8 Republican Scapegoats

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Sep 242017

There are few things that Republicans do well, but at those things, they excel.  They keep their sheeple thoroughly fleeced and begging for more.  They are pros at stealing wealth from the poor and middle classes and giving it to billionaires.  And they are expert at projection, placing blame for their own crimes on opponents.  Here are some of the scapegoats Republicans target.


Republicans have a way of relying on scapegoats when their plans don’t work out as expected. There are so many go-to GOP scapegoats, it would be impossible to name them all here. I’m sure many of you have your favorites: Black Lives Matter, the EPA, feminists, climatologists, Islam, income taxes, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, and anybody who ever says the words “gun control." If you can name it, they can blame it.

In no particular order, here are eight of the GOP’s favorite scapegoats.

1. Transgender people

It’s no secret that the GOP is the antithesis of queer-friendly, and the latest arm of this prejudice is aimed at the transgender community. Widespread attention to the issue came in 2016, when North Carolina Republican governor Pat McCrory signed a statewide policy that bans people from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex. Similar bathroom bills are being proposed in Texas and elsewhere across the country. Most recently, Trump signed an executive order effectively banning transgender service people from serving in the nation’s armed forces, in an ostensible effort to minimize unnecessary medical costs and interpersonal confusion and disruption. You know, it’s for “safety.” And Making America Great Again.

2. Planned Parenthood

Millions of low-income women depend on Planned Parenthood’s medical services, from pap smears and birth control to cancer screenings and abortion services. The organization has been demonized by the GOP in recent years for facilitating the transfer of fetal tissue for medical research. While Trump has effectively defunded Planned Parenthood for a year, what’s most concerning now is that a bill making it easier for individual states to defund PP is also a priority of the Trump administration. Naturally, this work reverses President Barack Obama’s effort to shield Planned Parenthood’s funding from state legislatures before his last term ended…

Inserted from <Salon.com>

I shared two of eight of Republicans’ favorite scapegoats.  Click through for the other six.



  8 Responses to “8 Republican Scapegoats”

  1. I stand with and beside those who are LGBT, and love my family members & friends who are…and am for PP, George Clooney, Labor Unions, Mr. Obama! (oh! how I miss you and your family), Latinos, and am a Rabid Liberal Media Fan.
    I am an older (sometimes cranky), lady who lives in the deep red state of Texas. I stand for rights for all, and compassion for those less fortunate than myself. Unlike the dolts (gop) that are on Capitol Hill.

  2. “Apparently, the liberal media is responsible for “spinning” the news in such a way that makes people look unfavorably on the Grand Old Party and its policies.”  Hah!  That is called “truth.”  Or would be if it ever happened.  No wonder they don’t recognize it, though.  They don’t even have a nodding acquaintance.

  3. I’m (still, even more so now) an angry, old, white, male…angry at the way the sick bastards in the GOP have been able to co-opt “truth!’  Starting with Newt G’s claims that acid rain was fake science, up to the present idiocies espoused by the Empty Orange, and his cronies, and all the media a**holes who have jumped on the GOPIG wagon, we have moved into a Twilight Zone, politically.  
    Projection is a very primitive coping mechanism, and these bozos have become very expert at wielding it, so much so that they have twisted themselves into such pretzels that they are viewing the world looking out from their rear sphincters!

  4. What a brilliant cartoon you’ve added to the Salon.com short take, TomCat.

    These are eight rather random examples of scapegoats the GOP has come up with and are currently in wide use by Republicans. The list of scapegoats is getting longer by the day, because the longer the GOP is not functioning in Congress and the longer they support Drumpf’s pathetic incompetence and dangerous mental instability, the more they are in need of scapegoats. The crux of the article is right in the first paragraph: “If you can name it, they can blame it.”

  5. It is past time when these Greedy Old Pharts should be put out in the garbage heap where they belong.  They breathe hate and dishonesty.  I swear they would sell their own mothers if they could get away with it.  They have no honour or compassion.  They twist things to get their way.

    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

  6. Seeking scapegoats is dishonest and cowardly. It is done strictly to distract the public eye from the real problems that plague this country, from the fact that we have degenerated into a plutocratic oligarchy. The Rethuglicanazis want to encourage division and discord among their opposition because they know that, if all their enemies unite, they won’t stand a chance.

  7. Thanks, hugs, and Amen to all of you. 46

  8. I stand with ALL the 8 subjects in this story! Every one of them have the same rights as EVERY gopper in EVERY instance!

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