Aug 302017

The news has been so full of tragedy, that I was pleased to find an item virtually guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Thanks to progressive pranksters, the gift shop in the Temple of Greed, aka Trump Towers, briefly offered items appropriate to the true character of Putin’s Piddle Puppet and his Republican Reich.


Ku Klux Klan hoods and urine-proof bed sheets were for sale at Trump Tower’s gift shop this week.

According to local news outlet Gothamist, two pranksters slipped the satirical merchandise into Manhattan’s Trump Tower on Monday.

The fake merchandise included a KKK hood “for fine people,” packages of urine-proof rubber sheets, a Russian “Trump” flag, and a postcard featuring Putin as the 45th President of the United States, among other things.

Gothamist checked to see if the items were still available on Tuesday — and they were.

But clerks at the store apparently caught on to the prank after Gothamist tried to buy the items. The reporters were promptly ordered out of the store. Within an hour, all the items appeared to have been removed…

From <Alternet>

As soon as s stopped laughing, I thought about it, and think this has to be one of the most creative acts of protest in my memory.  Kudos!



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  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Creative indeed.  How long did it take you to stop laughing?

  2. laughing loudly!

  3. Sheer talent, kudos to the team!!
    Yes, I am laughing!!

  4. 333333

    Absolutely splendid! Can’t have enough pranks like this.

    Funny that it took the clerks a day to notice the fake, but terribly funny, merchandise. Either none of the shoppers there bothered to notify them of it or not many people come in to buy gifts from the shop in the Trump tower. Probably a combination of both. 12

  5. Human creativity, when not trampled upon by orange ogres, is wonderful!

  6. I will be back to comment, but wanted to share this before I lose sight of it.  This is the cover of the German magazine ‘Stern’ very recently.  The language below the headline translates to “Neo-Nazis, Ku-Klux-Klan, Racism: How Donald Trump Stirs Hatred in America”: A bold statement from a country familiar with fascism! (Advocate)

    • It is indeed.  Under normal circumstances, to give the Nazi salute is against German law.  In showing Trump doing that, they called him a criminal.

    • Excellent post, Lynn. Stern a large and very popular weekly magazine in Germany, but not particularly political one. It offers rather a hotchpot of articles, both serious and light, s smorgasbord of material to please everyone. However in the early 2000s, Stern took an influential stand against neo-Nazi activities by launching a campaign to prevent right-wing violence and has kept the covering of these neo-Nazi activities up since then, which has taken it outside the German borders before. It is no surprise then that  Drumpf has caught Stern’s attention too.

  7. Such chutzpah!!!  And it wasn’t even noticed until someone in the media tried to buy some fake stuff.  He did them a favour yet gets thrown out on his ear!


  8. Thanks all.  Hugs! 22

  9. Kudos – and bright blessings – to the pranksters who slipped the faux merchandise into the Trump Towers store. No doubt there are plenty of other items we can use to punk the Orange Ogre.

  10. Loved this one!

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