Nov 142017

Every time I say it can’t be any more obvious that Trump is a Russian mole, more evidence surfaces that proves me wrong.  Now we have a direct link between Wikileaks, Donald Trump and his son, as this superb investigative article in the Atlantic reveals.


Just before the stroke of midnight on September 20, 2016, at the height of last year’s presidential election, the WikiLeaks Twitter account sent a private direct message to Donald Trump Jr., the Republican nominee’s oldest son and campaign surrogate. “A PAC run anti-Trump site is about to launch,” WikiLeaks wrote. “The PAC is a recycled pro-Iraq war PAC. We have guessed the password. It is ‘putintrump.’ See ‘About’ for who is behind it. Any comments?” (The site, which has since become a joint project with Mother Jones, was founded by Rob Glaser, a tech entrepreneur, and was funded by Progress for USA Political Action Committee.)

The next morning, about 12 hours later, Trump Jr. responded to WikiLeaks. “Off the record I don’t know who that is, but I’ll ask around,” he wrote on September 21, 2016. “Thanks.”

The messages, obtained by The Atlantic, were also turned over by Trump Jr.’s lawyers to congressional investigators. They are part of a long—and largely one-sided—correspondence between WikiLeaks and the president’s son that continued until at least July 2017. The messages show WikiLeaks, a radical transparency organization that the American intelligence community believes was chosen by the Russian government to disseminate the information it had hacked, actively soliciting Trump Jr.’s cooperation. WikiLeaks made a series of increasingly bold requests, including asking for Trump’s tax returns, urging the Trump campaign on Election Day to reject the results of the election as rigged, and requesting that the president-elect tell Australia to appoint Julian Assange ambassador to the United States…

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This is just a taste.  I encourage you to read this in its entirety.

Fortunately for us, Rachel Maddow breaks this down for us in two segments.  In the first, she provides more details.

In the second, she provides legal analysis with Chuck Rosenberg.

The faucet is dripping faster!  What do you think?



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  1. Why he (and the lot of them), haven’t been arrested for Treason is beyond me. He should have never been allowed to get this far (in the muck & mire) to being potus. He’s a clown, imho.
    I’m still reading, but all I can say is WOW, the hole just gets deeper and deeper we go.. in this investigation.
    Holy MOLY!!

  2. This story isn’t the same one, is it, that exposes all the money transfers made out of Russia, all with the memo line “to finance election campaign of 2016”?

    The more I learn about Julian Assange, the more convinced I am that he is indeed a rapist who should be behind bars, preferably permanently. Since he took part to this degree in raping our country, why WOULDN’T he rape a woman or two (or more)?

    Probably OT, but apparently Sessions is considering appointing a SECOND special counsel – to investigate – Hillary Clinton ?!??!?!???  Well.  I say go for it.  Appoint James Comey.

    I can’t get the interview to play.  If I find a version I can see/hear, I may add more, but – I may not.

    Oh, sure, as soon as I commit to writing that the video won’t work it starts working.  But I don’t have anything to add.

  3. Nothing but scum, the bunch of them!

  4. TC, I know I have been scarce on here lately, but this hasn’t been my year.  My Mother passed away Monday, the funeral is Thursday.  It was not unexpected, but still a blow.  I hope you get well soon.  Edie

  5. USS Little Trump Sunk in the Atlantic, ideally the Atlantic Ocean . . . sunk to the deepest depths!  As my father used to say, at sometime you have to stop fishing and cut bait.  I agree, more and more evidence keeps rising to the surface.  It was interesting when Rachael’s guest drew the distinction between evidence and a prosecutable case.  That being the case, perhaps allowing more evidence is needed.

    The whole bunch of the Drumpf administration need to go down with the USS Little Trump.

  6. Thanks all.  Sickly Hugs!  19

  7. Besides another confirmation of how deep the Drumpf team is into collusion – Donald jr. had told everyone in the team about his contacts with Wikileaks and they all denied it afterwards – it also shows how Wikileaks managed to give leaking and those who really leak like Snowden and Bradley a bad name. Assange and his minions were way past leaking information when they passed the DNC’s emails the Russians had hacked and certainly when they started to pass on instructions (from the boss himself?) in the form of “requests”. The Atlantic certainly has reduced Assange’s chances of Drumpf pardoning him with this excellent article.

    Chances are that most of this is already known to Mueller, but since Mueller and his team don’t leak at all these revelations warm the cockles of any non-Drumpfian heart. But he could do with some extra resources… 

        someone took my comment and ate it:

  8. I couldn’t see the videos here.
    But works for the first one

  9. Sorry – that second one is not valid embarassed

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