Sam Strikes Again!

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Feb 162017


It’s Thursday again, so it’s time for that combination of relief and wisdom we expect from Samantha Bee.  Here are three clips from her show.

The Great Unchecked Legislative Fuckfest of 2017


I had not heard of the Congressional Review Act  ARGH!!

Paul Ryan: Portrait in Courage


If Lyin’ Ryan is a moral watch dog, I’m glad I’m a cat!

We’re Still Not There: A Practical Guide to Resistance


In my youth I was an officer in the New York Region of SDS. Some of what I did was "so called" busy work, and I remember an April 1967 march in NYC, before which I stapled so many signs to wooden handles that my hands were bloody from squeezing the stapler. Today I can use my writing to inform and motivate. What can you do?



  7 Responses to “Sam Strikes Again!”

  1. Isn't it deliciously sickening to watch all the right wingers who defended mass surveillance now screaming and whining that a treasonous phone call was "illegally leaked"?  But, more seriously, when will humans realize that our survival as a species depends on maintaining the balance of nature as closely as possible?  That No one will ever have great-grandchildren at the rate we are going?  Oh, wait.  The "other people" that Republicand don't care about includes great-grandchildren.  Never mind.

    "The smart Stooge."  Right on the money.  Sigh.

    Oh my.  This is so sad, yet encouraging, I was in all kinds of tears.  "Bloom where you're planted."  Yes.  I remember that.  I have tried to live by that.

    • I hear you.  I feel the same horror at the left fringe that thgink Trump is great for the country, because they see resistance to him bring on "the revolution".  How can they celebrate all the suffering he causes?  ARGH!

  2. The ID's are firing up the review act with a vengeance!! All of the great laws, and protections (rules) being undone! How horrible. I can't stand lyin' ryan, man with no backbone, yes, he's a brown noser…ooops…a orange brown noser these days, a groveler…ugh!
    Loved the last one, 'keep on keeping on'…so true!!!
    Great show, Sam!

    Thanks, Tom

  3. Oh, God! They are gonna wipe the earth out of animals!!! More than DISGUSTING! It's just amoral!

  4. 1 — Funny and sad and maddening!

    2 — Saw that one yesterday.  There should have been a barf bag alert on it!

    3 — Kudos!!!  May we all have their dogged determination to make the world a better place for all.



  5. Top notch stuff from Sam Bee, thanks for posting, TomCat.

    But if Sam was supposed to raise my spirits, then how come I'm feeling so terribly depressed right now?

    Well, they say that exercise works well against depression so:



  6. Thanks all.  Hugs!!

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