Samantha Bee from 11/8

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Nov 092017

It’s that time of week again, so here are three excellent video clips from Sam’s show last night.  Enjoy!!

Thoughts and Prayers and Literally Anything


Thoughts and prayers, when offered to Republican Supply-side Jesus (the opposite of the real Jesus) are received by a Bankster or guy with cloven hooves and a pitchfork. Thoughts and prayers by authentic Christians empowers activism.

Russian Bots and Trolls


I think Russia planned to damage the election. When their puppet actually won, they became the dog that caught the speeding car.



Kudos to the progressive AGs fighting the Fuhrer.

I hope you enjoyed and learned from these.



  6 Responses to “Samantha Bee from 11/8”

  1. Sam – She certainly does hit the nail on the head.  The sad thing is, the nail is a twelve-inch spike.  And it seems like the only hammers we have are six-ounce ball peens.  And that slogan?  There’s a better use for it.  “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a vote is a good guy with a vote.”  One thing I say to these “thoughts and prayers” types is: James 2:15-17.

    Russian – Yes.  We certainly need more and better education in civics, since so many are SO ignorant.  But it would be a real breakthrough if someone would develop a bull shit detector which could be translated into a human brain.

    NY – Eric must be doing something right for Trump to be disparaging him so completely.  Well, I’ve been saying, “Eric Schneiderman is your friend” for a while now.  (So is Xavier Becerra, and I know there are others, I just don’t know the names.  Unfortunately, Colorado doesn’t have one.  Yet.)


  2. ust got done watching,Sam is the best.
    Loved the Eric Schneiderman one, he IS our hero!

  3. Sam#1: Much more than useless thoughts and prayers.  Paul Ryan says “You know what, prayer works.” That’s why children of, what is it 7th Day Adventists, die when the parents choose prayer over medical attention…and then they wind up in jail.  I want to see Ryan get out in Tampa Bay during the next major Florida hurricane that is aiming at the bay, in a row boat and pray it away.  Some lady bozo was threatening to do just that when Maria was bearing down on the bay, because she “knew” it would work.  Or, better yet, let him get some illness that is related to global warming, some deadly mosquito born disease, from the tropics, and pray it away.  You know, these guys don’t tale anything seriously, that might get in the way of their agenda, until hits them personally…then they are all over it! 
    By the way, dd anyone else notice just how fervently, seriously, POTUS said “thoughts and prayers?”
    Sam#2: How stupid can we get?  We are running, full tilt, down the electronic rabbit hole, and those like and  liking the GOP are greasing it up; “What Russia thing…fake news!”  I have to give Putin credit, using our very own imbecility to beat us is some form of genius.
    Sam#3:  Yes, for progressive AGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Eric seems like an authentic, substantial )as opposed to EMPTY) fellow.

  4. All three of those clips were a shot in my arm for RESISTING AND PERSISTING!  Thank you, Samantha Bee!!! I REALLY needed that!!!

  5. Thanks and sick hugs.  21

  6. My comment went missing; not much to miss though

    Three cheers for Sam 🐝, one for each video!

    Thanks for posting, TomCat

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