May 052017

Was planning on doing this one last week – but instead I had to head up to Illinois to refill and restock my Mom’s meds.  (And unfortunately 3 of the 4 prescription meds she takes had run out of refills, so they all needed new authorization.  What a hassle!)

Obviously science has been a big part of my life.  I know, I know – it’s a large part of EVERYONE’S life.  But unfortunately, we’ve not done a good job of convincing Twitler and his Luddite minions of that fact.

Which brings us to the recent March for Science.  A March that was joined by millions not just across our country – but around the world.  It was great to see people marching to acknowledge the role that science, in its broadest sense, plays in bettering our lives.  So I thought I’d share some of my favorite signs from the March – some funny, some serious and some very clever.

Let’s start with a clever one that takes some familiarity with the building blocks of chemistry, because someone decided to add a new element to the Periodic Table: "Wtf"

But the disbelief that Twitler’s troglodytes have so poisoned the academic arena that we actually had to have a March for Science was a common theme in several signs:

So maybe we should start with the Serious Ones:

[Maybe hard to read.  It was from the Boston March:

Nobel Science Laureates

Harvard – 118

MIT – 84

Trump U – ZERO

And one my centenarian Mom would love:

Some Funny Ones:

Some Clever Ones:

And two head-scratchers that were so clever it took me a while to figure out.  (Full Disclosure: Along with the help of Google for the first one)

Proudly post your answers in the Comments.

And for all of Twitler’s knuckle-draggers who hated that millions joined the March for Science to protest Twitler’s policies, I’ll close with the wisdom of Albert Einstein



My “Friday Fun” posts tend to be heavy on the graphics.  I made the photos the “Medium” size to take up less real estate.  Would you rather I keep them formatted individually – or as a scrolling GIF like the one close to the top?

I can make the GIF larger than the individual photos, and I think the 3.5 second timing is about right.  But you cannot stop it like a slideshow if you want to look at just one of the photos. 

If you do click on one photo, it will open it in another window, and hangs an additional second or two longer – but then starts scrolling again.

Makes no difference to me, but I’d appreciate your input in the Comments as to individual (takes up more space) versus GIF (less space, but less “control”).  And is 3.5 seconds too fast, too slow or about right?



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    • As far as the graphics go, both work for me.  I thought 3.5 seconds was a bit fast today, but I think that was only because they are wordy today and reading takes more time than looking (probably why Republicans don't like to do it.) 

      The content – I have a framed "Periodic table of the Desserts" in my kitchen, with elements such as Ca (carrot cake), and I WANT Wtf ADDED!  As with every new element, I fear it will take a lot of research, though.

      Even with real elements, however, I can't make out that molecule.  I am going to steal the last idea, though (I'll bet you knew I would).

      • No way could I have your "Periodic Table of Desserts" hanging in my kitchen – the tempation would be too great.

        BUT it does have some wonderful choices that I would pick for my idea of a seven-course meal.  😉

        (Yeah, that "Knowing Stuff …" slide has to scroll through twice on the GIF to read the whole thing)

  1. My favorites are the WTF, Root for Science, and America be Nerdy signs.

    Great pics, and post. Thank you, Nameless
    Thank you, Joanne for cross posting.

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todos!!!

  2. Some of the signs are very clever. One sign caused me to look up the periodic table. Gee, I used to know the table at one time but, like the old adage, if you don't use it, you lose it. Great graphic show of scientists, nerds out protesting for science with their intelligent and thoughtful signs. Yep, those science deniers don't have anything to show for other their own stupidity; They simply cannot possibly compete with science intelligentsia.  

    Thanks for the show of graphic signages.  

  3. Great post Nameless!!  I'd slow it down just a bit from 3.5.

  4. Great post, Nameless!

    I'm so glad the science marches were a great success all over the world, because "distrust" of everything, including science, has become globally endemic. Sadly, when science falls in the hands of the greedy, that distrust is even justified, which makes it all the harder to win back trust in science in general. I'm a scientist by nature and started my career out as a scientist, but had to abandon research in the early-eighties recession, so I can't imagine distrusting it, let alone life without it.

    My scientific knowledge is getting old, though. It took me a while to get my brain unstuck from "transistors" and headed in the right direction and I also had to google the biochemical compound.

    Pictures or a gif, both will do for me, though the gifs make an article a little more compact and increase its curb appeal. Slowing them down just a tad might make them perhaps a tiny bit more comfortable to look at.

  5. And the molecule, from the sign "Make <molecule> Not War", is serotonin, the molecule of "love".  It's what comes up when you google "organic molecule with ho nh nh2 groups"

  6. Welcome Jon.  Thank you.

  7. Wonderful!

    I got a kick out of the sine sign!  "Wrestling" is cool, as they all are.  I've signed some petitions about science and more with the claim that "Science is part of what has already mae America Great!"

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