Samantha Bee from 8/9

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Aug 102017

It’s that time of week again, so here are three excellent video clips from Sam’s show last night.  Enjoy!!

Ladies Who Book: Steve Bannon


If McMaster opposes Bannon, my statement that maybe Mad Dog wasn’t such a bad dog after all, may have been right.

Trump’s Terrifying Judicial Appointments


It’s not just judicial appointments. Had she known about his two federal prosecutor nominees yesterday, she would have taken several more hits off that bottle.

Meet The Badass Peshmerga Women


Perhaps we could line up a few of those Peshmerga women in front of Putin’s Pervert and hope he tries to grab pussies!  SPLAT!!

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  1. Thank Gawd Sam’s on our side, she’s one blistering lady, and I love her to pieces.
    Really enjoyed watched the Peshmerga Women clip, and yes, they’re definitely BadAss, who command Respect!!
    Keep up the good work, Ladies, and Sam!

  2. Sam I – It’s not all that clear whether McMaster opposes Bannon, or whether it’s just Bannon opposing McMaster.  But I take your point.  And I certainly agree that, given this White House and this Cabinet, Mad Dog is definitely not a bad dog.

    Sam II – Oh, yeah.  This is the thing which for me is the hardest to forgive people who were too pure to vote for Hillary.  And it’s not like it was not brought up before the election.  No one should be blindsided.

    Sam III – There’s also this gal here in America.    Women can be great fighers for something that is right.  (Incidentally, no wonder all the testosterone in the region is terrified of Kurds.  Go Kurds!)


  3. Sam 🐝: Interesting background information on Steve Bannon. I think I can see Bannon’s hand in the bellicose anti-Korea rants Drumpf has been spouting since Wednesday, which would indicate that Bannon, and not McMaster, has (re)captured Drumpf’s tiny attention span at the moment. As a retired military man McMaster may have more eye for the consequences of provocation, taunting and bragging about who has the biggest… than Bannon who’s only interested in lowering the flames under the judicial hotplate Drumpf is dancing on and raising his numbers in the popularity polls.

    Sam 🐝🐝: Drumpf may nominate the judiciary – which really comes down to handing in a list given to him by the corporate far right – but it’s the Republican majority in Congress which gladly allows these right-wing judges to be appointed. For life. This after blocking Obama’s nominees for years on end; that’s why there are 120 (15%) vacancies for the benches. And this is not something that can be turned back in 2018. Very worrying.

    Sam 🐝🐝🐝: Why is it that only women can see beyond the first instinct to defend themselves and their children and literally take up arms, and understand that after immediately after defense comes education and opportunity to rebuild lives if there’s to be any chance of peace and a better life at all? Great item, Sam Bee.

    Thanks for the fix, TomCat.

  4. Of course all of Sam’s videos are great, but I particularly liked the third.  One of the Peshmerga soldiers, possibly an officer, said that the women have always fought alongside the men to defend the homeland.  The women are known as fierce fighters.

    But more than fighting with weapons, people like Dashni Morad are fighting to educate the children in refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan.  Dashni Morad is a singer and activist who was a refugee who was resettled with her family in the Netherlands.  Perhaps Lona has heard her music.

    Dashni Morad: “It is one of the keys to building bridges of peace here in this region.  It is essential.  We need to invest in women’s education.” — on speaking about education for women and children.

    And then there is the Korani Ankawa Women’s Centre in Erbil, Iraq which is bringing education and women’s rights, which are really human rights, to women, both Iraqi and Syrian.

    Perhaps I relate so much to the third not because I was a refugee, because I was never one, but because I work with a few women who are.  My student who hails from South Sudan was never allowed to go to school because she was a girl.  As a result, she never learned to read or write in her own language, never learned even the most basic arithmetic.  I listen to the stories she chooses to share with me and I see her pain on her face.  I also know that she fights to make sure her children get all the help and education available.  She understands the value of education.

    Thanks TC for this video.

    And as for Drumpf and the Republicans of the first two videos,

    Resist, Persist and Remove!!!

  5. Thanks all.  Exhausted hugs! 19

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