Aug 122017

Today has been a better day.  It hags been much cooler.  The sun is about to come out, and the temperature will climb to the low 80°s, my outside wall will become a heater, and I’ll have to button up the room and turn on the AC, but until is does, I’m enjoying an open window and fresh air.  I took my first trip without using the lift bus in a long time.  I went to the Ubank in a mall two blocks away.  I found getting around much easier with one eye that can see well than it has been in years.  I hope you are having a great weekend.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:08 (average 4:37).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Fantasy Football Update:

I reset the live draft of our fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends, from next Saturday to Saturday, September 2 at 10:00 AM PDT (11 MDT, 12 CDT, 1 EDT).  I did it so we will have a better idea, who the starters will be in the NFL.  However the regular season opener is the evening of Thursday, 9/7, just 5 days after the draft, so set your lineups right away.  I cut the league from ten teams to eight.  Two players stopped playing last year in mid-season.  I think I have confirmation from every player except Rob.  I sent him one last email, and if I don’t hear from him this weekend, I’ll replace him with Wendy.

Short Takes:

From YouTube (Funny or Die Channel): Mike Pence on Currency


And in a Republican Pence Reich, we would get to be the goats. RESIST!!

From NY Times: The roster of villains in President Trump’s world is legion. The list of people he has been willing, even eager, to publicly attack includes not just Mitch McConnell, his latest target, but Jeff Sessions, Chuck Schumer, Paul D. Ryan, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

And don’t forget James B. Comey, Robert S. Mueller III, Andrew G. McCabe, Rod J. Rosenstein, John D. Podesta, Nancy Pelosi, Lisa Murkowski, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rosie O’Donnell, Meryl Streep, the mayor of London and the cast of “Saturday Night Live.” The countries he has assailed include not just North Korea and Iran but also Germany, Canada, Mexico, China and Sweden.

But for all of that feistiness, for all of those verbal and online fisticuffs, there is one person who is definitely not on Mr. Trump’s target list: President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

My opinion…



From Bloomberg: Some White House and Republican officials are exploring the idea of putting West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin in charge of the Energy Department, according to four people familiar with the discussions, a move that could boost President Donald Trump’s stalled legislative agenda.

Manchin is such a DINO, that he would not be a big loss except for one thing, and that thing is huge. It also explains all the hoopla surrounding Gov. Jim Injustice’s conversion from DINO to goose-stepping Republican. If Manchin moves to Energy, Injustice gets to replace him with a Republican Senator. The only thing Manchin did right is voting against RepubliCare. Do you see what the Reich are plotting now? RESIST!!




  8 Responses to “Open Thread – 8/12/2017”

  1. 4:44  Not moving at all.

    The one thing I have found heartening about Charlottesville 9and, of course, that may change) is that the media, or the media I see, are united that the issue is “right wing racists.”  As, of course, it is.  As I type this apparently one person is confirmed dead, but I don’t know who.  It may be connected to a car crash which may have been at least in part deliberate.

    FoD – It really is funny that Wall Street is worrying about the stock market in the event of a nuclear war, when you think about it.  Hey, Wall Street, there won’t be anyone left to worry!  (But don’t you think someone with a name like “Pence” should be expected to know more about currency?)

    NYT – That, of course.  But it still was a response so bizarre, I’ll bet a lot of pundits are kicking themselves that they didn’t keep the word “bizarre” in reserve for this occasion.

    Bloomberg – Indeed.  And it’s not all that predictable what Manchin would do, if offered that post.  Is he smart enough to see that NO ONE in the B-hole’s* cabinet has any guarantee of still having a job tomorrow, whereas his Senate position is at least guaranteed through 2022?

    Cartoon – Scary.

    *B-hole – because he doesn’t have what it takes to be an A-hole

  2. FOD: Gawd, we’re screwed.

    NYT: Lordy, ain’t this the truth?! Still kissing his A – – .

    Bloomberg: Hopefully…he won’t bite the bait. I sure don’t want to see Perry (move up) and be in charge of Homeland Security either. ugh, either way!!

    Cartoon: Where are the flames?

