Oct 142017

It’s a strange weather day with only 58° forecast and sunny, so the sun hitting the wall makes my room hot, and the open window makes it chilly, depending on my location in the room.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:14 (average 5:04).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From YouTube (MoveOn Channel): The Iran Deal


Amen! Oppose the Fuhrer’s rush to see Iran with nukes! RESIST!!

From YouTube (RWW Channel): RWW News: Dana Loesch Declares Feminism Dead

Barf Bag Alert!!


Ladies, what say you to this Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian? RESIST!!

From The New Yorker: Donald Trump said on Friday that his I.Q. is “even higher” now that he knows that the United States Virgin Islands are part of the United States.

“Quite frankly, a few weeks ago, when I learned that Puerto Rico was a part of the U.S., I thought that that boosted my I.Q. to a whole new level,” Trump said. “Now that I also know about the Virgin Islands, my number must be off the charts.”

He said that he was eager to retake his I.Q. test because of “all the amazing things I learned this week.”

Dang Andy! I think the mere mention of Virgin Islands lowered Trump’s IQ, as all the blood flowed out of his itty bitty brain into his itty bitty pecker, as he tried to grope them. RESIST!!




  12 Responses to “Open Thread – 10/14/2017”

  1. 4:19  This being October and all, I thought the piece at the top right of the chandelier was a skeleton hand.  The beads looked like fingers and the candle like a thumb.

    Posting this wonderful Dutch video for Lona, who is tied up in packing and showing her home off.  Boy, do the Dutch have our number!

    For more information, visit the Huffington Post HERE

    MoveOn -The agreement is the ONLY thing standing in the way of Iran making nukes.  So of course Trump wants to pull out!  Aaaaaarrrrrrgh!

    RWW – Would that we could replace patriarchy with matriarchy.  Good God!  Well, hers isn’t so good.

    TNY – I have no evidence that he has learned this yet … only that enough people on his staff know it to be trying to sweep his remarks under the rug.

    Cartoon – Cue the theme from JAWS as the US pulls out of the UN, one sub-organization at a time.

    • Thanks for posting Arjen Lubach’s video, Joanne. But it’s not only the Dutch that got America’s number, I’m afraid. Drumpf is has moved your country under a very awkward spotlight. Of course it was meant to shine on him alone, but everything Americans do is now subject of much (negative) debate and some excellent satire across the globe.

    • Thanks Lona and JD! 04

  2. Cartoon: Hmmmmmmm, what did the United States of America do this year – almost to the day?

  3. MO: Protect the Iran DEAL !!!

    RWW: Good Lord, ugh!!

    NYer: Dumb and dumber with each passing day. dt = ‘get him outta there’

    Cartoon: Sad.

    Slow day here, still hot. I’m ready for cooler weather. Hope that you have a good & relaxing evening. Take care, and Thanks, Tom.

    *Lona, LOVED your video!!! Thanks, Joanne for posting it.

  4. RWW: Doornail?  how about this woman is as dumb as a doornail?  No offense meant to any doornails as smart as Rumpy.  
    New Yorker: I repeat; I do not think this bozo even knows how to spell IQ. 
    ‘Toon: I read, yesterday, I believe, that the Nazi’s looked to the country, as a model, which at the time, had the lead on racist laws…the U.S.A.!  Give the GOPigs a little more time and we’ll be right back there.

  5. Oh, God! Where did that idiot come from in that video? She is about as accurate as a sundial in a rainstorm! Unfrigginbelievable! She needs meds, ASAP! 
    We gotta do SOMETHING about the clown in the WH! He’s rapidly steering is to WWIII!!! I can’t believe he is so clueless on how to keep us out of a WAR! That’s ALL repukkklicanTs do when they get in office! War, war, WAR! Just gotta start a WAR! For their investments in the war machine manufacturers! That is HORRIBLE! Why? Is it because he never had to go to the service? I DON’T KNOW! But SOMEONE, PLEASE get this a$$hole outa there!
    Joanne D. That was a great video! I want to share it if I can figure out how to do that on my phone! You are RIGHT! The Dutch do have our number!
    Thanks for a GREAT post, TC! Hope it gets a little cooler up your way! Take care! See ya Sunday!

  6. MO: Good video. One thing is very noticeable from it, though: the many generals that firmly believe that Iran is sticking to the deal and that this deal was and is the best thing to stop them from restarting their nuclear development. Drumpf used to listen to generals in the past, he had a soft spot for them. But now he has gone so ballistic (excuse the pun) that even they can’t talk sense into him for the shortest of time.

    RWW: Dana Loesch is so incredibly pathetic in this video: the hall is only half filled, and mainly with white geriatrics and still she hardly got any cheers or applause from them.  Only a few cheers…or leers rather…when she boosted the egos of the handful of white men who needed that boosting so badly. What people like Loesch won’t do for 10 seconds in the spotlight and a meager speaker’s fee.

    TNY: Please, Andy, we all know why Drumpf went to the Virgin Islands. He was jealous of their president and went to tell him to keep his hands to himself!

    Cartoon: History will have no specific date for the moment Drumpf has taken America from the last global organization, treaty or agreement.

    Make sure you don’t catch a cold moving from hot to cold and back again in your room, TomCat.

    • Cartoon: History will have no specific date for the moment Drumpf has taken America from the last global organization, treaty or agreement.

      I fear you mean because that is when history will end.  Sigh.

  7. Thanks Hugs, and sadly, amen to all! 26

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