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Here is the fifty-second article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Wyoming Republican gubernatorial candidate Taylor Haynes. He is so honored for breaking the world record for stupidity.

0718YrllowstoneThere is perhaps no national park more sacrosanct to America than Yellowstone. Anyone who has marveled at its Old Faithful Geyser or looked out at its large herds of roaming bison or stood in awe at its cascading waterfalls has, whether they knew it or not, been the beneficiary of a massively successful government program: conservation of public lands.

But Yellowstone National Park’s days as a pristine ecological retreat could be numbered if Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Taylor Haynes (R) gets his way.

Haynes, a physician and former trustee at the University of Wyoming, wants all national parks and federal lands in Wyoming to be turned over to the state. According to the Casper Star Tribune, Haynes wants to allow all lands in Wyoming, including Yellowstone, to be leased for drilling, mining, and grazing. “We will manage every square inch of Wyoming,” the gubernatorial hopeful said…

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This idiot actually wants to frack the Yellowstone caldera, which may well be the most geologically dangerous piece of real estate in the world.  I was in Portland when Mount St. Helens went up, that was tiny by comparison.  We’re talking ELE here! Here’s some recent video on the caldera.

Anyone who wants to frack in this area is so stupid that there is only one word sufficiently insulting for them: Republican.


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  1. So, Louie Gohmert finally got unseated, eh? Ah, well, it was bound to happen sooner or later; no one stays on top forever, especially when the competition is fierce.


    “'We will manage [to launch] every square inch of Wyoming [into outer space],' the gubernatorial hopeful said…"

    What they don't say often says more than what they do say.


    " . . . to be leased for drilling, mining, and grazing."

    How does that nursery rhyme go? Oh, yeah, ". . . and the cow blasted into orbit around the moon."


    Like Larry Hamelin (The Barefoot Bum) frequently posts on his blog, "The stupid! It burns!"

  2. The previous volcanic explosion they mention in the video was Mount Toba some 74,000 years ago, and it caused a volcanic winter of some 6 -10 years (equalling mass starvation over the planet and resultant wars, disease and death these days – mass starvation then) and reduced the human population down to less than 10,000 people at the time.  Imagine what would happen if a volcano larger than Mt Toba went off today – such as the enormous shield volcano at Yellowstone which is due to go off approximately every 600,000 years – and the last eruption was just over 600,000 years ago, so it may be primed….. 

    Now what starts earthquakes in previously stable areas?  Why fracking and the forced injection of industrial waste such as in Colorado…. so we wouldn't want any braindead moron suggesting fracking in/anywhere near Yellowstone would we?  What do you mean Taylor Haynes (R) wants to start fracking there?!  Does this unbearable imbecile want to go down in history as the world's greatest mass murderer for setting off the Yellowstone shield volcano?  Apparently, yes! 

    There is very little consolation in the thought that his name will not be remembered at all as civilisation will be wiped out the world over….




  3. Good pick, Tom. Teddy Roosevelt would probably consider "running him through" with his trusty saber if he were still alive. Wyoming doen't need oil and gas companies drilling anywhere near a "super volcano", let alone miners excavating. Our Earth exists due to a delicate balance which we have already disrupted far too much. Hence, the earthquakes increasing numbers. Climate is greatly affected due to our mismanagement of our natura resources too. I watched a special about this not long ago on the "interwebs" and can't find the link but here is just a brief lesson on super volcanoes. The frustrated scientist in me loves this kind of stuff.


  4. Louie Gohmert's title is safe for a while.  Haynes is not a Congressman, nor is he running for Congress, but for Governor.  I don't see him winning on the far right side he is running on, though – his oldest child's name is Kenya.

    As Elizabeth Akers Allen DIDN'T say, "Backward, turn backward, oh time in thy flight; make Teddy Roosevelt alive again in Wyoming, just for tonight."

    (BTW, even if you don't need to search for anything today, check out Google's tribute to Nelson Mandela.)

  5. As the Democratic candidate for Congress from Wyoming's only congressional seat, I strongly disagree with Dr. Haynes' position on this matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzZKjUeLuFs

    • I am glad to read that Mr. Grayson.  I wish you all the votes you need to win.

    • Cute!  I sure hope the people of Wyoming aren`t gullible enough to elect Haynes.

    • Welcome Richard! 🙂

      The chair of Wyoming's Democratic Party is "not thrilled" with Richard's candidacy, because he is a comic and a resident of Arizona.  But Wyoming's Democrats did not have the balls to put up a candidate.  That makes Richard the Democratic nominee.

      Richard you have my enddorement by default.  Running aganist a Republican incumbent, you are the only human in the race.

    • I would vote for you Richard… 😆

  6. None of us are surprised when a Republican puts profit ahead of safety and common sense.  This guy fits the mold very well.  Common sense is sadly lacking with too many of our politicians.  How long do they think we can keep messing with the earth's core before it implodes?

  7. Haynes is a medical doctor.  You`d think that he would understand "extinction"!  But then he IS a Republicanus/Teabagger and they are very short on the understanding of science.  Amazing that he even is a doctor with all that science stuff!

    Here`s a link to his website  http://haynesforgovernor.com/issues .  He really needs to stick to what he knows, which IMO isn`t much. . . and that "not much" does not include geology, volcanology or seimology! . . . apparently not common sense either.

    His plan for messing in Yellowstone could really be human caused climate change. I`m sure that, were there any humans left, we could make a case for crimes against humanity assuming that causing a supervolcano to erupt was not just classied as stupidity.

    My oh my . . . 

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