Blacks Beat the Bagger

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Jul 162014

There is now sufficient evidence that shows that mostly black Democratic voters, who voted in Mississippi’s Republican primary allowed Thad “Farmyard Fun” Cochran (R-MS) to defeat Chris “Bagger” McDaniel.  The InsaniTEA and Theocon wings of the party are screaming bloody murder, saying that only Republican votes should have counted.

Senate MississippiNewly released data of the Mississippi runoff for U.S. Senate between Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) and state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) reinforce the claim that Cochran won through a surge of votes from African-Americans and Democrats.

Since the runoff McDaniel and his supporters have complained that McDaniel actually won the Republican vote in the runoff and Cochran was only the winner through getting African Americans and Democrats to vote for him.

As The New York Times’ Upshot blog notes, Cochran won 92 percent of the votes in the precincts that are Democratic strongholds. President Barack Obama won 99 percent of the vote in those precincts in 2012. Cochran won those precincts by 3,889 votes, or more than half of his margin of victory in the runoff over all. With those votes, Democratic votes in other parts of the state could have cleanly brought Cochran over the finish line in the runoff, even with Republican voters in those precincts going for McDaniel.

An important data point to keep in mind also is that in historically Democratic-dominant places like Hinds County, one of the most densely populated counties in Mississippi, turnout wasn’t especially large (7.4 percent of the 2012 general election numbers) — but with runoff voters going 92 to 8 for Cochran, it would be enough to move the race in Cochran’s favor…

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McDaniel’s complaint appears to have  some merit.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have an open primary, until you understand it’s true purpose.  Historically, before Republicans sowed the wind by embracing hate-filled TEAbuggery, Republican primaries have featured an uncontested or barely contested candidate, while Democratic primaries have often been more hotly contested.  In states with open primaries, Republican voters have crossed the line for years to ensure that the least worthy candidate becomes the Democratic nominee.  In some states the Democratic nominee is nothing more than a Republican plant, such as Alvin Green in SC in 2010.  Republicans have been trying for years to get Oregon to adopt an open primary without success. 

So what we have here is nothing more that an old Republican dirty trick at work.  That it is causing Republicans grief could not be more appropriate.

Anyway, now we know how to keep Thad Cochran off the Senate floor.  Just put a Black Sheep  in the Senate cloak room.


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  1. In a good way, they stacked the deck for the November elections and the TeapublicanTs don't like it. too bad!

  2. Doesn't Mississippi have something in their Constitution that votes by Negroes don't count – or at least don't count more than 3/5?  McDaniel Wins!

    Or was that just the wishful thinking of the fine folks of Mississippi?  (And in my best Souther accent – and with all its Southern meaning – I just want to say, "Bless their hearts!")

  3. The residents of Mississippi, and even many commenters here, should pay some attention to election law as it pertains to primaries, and should note that it differes by state.  However, I know of NO state where it is illegal for a member of one party to vote in the primary of the other, provided that person is willing to give up voting in their own primary – and provided they make this decision early enough.

    In my state, Colorado, we currently have closed primaries.  If you want to vote in the primary of the opposite pary, you can, but you must change your registration 30 days prior to the date of the primary in order to do so.  Registered Independents don't have the 30 day restriction technically, but now they we are all mail ballot, they probably do in practice.  But if you jump through the hoops, your vote is perfectly legal.  In the 38 years I have lived in Colorado, I have done it once. 

    Mississippi has one kind of open primary.  No matter how you are registered, you may vote in any one primary, but only in one.  This is why the votes of Democrats for Cochran are perfectly legal.  I don't see that you can even call it a dirty trick when the law is set up specifically to allow it.  If they don't like it, they should be working on changing the law – not whining

    The other kind of open primary is the "jungle primary."  There is ONE primary ballot and every candidate is on it.  The top two vote getters, regardless of party, go onto the November ballot.  Louisiana is one state that has this kind of primary.  Look at how well it works for them – not. I believe in California – JL will correct me if I am wrong – they can somehow choose by Congressional District what kind of primary to have, and some Districts (District 31?  My memory is not what it was) have a jungle primary.

    You might think it would be easier if all primaries worked the same way, and I would agree with you, but that is not how it is currently done.  We need to work with the law as it is, not how we think it ought to be, and if we don't like it, we ought to change it.

  4. Hoist on their own pitard..I love it when a dirty plan skewers the planners! 😉

  5. In Kentucky you can only vote in the primary of the party you are registered with, unless you change your registration thiry days prior to the election.

    My son lives in Ms.  Another blue living in a red state.  He told me that Cochran was the lesser of the two evils and had treated the black community better than most of the other politicians in the state.

    I love it when they get bitten by their own rules.

  6. It`s tough when one gets bitten on the ass by one`s own snake!  More power to the ass biting snakes!  Keep on biting!

    • I wonder if Republicanus/Teabaggers like the sounds of backfires?  I ask only because they should get used to it if they keep following their same path.

  7. Thanks all.  There's really nothing to celebrate here, except the joy od exposing the level of Republican hypocrisy.

  8. ~~Since the runoff McDaniel and his supporters have complained that McDaniel actually won the Republican vote in the runoff and Cochran was only the winner through getting African Americans and Democrats to vote for him.

    Tea-Bags pissed off the Snake… 😆

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