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Jesus - Black-Liberation-Theology-Another-Jesus-Devine-Racism-James-H-ConeWATCH: Survey Reveals a Startling Truth About White Christians (text and video)
“Most polls don’t matter much. But this one does. A recent Public Religion Research Institute survey has revealed a devastating truth: While about 80 percent of black Christians believe police-involved killings — like the ones that killed Tamir Rice, Laquan McDonald, and so many more — are part of a larger pattern of police treatment of African Americans, around 70 percent of white Christians believe the opposite … that they are simply isolated incidents.”




Paul Ryan’s Forum on Expanding Opportunity Won’t Expand Opportunity
“This past weekend, in my congressional district, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott hosted a presidential candidate forum titled “Expanding Opportunity.”


I Served 11 Years in Prison. This Is What I Learned
“Last week I attended a presidential forum in Des Moines with nearly 1,000 grassroots activists from across the Midwest. The focus of the event was on a real economic recovery—one that creates economic security for struggling Americans and invests in underserved communities.
I felt it was important to be there. I wanted to ask candidates how they would reform a criminal justice system that is ripping apart our most vulnerable communities, especially communities of color.”



The wealthy are ruining American health care
“Campaign contributions from the superrich foist unpopular policies on the public”


Jakarta Attack May Signal Revival of Bloody Campaign in Indonesia

“Hundreds of Indonesians have traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State over the past two years, and more than 50 have been killed there, according to the Indonesian government.
“But in recent months, Indonesian jihadists appear to have increasingly sought targets at home. Now, security analysts say that the violence in the capital, Jakarta, on Thursday may portend a revival of an intermittent but bloody campaign, often against symbols of the West, that has plagued Indonesia for the past decade and a half.”



New study finds positive economic development benefits associated with bus rapid transit projects

“Bus rapid transit is a type of bus service that travels faster and more reliably by providing level boarding, triggering traffic signals, providing pre-board fare payment and running in dedicated lanes separated from traffic, among other typical characteristics. For the first time, a new peer-reviewed research study, unveiled this morning, provides compelling evidence that BRT — often with a price tag far lower than other transit investments — can provide ample economic benefits for cities large and small.”



Detroit Teachers Shutdown Public Schools in Protest of Deplorable Conditions (video and transcript)

“Public school parent Stephanie Beal says she supports the teacher protests and the idea of an elected school board to ensure a quality education for all”


Ceasefire Needed in Turkey
“Richard Falk says a new ceasefire and renewal of the peace process between the Turkish state and the Kurdish militants are required to end the bloodshed”



Tommy Chong: Here's My Trump Conspiracy Theory, Man
“Everyone's got a crackpot political theory on the Presidential race — even Tommy Chong — who may actually be on to something … or just on something.”


Paramedics help people avoid emergency rooms

“A new initiative is underway around the country to use firefighter paramedics to keep people out of hospitals and direct them to appropriate primary care or other services. And, it’s working! With support from the California Health Foundation, firefighter paramedics in the Golden State are being trained to identify individuals who use hospital emergency rooms frequently for non-emergency situations and, instead, pay them regular visits. The goal is to get them needed care so that they don’t call 911 or need to use the emergency room. The paramedics call on them in their homes and connect them to regular doctors or other services that can keep their health on track.”



SNL Re-imagines GOP Debate (video)



  10 Responses to “(Not quite so) Terse Tuesday Tidbits January 19, 2016”

  1. Thank you for the Jim Wallis citation.  Even before reading this, I had used the same citation today in a comment on an AlterNet thread.  I am so tired of people who "are tired of people playing the race card."  I have started responding with some variation of "I am white and concerned about black lives and I am not playing cards.  If you want to play cards, go do so."  (I stop short of adding "and don't bother me and the others here who are serious.")  His new book, America's Original Sin, about race in America, looks to be excellent also.

    Jerome Dillard – you don't HAVE to have been in prison to help returning prisoners, but it sure does help.  No one else understands as personally what the issues are.  There has been progress made in the cost of phone calls, but that is small compared to the system being "designed in a way that keeps you in. It is a vicious cycle where the odds are stacked against you, every door is closed, and any small mistake sends you right back."  Until privatized prisons are outlawed as the criminal enterprises they morally are, the deck will continue to be stacked against reform.

  2. A petition Barbara K. found related to Detroit schools piece of this medley of articles:

  3. "I was a smart kid growing up. I learned that my people had little chance at a legitimate good life. But I hope all the presidential candidates recognize that we need an America where our young people hope for bright futures, rather than think that the best they can do in this world is not be killed."  Sadly, the lawmakers do not care, they do very nicely for themselves in marginalizing people like him.

    Paul Ryan has not ever presented a plan that was worth half a lump of….

    Health care: the wealthy have long been involved with the health insurance industry, which used to be thought of as running the GOP.


    • Excellent point on health care Mitch!  Today I read that 81% of Democrats are in favor of single payor.

  4. So many White Christians seem to be so cut off from reality that their opinions about the gunning down of "Those," or "You," people is not to be considered…unless one wants to see how blindness of the mind operates.

    Tommy Chong: I love it!

  5. Tommy Chong is on to something! And I wouldn't be surprised if he was right! 

    The one about being in prison is right on the money! We will never get anywhere if we don't close down the "corporate" prisons! Prisons were never meant to be a corporation! They are meant to rehabilitate and reform! Even though they haven't been doing that for a long time, it is what they were SUPPOSED to accomplish!!!

  6. Thanks for posting another interesting set of articles, Judi.

    It's rather discouraging that when non-Christian whites are included in the survey, the overall percentage of whites that think that these killings are random incidents, i.e. not racially related, still comes to 65%. In general whites in America can be said to be racially prejudiced. I'd like to see all numbers, but somehow religious institutions further instill racial bias in their followers. Apparently the way a particular religion is preached from the pulpit is quite different for mainly white churches than for mostly black congregations and sadly has become instrumental in maintaining racism a long time ago.

    Ryan's budget is in fact more of the above: talking about equal opportunity while in reality dong the exact opposite by cutting the poor off from any opportunity at all by taking away most of the existing funding for projects and aid and giving nothing in return for the poor, ensuring that the black and Latino communities will be hit hardest. The criminal justice system is set up to further keep the poor, i.e. black people, from ever having the chance of a normal life let alone advance on the social ladder. Sock-puppet politicians have willfully let people die by denying them affordable healthcare under Obamacare, again hitting the poor black communities the hardest. The wealthy are not only ruining American healthcare, they are doing everything in their power to keep the poor black people tied to the lowest rung of society and slowly, but surely eradicating them completely from society.

    But then there's always the hope that the poor and disenfranchised will realize that they can do something about the situation they are in by using their political clout and vote for Bernie Sanders and Democrats in Congress instead of disassociating themselves from the political proces. Sure he's another white man, but he's the best option for them to come along.


  7. They are only isolted for whites.

    Ryan certainly will expand opportunity for the 0.1% to rip us off.

    Prison reform is sorely needed.

    Rapid transit makes work possibled for many.

    Good collection, Judi!

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