Samantha Bee from 12/13

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Dec 142017

It’s that time of week again, so here are four excellent video clips from Sam’s show last night.  Enjoy!!

No Moore!


Kudos to the women who came forward against Roy Moore… and those who did against Putin’s pervert.

Get A Load of This A-hole: Zinke


Zinke does to Mother Earth what Trump does to women.

La Brigada Feminista


Kudos to La Brigada Feminista! In a machismo-based culture, those gals are big time bad asses!

Happy Hanukkah From Sam!


And from me too!

Thanks Sam!!



  7 Responses to “Samantha Bee from 12/13”

  1. Sam – No Moore – Yes.  Several people including me thought the shout-out to CHIPS was the very best line of his speech (Alan Grayson was one).  And we MUST NOT FORGET TO PRESS FOR THE NEEDS OF BLACK PEOPLE!

    Zinke – Although the line was invented for Trump, I kind of think it fits Zinke well – he’s a B-hole.  He doesn’t have what it takes to be an A-hole.

    La Brigada – “Stupidity is global.”  OMG how true!  (And maybe a cartoon some day?)

    Hannukah – And from me too.  As I said on Tuesday (before sunset, but I wanted to be on time.)

  2. Sam: Awesome!! Go, Chrarles Barkley!!
    SB2: Zinke – Despicable !!!
    “Feminism is a Force of Nature!” Kudos to all of you!! And…Thank you!!
    Happy Hannukah!!!

  3. Dang. I knew I was missing a fantastic show when I skipped Sam Bee last night! Daddgumit!! I had too many shows lined up to record last night and I ended up skipping Sam instead of one of the OTHER not-so-fantastic shows! She always has me thinking of the greater good when I see her show! ALL the clips were so good! Missed it, but I got to catch up here! So glad that you put these out here! Thanks, TC!

  4. Sam #1: Moore has been a mean, despicable clown since the good ol’ days, was afraid he’d get shot in the back by friendly fire, he so impressed his fellow troops during the “nam days.
    Sam #2: Uranium mining played no role, just like it was not tDump on that pussy grabbing tape, oh yeahhhhh.
    Sam #3: Wonderful story.  too bad it had to wait for Sam to do it, but she did it proud!
    Sam #4: Sam brings the light!

  5. Thanks for the 🐝🐝🐝🐝, TomCat, especially the Get a load of this A-hole. I hope Sam goes through all of them, especially those who are unnoticeably and quietly destroying America.

  6. Thanks all!  Hugs! 18

  7. #1 — Kudos to Jake Tapper for calling out Moore’s campaign spokesperson on having to swear an oath of office on the Bible.  Charles Barclay — AMEN!!!  And finally, kudos to the women who stood up to Moore over his predatory actions against them.  You are women and we hear you roar!!!

    #2 — Zinke is yet another yes man trying to curry favour with Drumpf!  Yeah, he’s an ASSHOLE!!!

    #3 — Viva la Brigada Feminista!!!  I said it earlier this week, the world would be in better shape if women were in charge!  We are women, hear us roar!!!

    #4 — Happy Chanukkah!!!

    Sam is always good, but this show is better than average, to me at least.

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