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It’s another sticky, muggy day here:  54° and 92%.  Yuck!  Tonight’s low is 8° warmer than the average high for this date.  I hope it doesn’t keep me awake.  Aside from the weather, I continue to improve and am more mended than not.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:48 (average 4:13).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?  If I win, who wants a bird Bankster?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (MoveOn Channel): Nuclear War is not Inevitable

North Korea is "the most dangerous crisis since the Cuban missile crisis." But it hasn’t always been that way. Physicist and nuclear policy expert Zia Mian explains:


The problem here is that, even worse than the Republican Bush Reich that caused the problem, the Republican Fuhrer today makes Kim Jong Un appear relatively sane. RESIST!!

From Politico: Democratic leaders are facing a potential revolt within their ranks as they edge toward a deal with Republicans that would protect Dreamers from deportation but also include concessions to conservatives that many Democratic lawmakers say are unacceptable.

Senate negotiators say they’re inching toward a bipartisan deal that broadly mirrors the parameters laid out during a meeting this week between lawmakers and President Donald Trump at the White House. They include ensuring legal status for Dreamers, strengthening border security and making changes to both family-based migration and the diversity lottery.

But many Democrats, particularly in the House, are horrified that their leaders would even agree to discuss issues beyond legal status for Dreamers and limited measures to curb illegal immigration. The concerns span multiple factions of the Democratic conference, and, combined with opposition from Republican immigration hard-liners, they could put passage of a DACA deal at risk.

I’ll reserve judgment, until I can count the beans in the can, but I’m inclined to say that it’s no time to cave-in to negotiation in bad-faith, when we have the Republicans by the short hairs. RESIST!!

From NY Times: Representative Darrell Issa, whose hard-edge partisan attacks on President Barack Obama began softening as his district trended toward the Democrats, said on Wednesday that he would not seek re-election — the latest and one of the most prominent Republican retirements in the face of a potential Democratic wave.

Mr. Issa, 64, who has represented an idyllic stretch of Southern California coast since 2001, won re-election in 2016 by just 1,600 votes out or more than 300,000 cast, while Hillary Clinton carried it by more than seven percentage points.

Good riddance to Darrell, who Issa asshole, because he Issa Republican. Woooo Hoooo!! RESIST!!




  9 Responses to “Open Thread – 1/11/2018”

  1. 4:04  I quite like vultures myself, but then I like, or at least defend, any creature that gets a bad rap.  Yes, they are a raptor, but they don’t kill if they can scavenge, and their scavenging is helpful to world health.  They just don’t LOOK pretty.  Well, most janitors don’t, at least while on the job.

    Nukes – The problem is the entire Republican Party thinks it needs to prove it has a penis and testicles, and thinks “standing up” to North Korea, even to the point of nuclear war, is the way to do it.

    Politico – I’ll reserve judgment also.  I will point out that Pat’s link yesterday about ICE raiding 7-11s just on “principle” also included the information that a U.S. Citizen has had citizenship rescinded over this. which horrifies me.  I see NO good faith among Republicans.  On the other hand, I find it hard to fault anyone for trying.

    NYT – This is pretty much good news.  The only danger here is if too many Democrats enter the primary.  That needs to be avoided.  If Applegate gets onto the November ballot, he will win.  I’m confident of that.

    Cartoon – Yup again.

  2. MO: Well, I’ve been very concerned with this issue since the dolt in the WH came on board, and talking about having a ‘bigger’ button to NK, and bullying, like he’s on a school yard playground. What’s also concerning to me is how the repugs are so complacent, groveling ids, about him. RESIST them all!!!

    Politicio: Stand and stay strong, Dems!!! We need you in for the fight.

    NYT: Such a mean, obnoxious man. Suffice to say, Bye Bye, Issa!!

    Cartoon: To which, Texas embraces…UGH!!

    Our wind is picking up here, and supposed to get to 35 tonight…brrrrrr!!! Glad that you are feeling better, hope that you have a relaxing evening, take care, and Thanks, Tom.

    This just in: “Trump referred to Haiti and African countries as ‘shithole’ Nations.” What a pos. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/trump-referred-haiti-african-countries-shithole-nations-n836946?cid=eml_nbn_20180111

    *Joanne, Randy is adorable!! Love him, and love the song…your Peace Sign is awesome!!

  3. CNN: “Source says Trump slurs immigrants from ‘Shithole’ countries.”  Being EMPTY there is no bottom beyond which he can not sink!  
    YT: Also seen at the gym, Trump says he has a comfortable, or something like that, relationship with Kim Il Un.  Bozo, Bozo,Bozo!

  4. Too short on time to read things thoroughly or comment because we’re headed back to Holland this evening. At the moment hubby and I are holding a contest who can recycle the water we just drank the fastest. Showering and putting on fresh clothes will be the last thing before we close the door behind us this afternoon.

  5. Nuclear war is pretty damn scary, but it is not inevitable. Let us hope that cooler heads will prevail.
    The cartoon is all too true.

  6. Thanks all.  Sticky hugs! 19

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