    *Charlottesville: Prayers up to the person who died, and the others injured when a car crashed into peaceful protesters leaving the rally. “About three hours after the car crash, the Virginia State Police’s Bell 407 helicopter crashed about 7 miles from the scene. Police reports said the helicopter crashed in a wooded area and two people on board died.” So very, very tragic!! USA TODAY “About three hours after the car crash, the Virginia State Police’s Bell 407 helicopter crashed about 7 miles from the scene. Police reports said the helicopter crashed in a wooded area and two people on board died.”

    Sounds like you had a great day! How wonderful! Enjoy your evening, take care, and Thanks, Tom.

  3. I found out about the Charlottesville incident from the TV bank at the gym, and thought that it seemed out of character for a “librul” to crash into the neo-Nazis, and later found out that the crash targeted the counter-protestors…sadly true to type.  The silver car used in the crash has the license plate “GODKPME,” yeah, this is what he thinks his Jesus would do!!  
    Were it not for the Empty Orange the Nazi types would not be out in this manner, I believe.  They marched on the U.V. campus, Friday night, without permission.  I wonder who put those words of disparagement into Rumpy’s rancid, hypocritical mouth.

  4. FOD: It’s not only Wall Street that has panicked, investors all over the world have gone for safe commodities like gold and Japanese Yen. As the stock market has been overheated for some time and experts have been predicting a fall in the near future, they may get more than their wish and we’re now seeing the first signs of a crash. I doubt that goat bones are an effective remedy. It’s ironic that Drumpf doesn’t need to launch any missiles to do a lot of damage to the world. To North Korea not so much.

    NYT: We have got an old, beautifully descriptive word for senile in Dutch, that is sadly going out of use: “kinds” which means “as a child” which is different from “childish”. This is the first thing that came to mind when Drumpf didn’t publicly attack Putin for kicking half of the embassy staff out of his country, but actually praised him for saving him money on their wages and making his task of cutting back on diplomatic personnel so much easier. This is very much akin to telling the governor of Guam that a North Korean missile threat will increase tourism on the island without costing them a cent. To come up with such ridiculous statements and think nobody will see through them, Drumpf really must be “kinds”.

    Bloomberg: The fact that moving “Democrat” Manchin to be in charge of the Energy Department is contemplated by the White House and some Republican officials is enough to know it’s a plot. Another Democratic no-vote on Trumcare silenced and his seat taken by a yes-voting Republican. And Manchin being the DINO he is, will probably fall for it, unless he has enough sense to see that his appointment to lead the Energy Department could be short lived and his political career effectively over.
    On that point: I still am gobsmacked that there wasn’t a huge outcry from Democratic voters in West Virginia that Jim Justice, the governor they had voted into office, betrayed them and went GOP. But this article may explain why: West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice isn’t the only Democrat Trump won over. Scary.

    Cartoon: Love what you did with Maher’s line, just as you promised. 14

    Good to hear your cataract operation on the first eye was such a success, TomCat. Hope the next one at the end of the month is too. Do you know when they’re straightening your eye to correct for double vision?

  5. Puzzle — 3:34 I don’t think you’ll find this very appetising Puddy Tat!

    Funny or Die — “Embrace the Future, Embrace the Change” — With Pence it is more like “Embrace the Past, Embrace the Goat”.  If Pence were involved in astrology (no way he’d say), he’d always be in retrograde.

    NY Times — A real bromance?  Nobody else wants anything to do with him . . . just ask Angela Merkel!

    Bloomberg — Well that would settle things for the Senate until the 2018 midterms.  Dems down 1, Republicans up 1.  That would give Republicans a better chance of ramming through their agenda, or at least more than is happening now.  I hope Manchin has the cojones to say “NO” if asked.

    Cartoon —  No kidding!

    WRT the Charlottesville tragedy, I kept hearing Drumpf’s response on our news and was incensed.  From the Toronto Star:

    “Their racism was effectively endorsed by the United States president when he failed to call out supremacists, anti-Semites, xenophobes and homophobes and instead rebuked the “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.””

    From what I understand, the protesters were peaceful.  The driver of the vehicle that mowed down so many was a white KKK member.  In other words, he is a white domestic terrorist!  And what does Drumpf expect when he set the example by inciting violence and hatred at his rallies?  Drumpf must be removed and the rule of justice restored.

    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

    OMG!  It is raining!!!  Not super hard but I can smell the rain and see the wet pavement on the road below.  This is great!  Perhaps Portland will get some too!  Right now it is 19 C (67 F) with 68% humidity.

  6. Thanks all.  Tired hugs! 22

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