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Apr 202017


Last night, two progressive giants, Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Maddow got together on Rachel’s Show.  In my opinion, what they had to say was too important not to share, so here it is in three segments.

Warren: Trump poised to deliver knock-out blow to middle class

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about following the history of the erosion of the middle class in the United States and the fight to protect the working class from Donald Trump’s agenda.


Liz clearly demonstrates how the transition from democratic republic to Republican Reich has screwed and is screwing the middle class. I look forward to an Audible version of Warren’s book.

Warren: Turn heat up on Trump Russia case

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the need for a special prosecutor and an independent commission investigating possible Trump campaign’s cooperation.


Liz is right that Russian interference with the election should not be partisan. However, it is, because Republicans prefer treason to loss of power. Republicans must go. All of them must go!

Warren: ‘Democracy can’t be a spectator sport’

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about why Americans can’t treat democracy as a ‘once-every-four-years horse race’ and what Democrats have to do to retake power in government.


The fight to take America back must begin yesterday and have more substance than mere opposition to Republicans.



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    Attend your local March for Science if you can. Sign petitions, write and mail post cards, call your representatives in government at all levels, demonstrate and protest. Most importantly, VOTE – and be sure to cast an informed vote. Do your homework before you head for the polls. Keep up the pressure against Trump's insane regime. We are in this for the long haul.

  2. I will probably be sounding like a broken record on this, but we need to STOP using the word REGULATION and instead use the word PROTECTION.  Rachel, I think, is wrong to think that people "usually perceive their self-interest."  That might be true in a world where everyone has accurate information.  But people who are being fed on elephant dung do not have accurate information  and certainly do not perceive their self interest.

    Elizabeth is correct that investigating Trump ties to Russia SHOULD BE non-partisan, and it SHOULD BE a matter of patrotism.  However, Republicans DO see it as partisan, and they think they have a monopoly on patriotism.  And they have SOLD that BS to too many people!

    "Democracy can't be a spectator sport."  Doesn't she hit the nail on the head there!  And now we are back to education.  Without strong public schools, and civics taught in them, way too many people will see politics as a spectator sport.  And way too many of those will not even spectate!  Because they find it too boring to watch!

    And by the way – if you continue on and watch the new game of "Stupid or nefarious" – it's a  good question.  Another way of looking it might be "Truth or Consequences."  Except the administration is throwing out truth, and we are the ones taking the horrible consequences.  Just an incidental comment for history buffs – is it really a good idea to talk about "sending an Armada"?  The last one didn't end very well, thanks to a very determined and powerful woman.

  3. Two of my favorite ladies on TV, and together too! How wonderful !!!

    Watched part of this last night will watch the rest later.

  4. I agree with Joanne, the Republicans think they own patriotism, and will be unwilling to do their job in regard to prosecuting and or investigating Trump.

  5. JD — "Rachel, I think, is wrong to think that people "usually perceive their self-interest."  " — I agree with you 110%.  If people perceived their own self interest, the US would not have a pResident Drumpf.  Too many people did ot think.  Their response was emotional instead of logical.  Drumpf played on those emotions and told his supporters what they wanted to hear.

    Love that Lizzie!  I agree that there MUST be a special prosecutor and a totally non partisan investigation.  Perhaps the investigation should be conducted by persons from outside the country not unlike an international elections monitoring group.  I would volunteer for that!

  6. Rachel Maddow # 1: Elizabeth Warren ended with a remark very similar to one Rachel often makes too: "This isn't about what Donald Trump says, this is what Donald Trump does". Spot on, Ladies.

    Rachel Maddow # 2: Liz is again spot on when she says that the investigation be non-partisan, not bipartisan. But this will only hold in Congress when the investigation is about Drumpf and his close associates and their ties to the Russians. However, it should be clear by now that far more people were involved than just Drumpf and his team, either directly or through knowledge, and those people are either members of the same Congress that does the investigating or they work for the people directly involved. So an independent, objective investigation? Not while this implicated GOP is calling the shots in Washington. So the pressure must come from the grass roots and it must increase tenfold to get this investigation going before Drumpf and his cronies have made their work impossible.

    Rachel Maddow # 3: I don't think Democracy ever just was a spectator sport, but Liz is right when she says that this is the final test, the day of reckoning, if you will. And she's right, if Americans do not stand up for Democracy now it will be destroyed and be beyond repair for a very long time.

  7. Thanks and hugs.  I agree with JD.

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