Sep 182017

Here is the ninety-sixth article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Republican Federal Judge Paul Maloney. He is so honored for ignoring the Constitution to rule based in Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian hate and homophobia.

0918MaloneyIn what can charitably be described as an idiosyncratic reading of the First Amendment, a George W. Bush-appointed federal judge in western Michigan held that businesses can discriminate against LGBTQ customers so long as they explain why they did so on Facebook.

Prior to Judge Paul Maloney’s Friday opinion in Country Mill Farms v. City of East Lansing, it was well understood that the First Amendment does not protect business owners who post signs announcing “blacks need not apply” or “we don’t serve women here.” As the Supreme Court once explained in a related case, “discrimination in employment is not only commercial activity, it is illegal commercial activity,” and “we have no doubt that a newspaper constitutionally could be forbidden to publish a want ad proposing a sale of narcotics or soliciting prostitutes.”

Yet Judge Maloney’s opinion does not simply disregard this longstanding rule, it suggests that a business that is actively engaged in discrimination can immunize itself from the law simply by writing about its discrimination on Facebook… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Think Progress>

The notion that, if Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians, the exact opposite of real Christians, should spew the evidence of their crimes on Sphincterbook, let alone that doing so makes it legal, is so absurd that only a Republican could do such a thing.



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  1. Sweet Jesus!  Please say this will go to appeal!  TP says there is a genuine legal issue in the case, but that was apparently not ruled on, or considered, or even mentioned in this “opinion.”

  2. I think there’s a typo in your post: I’m pretty sure the judge’s surname begins w/ a “B”

    • laughing ROTFLMAO! laughing If Bush(elbritches) appointed such bad judges, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Orange Ogre will do even worse. RESIST and PERSIST!

      • No kidding!  The Orange Ogre gets his judicial marching orders from the Heritage Foundation if memory serves me correctly. 103010

    • Dang!  You nail me on real typos so often that I searched for the typo for 5 minutes, before the 💡 came on.  LOL! 01

  3. This is downright vile and very cruel.The 2nd commandment says, “Love one another as you love yourself.” Maloney must not of read that.We’re seeing a lot of discrimination and hate these days….and this…is a classic case of discrimination.

    Nameless: winksmile

  4. this guy needs to be impeached or otherwise removed from the bench!!!

  5. What Dave C. said!
    This needs to go to SCOTUS, maybe.

  6. There is NO way the framers of the constitution ever thought about posting something on FB to explain ANYTHING! What a crock of male bovine excrement! It never ceases to amaze me how FAR the alt-right will go to break the laws of this country!!!

  7. This is asinine!  Obviously this Republican cretin got his law diploma out of a Cracker Jacks box!  I agree with JD, this decision needs to be reviewed and overturned by a higher court.
    What’s next???

    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

  8. My, my, in the Drumpf era, in full glory for only 8 months, but lurking in the dark for years, the candidates for Republicans on Parade are coming in thick and fast.

    So Facebook is the new confessional for American pseudo-Christians now, is it?  Admit your sins there and they will be forgiven; even federal law won’t touch you then. I do hope the City of East-Lansing has enough funds to take this to a higher court, because this can’t be allowed to happen. And while they are taking it up, “judge” Maloney’s should be investigated and barred from the bench for impersonating a judge without any credentials.

  9. Cute & Clever. lol! Yes, he is!

  10. Dang!! This was supposed to be a comment reply to Nameless. sigh…

  11. Read Gene J’s comment in C2. If you are not a member of C2, this is an exact quote copy of his comment:

    “This is precisely why the GOP controlled Congress will not move against Trump despite ample evidence, already, of his high crimes and misdemeanors. He is giving them young conservative judges, more than 30 so far, and that’s what they truly want more than anything. Men, almost all, on the federal bench who will issue orders like this for decades. Granted this is a Bush appointee, but Trump is giving them what they want here and they will not move to impeach while he is.”

    “Maybe not even after Mueller’s investigation completes and indictments are issued. I have seen an argument made, and apparently there is precedent, that if BOTH the President and Vice President are removed from office for having achieved it fraudulently, which case can be made if even part of what is leaking out is true, for the election to be overturned completely and redone. I am holding onto that idea as a ray of hope in a very dark time in this country.”

    “That damn zombie healthcare bill, which everyone insists is forever dead after each vote killing it, has risen once again, in worse form than ever. Lindsay Graham, who pretends to be a moderate, but is so far from it, is sponsoring it this time and it would end Medicaid forever in 2026. And republicans seem to be lining up behind it. I don’t know that Murkowski and Collins will stop it this time, or that they can. I have this feeling that the GOP is sensing the end as Mueller’s investigation moves inexorably onward and that they know they are going to lose in the largest way possible when it completes. Not only is Trump complicit but Pence, Ryan and McConnell too, as well as many others. If all those are removed, and more, they will lose the control they have now. This may be their only chance to get those tax cuts for their bosses and that may explain the urgency they are attaching to this. No debate, no CBO score, no nothing. Just repeal. Of course, they will exempt themselves which just frosts me to no end. They’ll gut VA funding but McCain, who’s supporting this version, will get HIS brain cancer treated, though no one else will. This is the most incredibly cruel version of the bill yet and they are steamrolling with it. The Democrats are virtually silent, cowards all. Well, they are prattling on about Single Payer which is easy since they know they cannot pass it. In this decade anyway. I am SO sick of politics. Even sicker of politicians on both sides. We need better people. Lots better people.”


  12. Thanks all!  Hugs! 28

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