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Nov 182017

It’s that time of week again, and I’m happy to share four fine video clips from Bill’s show last night.  Enjoy!!

Monologue: Sweet Home Room Alabama


Like Bill, I was very upset to learn about Al Franken, and agree that it’s unfair to equate someone who is addressing their problems and taking responsibility for them with a continuing and recalcitrant pervert like Moore or Trump.

Chelsea Handler: Women in Office


I agree with her in principle, and recognize that women are underrepresented to an absurd extent. However, that a candidate is female cannot be the only issue in a campaign. I also agree that we need to look at things contextually.

Bill McKibben: The Hope Is in the Resistance


I’m glad that the scientists in Germany boycotted the Republican coal plan.

New Rule: The Scrooge of Our Time


Funny as hell, and so, so true.

Say goodbye to Bill until January.



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  1. Bill – Monologue – WRT Franken, there are a couple of articles on Daiy Kos which shed a little more light and somewhat less heat.
    (huge pie fight here)
    (much less of a pie fight, but maybe it should get more attention)

    Chelsea – She hit a note that is something I have felt for a long time – that if one has money and doesn’t NEED to work, then the so-called “work ethic” should not stop one from WORKING at ACTIVISM. (But she should definitely dump Mel Gibson.)

    McKibben – I do like his marinade metaphor.  It explains a lot.  So does the “White House Cruelest Idea” contest.

    New Rule – Wow, he did a good job on this.  I’m speechless.

  2. Spot on, Bill.
    #1: Roy Moore is an A- – , and needs to be in jail, NOT in the Senate. Franken is admitting his mistake(s), and his transgressions, something that repugs won’t do, or even admit, quite frankly.

    #2: Love Chelsea. Have watched her shows, read her books, and now, stepping up for women, and for women in politics. She had Amy McGrath on her show, and is our new activist. Kudos to Chelsea.

    #3: Well said, Mr. McKibben. Great message.

    #4: Word. lol

  3. Bill #1: And, Franken has not denied, denied, denied!
    Bill #2: Is she really?  I do not give  damn, btw.  “People,” and similar mags do not appeal to me.  But, women really need to work of moe women in congress.
    Bill #3: “…marinating in Rush Limbaugh.”- Of course one would have had to be rather “challenged” to even start watching that thing, 30 years ago, or at any time.  Sorry to be pessimistic, but I think we have passed the environmental ripping point, and did so somewhere last year. STIL, we need to keep up THE RESISTANCE! 
    Bill#4: “…never been born.”  Boy, history turns on little things:  tRump’s paternal grandfather died as a result of the 1918 flu pandemic, but not until he’d already made Donny’s father.  Dang!  

  4. Thanks for Bill’s season’s finale, TomCat. Having to wait until January 19th and Bill’s recuperation of a hard Drumpf year is going to be so tough. They don’t call it the dark days before Christmas for nothing.

    • I know.  My Saturdays just got more difficult. 21

    • John Pavlovitz (the OTHER North Carolina who is truly Christian) is starting a forum called “Make Advent Great Again.”  I’m sure the GOP would consider it part of the war on Christmas – since it will involve, among other things, contemplation and real charity.  But for anyone so inclined, it might help make those dark days less dark.

  5. Thanks all.  Ellipsoid Orb Hugs! 27

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