Mar 172017

Did I actually put “republicans” and “fun” in the same sentence?  I know, I know – but to be honest, it’s actually other folks making FUN of republicans.  So we’re good.

The week’s festivities started with Paul Ryan giving his Trumpcare/WeDon’tCare PowerPoint presentation for AHCA – and folks had a field day with memes.  So let’s enjoy some of their handiwork

First, let’s admit that they tried to incorporate some good points into their AHCA plan …

And it does try to offer some sound advice …

And it is elegant in its underlying simplicity at cutting costs …

But surprisingly enough, Paul Ryan actually gave an honest summation of the GOP’s AHCA plan – he concluded that it’s a …

Then Kellyanne Conway stepped up to TRY to “help” out Twitler with his bald-faced lie that Pres. Obama had his “wires tapped”, by claiming Obama wasn’t just limited to spying only by having “wires tapped” … he could also be using a microwave oven camera.

Conway actually learned of the microwave’s sinister photographic powers from her own oven:

And the sad duty of informing Pres. Obama of Conway’s odd, but extremely serious, charge of ordering microwaves to become a Snapchat spy on Twitler fell to Hillary.  Fortunately, she was up to the task:

But in all fairness, if you take a closer look at your microwave’s Control Panel, you can see there’s some possibility to Conway’s claim

But being skeptical, I decided to go right to the source and ask MY microwave if it was spying on me – and this is the reply I got from my oven:

So maybe Obama HAS been infiltrating Trump Tower …


I’ll leave you with this sobering clip.  Wanting to be thorough, I setup one of those “Nanny Video Cams” that record exactly what does go on in the kitchen when I’m not around.  To say the least, I was flabbergasted!

So who knows – maybe Conway was correct.

Nah – not a chance in hell.  I was just toying with you.



  10 Responses to “Friday … Who Knew republicans Could Be Fun?”

  1. Clever and funny graphics. Imaginative too. lol. Thanks to Nameless for the show. 


  2. Cross posted to Care2 at  Will comment later (alas, much later.)

    • Everything is just delightful, and I needed that – thanks!  But I think the think I like best of all is your selective capitalization in the title.  And I might not even have noticed if I weren't cross-posting.  Very subtle.

  3. Thanks for this Nameless, utterly priceless!  I love the microwave spoof – so brilliant…  (Sorry I've been away, I was extra-ill then the computer couldn't link to the site – seemed to say it wasn't there.).

    Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone!

  4. Great job, Nameless.  I enjoyed watching you prepare it.

  5. That was excellent Nameless!  Good fun!

    I won't be able to look at my microwave the same way anymore.

  6. Thanks, Nameless for another good start of the weekend with the best kind of fun, i.e. making fun of Republicans. Making fun of Drumpf is in a class of its own. It's almost too easy nowadays; he's getting pathetic until we realize its all diversion away from investigations into the many things he could be impeached for. But if "pathetic" gives us such brilliant gifs, then I'll take it.

  7. Loved this!

  8. Great post, Thank you, Nameless the laughs!

    Thank you, Joanne for cross posting.

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