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Dec 192017

Some of the outlier sites on the far edge of the left are screaming bloody murder, because the Senate Judiciary Committee is investigating Jill Stein over whether she committed any crimes by assisting Russia install Donald Trump in the White House.  In my opinion, it’s too long in coming, because Stein did as much to help Trump as anyone in Trump’s campaign.  Fortunately I found a source that saves me some work here, because he expressed my view perfectly.


She spent the entire 2016 election inexplicably pushing pro-Russia policies at the expense of the United States. She traveled to Moscow and had dinner with Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn. She kept insisting that Americans would somehow be worse off with Hillary Clinton than they would be with Donald Trump. If you’ve spent all year waiting for fringe leftist pariah Jill Stein to be investigated as part of the Trump-Russia scandal, that moment has finally arrived.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked Jill Stein to turn over all documents relevant to the Trump-Russia scandal, according to a new BuzzFeed report (link). This does not mean that Stein is guilty of being an active participant in the Trump-Russia conspiracy to rig the election. But at the very least she’s a material witness, based on her dinner with Putin and Flynn in December of 2015, and this move by the Senate suggests there may be more to it.

The key question here is why the Trump-Russia investigation is just now targeting Jill Stein. The publicly available evidence, which is eye-popping but circumstantial, has been in plain public view all along. This move suggests that it’s focused on something else about Jill Stein and Russia that’s not publicly available. Considering that Flynn just cut a plea deal weeks ago, it’s possible – but not a given – that investigators have learned something new about Stein from Flynn… [emphasis added]

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Let me add that she appeared repeatedly on RT, Putin’s propaganda network, and regularly passed on Russian propaganda planted by Russian fake news sites.

I have nothing against the Green Party, and support Greens in elections where their candidacy does not help Republicans.  Nevertheless, Stein should be driven from politics, because she intentionally screwed America in an attempt grow her party.


And the useful fools that help them!


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  1. this move by the Senate suggests there may be more to it.

    This move by the Senate suggests to me that the Republican Party is so desperate to distract the American people from Mueller’s investigation that they are willing to sail this close to the Russian wind to do so.  Anything Stein did to promote Russia helped no one but Trump.

  2. Actions speak louder than words. If I, or any members of my family had done this, we’d all be at Leavenworth.Just sayin’………..

  3. Stein’s whole candidacy seemed to help Trump.  She, and others like her helped us get him in the White House  and if she did collude with the Russians, she needs to be prosecuted.

  4. There’s nothing Green about Jill Stein and she used the Green Party as so many other American politicians use one party or the other to better herself personally and pump up her own ego. Her political views often had little or nothing to do with those of the Greens. She has tainted the name of the Green parties everywhere and after the elections the EU Greens have asked her to resign. Which she didn’t, of course.

    So it isn’t much of a surprise to see Mueller delving deeper into Jill Stein’s Russian background. She seemed to be made much of the same moral cloth as Drumpf & co and Flynn, so they all left themselves wide open to Russian advances. As Mueller’s mandate is to investigate Russian intervention in the American elections, it was to be expected that Mueller’s drag-net would dredge Stein up along with anyone else involved with the Kremlin.

    I’m very sorry for all Greens all over the world, including all bona fide American Greens, if they are hurt in the aftermath of an investigation into Stein’s relations with Russia and any help she may have given Russians in interfering with the election; they don’t deserve their parties to be dragged down. But if Ms. Stein’s head ends up on the block, I won’t shed a tear.

  5. Thanks all.  Pooped hugs! 19

  6. Jail her!  Jail her!

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