making our country look bad, when we aren’t, it’s the douche who said it in the first place who looks bad.

    I did hear that Norway said, “No, thanks.”  Can’t blame them.

  2. How mean and vile can you get?? He certainly isn’t MY president!!! ugh!!
    btw…If The Washington Post’s lie tracker is to be believed, President Trump recently told the 2,000th untruth of his presidency. Jimmy Kimmel christened the moment “Lie2K,” and he presented a mini-documentary to mark the milestone. “Lie2K”

  3. This is who represents our country to the world/universe.  This is a living “Sh**hole!”  Have any of you seen the front page of today’s N.Y. Daily News?  If not google it: amazing!
    Anyone doing anything other than raking this clown over the coals is part of the problem.

  4. Waxing philosophically, what a shame that the country has come to the kind of place in which so many of us find it entirely plausible to believe that he gave vent to such egregious comments!  He has provided so many instances of once unbelievable comments, in the run-up to this one; comments that we would never, ordinarily, expect to hear from any chief of state anywhere in the developed world…well, no, not anywhere at all in the world, (on second thought) that we can very easily see our way to discount those who defend, or deny the venality that pours forth from this “stable (e**ing) genius!” 

  5. Normay is right next to the shithole countries of Nambia and Binomo, which it will invade as soon as those F-52s are operational.

    No matter how bad Trump gets, there’s little we can do — the Republican majority in Congress means that impeachment cannot proceed without the cooperation of at least some of them.  But remember, almost all Republican politicians have at least passively accepted and normalized Trump.  Like the ever-growing, ever-heavier weight of chains and strongboxes of which Marley warned Scrooge, the millstone we will hang around their collective necks for a generation grows more massive with every verbal log of bigotry squeezed forth from Trump’s “shithole”.

    I did watch the whole video.  It’s worth the 24 minutes.

  6. There’s no getting away from Drumpf, not 10km up in the air nor in between flights. His boundless stupid egocentricity will haunt you wherever you go, the rest of the world mesmerized with how one man can put a great country, the former leader of the world, to shame. So these headlines appeared across the screen whenever we looked at world news. Together with the fact that Drumpf has cancelled his visit to England in February to open the new American embassy in London. Why? Because Obama has commissioned it and according to Drumpf Obama has made a “bad deal”on the old embassy, selling it “for peanuts”.

    My husband and I have slipped into the following routine. I read him another one of Drumpf’s idiocies and then we look at each other and then we either laugh out loud, have a giggle together or just shrug our shoulders. Yes, it’s come to the point that we either laugh to keep ourselves sane or we shrug, worn down by a year of madness dumped on us by a TV personality doing a very bad impression of an American President, backed by an equally bad impersonation of a democratic Congress by its Republican majority and the people who are responsible for giving both of them the power to keep up this charade.

    I’m sorry, but Drumpf ranting racism yet another time is just that: yet another time and nothing will come of it because Republicans still think Drumpf can serve their purpose for some time to come and because they haven’t the guts to do anything because it’ll be political suicide. So hubby and I read the headlines, I delved in deeper for details, but in the end we shrugged. On the other hand, the refusal to open “Obama’s embassy” in London had us ROTFLMAO, well would have if the fasten-seatbelt-sign had not been on. 

    • I may be wrong, but I believe the new embassy is actually a Bush project – in other words, he’s lying about the embassy facts even while he is lying about his motives – a “metalie”?

  7. Rachel Maddow: “… as a country, we have learned to go with these things … on a day to day basis, we have adapted to a new normal of embarrassing, incompetence, and ignorance and dishonesty …”

    A sad day indeed . . . and a very dangerous time for American democracy. (democracy from Greek demokratia . . . demos = people, kratia = power, rule).  There can be no complacency!  If Drumpf does not mend his ways (I don’t think he is capable) and Republicans do not mend theirs so that true democracy flourishes, the Drumpf régime will find itself in a similar position to Louis XVI who was executed 21 January 1793 by the guillotine for high treason.  With his tax scam and his overt racism, he is telling people “let them eat cake”.  Lest anyone think that I am advocating violence, I am not.  The People must take back their country.

    And his comment about Norway . . . Norwegians don’t want to immigrate to the US.  Why would they when they have better social programmes and a different lifestyle.

  8. Thanks, hugs and amen to all. 26

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