See the Republican Lie!

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Jul 172017

When confronted with facts about their own crimes, Republicans like to call it fake news, but when the truth is already widespread, they deflect and project.  They change the subject and lie to make it seem like their opponents are guilty of similar or worse crimes.  When Breitfart contributor, and Faux Noise conspiracy theorist, Herb London, used this tactic, Joy-Ann Reid tore him a new one.  See the Republican Lie!


Conservative activist Herb London appeared on AM Joy and attempted to defend Donald Trump by deflecting towards conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Joy-Ann Reid continued her journalistic duties as she forcefully fact checked him in real time. It was an epic performance.

The AM Joy Host was not pulling any punches as she immediately corrected the record from the lies spewed by her Conservative guest. London started off by giving a long soliloquy in an attempt to minimize the severity of the Trump Scandal. He included some easily debunked statements about the Trump administration.

"I don’t believe for a moment there’s a criminal case here," London said. "I do believe that there’s an awful lot of razzle-dazzle as you pointed out. And I’m not happy about the fact that the Russians are involved in any way with what happens in an American election. But I do think that the high dudgeon that you’ve now expressed to make a major case is a distraction from the policy agenda of the Trump administration. And I’m not necessarily a defender of the Trump team. My feeling is that what you’ve overlooked is the fact that we’ve made significant strides since Donald Trump has been president, and that has been overlooked largely because this is a distraction notwithstanding your claims to the contrary. It is a distraction from the kind of policy agenda that I think we should be following."

London went into lying conspiracy land…

From <Egberto Willies>

Unfortunately, once you turn on Egberto’s videos, they don’t turn off, as long as you are at the site, wasting resources, but I did find the same clip elsewhere to embed.

Click through for the rest of the story.

Kudos to Joy-Ann.  Rarely do we see a fascist so egregiously exposed.



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  1. Egberto is also sound, and apparently so is Joy.  (She recently had Dr. Barber on, right after his being arrested actually.  Or, more correctly, after his being released.)  The only “strides” the Trump regime has made are in the direction of fascism, of course.

  2. Prime example of how R’s deflect, and denounce the truth.Bravo Ms. Joy Ann, excellent counter punch!

  3. Joy does not back down.  The right loves to lie!

  4. London is a jackass to say the least!  Rather than stay on topic, he’d rather change the subject to Clinton’s activities so as to deflect away from any discussion of the scandals of the current administration.  I have to wonder what he has been smoking when he said that “… we’ve made significant strides since Donald Trump has been president, …”.  Now if would have said we’ve made significant strides backwards to the 19th century since Donald Trump has been president, I could buy that.  Or if he’d said we’ve made significant strides towards becoming part of Russia, or significant strides towards complete fascism, I could buy that.  And when Joy Reid shoots him down, he still tries his same tactics.  Kudos to Joy for having intelligence and the tenacity of a pittbull when dealing with this conservative idiot!

    Resist and Persist!!!

    Don’t give the bastards an inch!

  5. 28 03Kudos to Joy Reid for “putting London in his place” – to put it mildly – and not having him vent BS conspiracy theories instead of answering her questions. She and her producers were aware London would do that if he accepted the invitation to appear on the show and they prepared so well for it. Unlike London who had to fall back on decades old BS that has been debunked almost as long.

    Soon none of these conspiracy theorists is willing to appear on these news shows, and that is fine as long as the producers keep inviting them and letting people know they didn’t want to show up. And when they do appear, slap them down like Joy Reid did of course!

  6. EW: Blather, blather, blather, and all of it inane and stupid!  “The Trump agenda,” is just what?  Tear down the culture, grab pussy, create a storm of new pollution?  The pollution that is most evident at this point is in the minds of the sheeple! 
    I want someone to ask this clown about Russians in the election process after all the chips have fallen.  It would be interesting to see how he ducks and weaves, then!

  7. Thanks, hugs and Amen to all! 23

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