Aug 182017

I honestly believe that this week will mark the downfall – and removal – of Twitler from office.  The utter ugliness of the “Unite the Right” rallies this past  Friday night and Saturday ending in tragedy when a homegrown domestic terrorist murdered Heather Heyer, an innocent protestor, is something we’ve all witnessed.

Twitler’s abysmal response to it leads me to believe this is the beginning of his end-days.  But there are so many tangents involving this horrific week I decided that it’s too difficult to find a single, unifying thread for a relatively short post – so I’ve chosen to do a potpourri approach to capture some of the highlights (there were some), lowlights (there were many) and even a few that hopefully will make you smile if not chuckle out loud.

As we know, the ostensible “reason” the white supremacists, KKK and neo-Nazis united to put on their rallies was the removal of a statue honoring Robert E. Lee.  And yesterday Twitler announced he is foursquare against “the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments”.

This I find very odd because all those Confederate statues and monuments celebrate LOSERS!  I thought Twitler did not like LOSERS!

But I did enjoy the inventive approach of someone in Phoenix decorating a Confederate monument there (Phoenix?  That surprised me, too) with a “2nd Place – Participant” banner, adding “You Lost – Get Over It”

We’ve all seen the photos and films of the Friday night Tiki torch rally …

Now I will admit they’ve gotten rid of the sheets and updated their uniforms, but …

I think we all knew that Twitler’s reading of a ghostwriter’s measured remarks from a Teleprompter on Monday in response to the domestic terrorism could not last.  And sure enough, by Tuesday he was again revealing his true white supremacist self with that “Both Sides Do It” crap while claiming that some of the Nazis are “very fine people”.

So let’s take a closer look at what I thought we all believed were the “Good Guys”

Yep – turns out we WERE right … change that to CORRECT.  And again, the “Good Guys” had some inventive responses

And yet Trump still doesn’t seem to understand he’s backing LOSERS!

So to help him out I think it behooves us to provide him with a very, VERY simple algorithm flowchart that even he should be able to understand

On the bright side, it seems the media folks have finally realized they should have never engaged in all their false equivalency trying to normalize the evil that is Trump-incarnate during his campaign against Hillary …

Hopefully they – and at least some republicans – will read the tea leaves and recognize their failings …

And rid our country of this pestilence …

So reasonable voices, like those at the University of Virginia candlelight vigil honoring Heather Heyer,  may rise again …


  12 Responses to “Friday [Fun]: Charlottesville Potpourri”

  1. Thanks for the potpourri photo essay, simple and straight forward commentaries. .

  2. Great Pics, Nameless.  04

    One of your memes is very much like Monday’s cartoon.

  3. Cross posted to Care2 here.

    • Someone somewhere made a passing reference to a relative believing in old, [phony] IQ studies.  I want to shake people like that and say something like “We white people have kept black people in brain-starving poverty and poisoned their brains with chemicals in water for well over a hundred years.  Not to mention the damage we have done to their heads with clubs and metal pipes.  We do NOT get bragging rights over a statistically insignificant 2 points on a frikkin IQ test.  If anything, the bragging rights would go the other way.”

      Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.  Of all your wonderful memes, the one that made me LOL (srsly) was asking God for a sign.

  4. My question is…  did those right wing rally goers all go to Walmart to buy their Tiki Torches or did they all just swipe them off of their mothers’ patios?

    • I kinda picture them all marching into Pier 1 Imports in their khakis to buy them.

      At least Charlottesville should be mosquito-free, given that Tiki torches are fueled with citronella … and HATE!  Lots of hate … oh, and stupidity.  LOTS of stupidity!

  5. Nameless, great presentation!

    Cancer and metastasis, a perfect analogy for Drumpf and the alt right including neo Nazis, white supremacists etc.  Unfortunately, Drumpf is not the first one with the cancer.  His father, Fred, also had the cancer and was arrested for it back in 1924.  With that criminal past, perhaps father were he not dead, and now son should be shipped back to Germany from whence he came. I really don’t think Angela Merkel would like that.

    Were my maternal grandfather still alive (he died more than 50 years ago), he would have been an ardent Drumpf supporter.  He was an ignorant, hateful old man who lived in Buffalo, NY.  Once he showed me just how hateful he was, I could no longer be around him.

  6. Thanks for another great Friday Fun article, Nameless.

  7. Why do supporters of Twitler carry the flags of armies that the USA defeated? Good point. Hate never wins. Hate can never win. Love always wins, eventually.
    In the Progressive community we need to set aside our differences. We need to set aside the labels of race, gender identity, creed and the like. The Right wants us divided so we cannot fight effectively. Remember the story of the seven sticks. When the sticks were tied in a bundle, even the huskiest of the children could not break them; when they were separate, they snapped easily. We on the left need to be bundles of sticks.

  8. Excellent, and very on-point post and comments.I found ‘Pick a Torch’ pictures most insightful.The magazine covers speak for themselves, and how I’m feeling at present.

    Thanks, Nameless for post, and Joanne for cross posting.

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