Dec 202017

Within the past few days, JD mentioned Ady Barkan, a father, a husband, a son who has been stricken with ALS but is not taking things quietly.  Ady Barkan is an activist who was arrested on his birthday very recently for taking on the Republican party’s tax scam legislation.  Did I say ‘legislation’?  That is too legitimate sounding, too dignified for this piece of crap bill.  Thanks JD for the tip.

Disabled Activist Ady Barkan: ‘Republicans Don’t Have The Heart To Look Me In The Eye’

Ady Barkan is a fierce activist fighting for democracy, health care, and his own life. He suffers from ALS and will need a ventilator shortly to keep him alive and breathing while his 18-month old son grows up. Barkan is also the campaign director for Fed Up and Campaign for Democracy, and has been fighting in…



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So, what are YOU going to do?

As Ady says, it may not be today, but the People have the moral high ground now and must continue to fight for the political high ground in 2018.  In the end, it is the People who will win!

To honour Ady’s request, that website is:


  4 Responses to “Ady Barkan — A true American hero!”

  1. You’re thanking me?  I thank you for putting this up.  Did you notice that he was arrested for protesting on Monday, his 34th birthday?  (In a wheelchair?)  An American hero indeed, and his son will always have that, as will the children in Gold Star families.  But who with a heart would not want his son to have him around for a little longer too?  I can’t add any more, there are ninjas cutting onions around here.

  2. Kudos to Ady for his courage and to the Squatch for posting this. 35

  3. Prayers to and for Ady for standing up!!!

    He’s a HERO , imho!!!

  4. It’s easy enough for me to get very angry when reading about the consequences of the Tax Scam, but it really hits home when I see a brave man like Ady Barkan fighting with all he has for the little future he, and others like him, has left. The cuts to Medicare which are a direct result of the Tax Scam may deprive him of the ventilator he’ll need soon and that will effectively kill him. His plight is heartbreaking.

    But Republican Congressmen ran from him, didn’t want to look a man they are condemning in the eye; others who spoke with him shortly turned around and voted for the bill anyway. How far must they have sunk on any scale of humanity to do this and sleep at night. They have met the guy face to face and yet they wiped him from their minds and voted for greed and their own purse.

    I know, it only happens in Hollywood, but each and every Republican Congressman should be forced to witness the deathbeds of the people they have condemned to death with their bill. But it probably would be in vain, there’s no hope of restoring some humanity to these blunted souls. As Ady already noted: They’re refusing to see my humanity. They’re not simply refusing, Ady, they’re incapable of it. By dehumanizing every one not of their clan, they’ve become empty, soulless shells.

    Thanks for this wonderful article, Lynn.

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