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No doubt you probably have seen most – if not all – of the fun photos from Chris Christie shamelessly enjoying New Jersey’s Island Beach State Park as his own private paradise for the Fourth of July weekend, while denying access to other Jerseyans.  (I Googled it – that’s what they’re called.)  But I felt it’d be good if we preserved that meme for posterity.

To remind you what the Christie Klan clan decided they – and they alone – were entitled to …

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Of course you knew it would give rise to some great memes, so let’s enjoy a few:

Keying in on his role in Bridgegate, here he is blocking a couple lanes of traffic on the George Washington Bridge

Since it was a holiday, he felt entitled to take time for some fun.  Here he is clearly enjoying listening to Elvis

It appears he really does like going to the movies …

Sound of Music


From Here to Eternity


Planet of the Apes





Forrest Gump

But it wasn’t all fun and games.  He was busy keeping an eye on developments at D-Day

And helping out in the Oval Office (I’m sure he figured that if Kellyanne Conway can put her feet up on the couch, he can bring a beach chair in)

But that wasn’t the only the only time with Twitler.  He “grabbed” some more time with him, along with Billy Bush and Arianne Zucker, during that infamous X-rated Access Hollywood interview (no doubt loaded down with plenty of Tic Tacs)

And he was there in the Situation Room helping Pres. Obama and Hillary when they masterminded the removal of Osama Bin Laden.

Not surprising that most Jerseyans were NOT pleased that he had created a private island paradise for just him and his family – so they took to the air to share their displeasure

And you would think that being such a shameless, self-absorbed A-hole would make Christie feel repentant …

But you’d be wrong.  Just like Twitler, this is how he sees himself

But Jerseyans had the last laugh when The Bikini Boys did a great sand sculpture of him on July 4th

There’s an Instagram by them doing a 360 degrees around the sculpture.  And apparently the link to it embeds Instagram stuff – never tried it before:



Off Topic: I really enjoyed how the wife of Poland’s Pres. Duda “handled” greeting Twitler yesterday.  Just look at that face after her great maneuver.  That was  NOT the face of a Happy Camper on our “Dear Leader” afterwards …


  13 Responses to “Friday Fun: For Chris Christie, Life Can Be a “Beach””

  1. Pres. Duda’s wife completely ignored Drumpf! Good for her and Melania was and looked most surprised with the offer of Duda’s wife a handshake. Twitler’s face says it all. lol.
    I had seen a few of the Christie cartoons and enjoyed seeing additional ones poking great fun at him. Yep, Christie is out as Governor of New Jersey by the term limits and perhaps out of public office for good. New Jerseyans are most likely glad that he will be out for good. No self-respecting New Jerseyan would ever elect Christie to any office for the rest of his life. Christie is completely ignored by Twitler but who knows what the future holds for the both of them. Christie skewed and screwed the New Jerseyans more the once but many times. The “Beach Closure” was another one of his examples which the New Jerseyans will, most likely, not forget for a long time. Bye-Bye Christie!
    Thanks to Nameless for the Christie Beach Show. lol..

  2. LOL Nameless!

    I grew up at the New Jersey shore, and PIGnocchio at the beach was more pollution than I ever saw there. 13

    • Well, this is an important topic.  Or at least a LARGE topic.  Thank you for curating!  (And thanks for the off-topic!  I had heard but not seen, and it is BEAUTIFUL!)

  3. Nameless, the Christie travelogue and accompanying commentary is priceless!  My favourite was the exposure of Christie by the Bikini Boys.  Clearly they tried to shoehorn Christie into the bikini but it did not work.

    And that non handshake is priceless.  Drumpf’s sour look at not being #1 is very telling and the reason I put a link in yesterday’s OT comment.  BTW, thanks for embedding it.  That was great.

    There was another handshake today with Putin.  From TheStar.com: “Trump and Putin locked hands, pumping slightly, as the U.S. leader brought his other arm up to pat Putin a few times on the forearm.”  It very much to me looks like Drumpf is making love to Putin with the handshake.  And Putin’s look says “I’ve got you by the balls now!”  Contrast this with the others (Trudeau, Macron) where Drumpf tries to dominate by pulling them towards him, or Merkel whose hand he would not shake.

  4. Just loved this new edition, Nameless. Christie’s  shameless occupation of a beach he himself had caused to close down for the public is a very worthy topic indeed. And apparently a very inspiring one too. I especially like the BikiniBoys to pay some extra attention to the back of him, that part New Jerseyans love to see soon.

    And doesn’t he know it. He’s so much like Drumpf: a bully, vindictive, egocentric, greedy…, so him beaching himself and his family there was giving New Jersey the middle finger for the last time:

    When asked if he thought it was fair that his family could enjoy the park though other New Jersey’s residents could not, the governor said the beach house wasn’t near the park, adding his family didn’t seek state services. His advice Saturday for those state residents who wanted to use the beach: “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”

  5. Having been raised in NJ, it’s a rite of most families to head to the beach, and most stay for the summer. What christie did was a sacrilege, and knowing how these folks are, they won’t forget his foo-pah either. What a rude & crass thing to do! The memes were perfect, and the BB’s sand sculpture is spot on!

    I loved how Ms. Duda went to Melania first! Priceless, and a great move! BRAVO! (strong women can do that, imho)

    Thank you, Nameless for post, and Joanne for cross posting.

  6. I’m a Jerseyan, and it will be good to see him gone, but I expect he will find some new way to live his despicable life, as he chooses.  
    We have a history of electing numerous POSes as governors, including Whitman, who “knew” that the 911 site held no toxic air for the first responders!  She gave out so many tax breaks to her wealthy compatriots I’m surprised Pignocccio could find any.  
    But, NoName, this was a great posting, thanks.

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