The ChickenHawk Resurfaces

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Jun 202014

Who could forget the day that GW Bush was so busy trying to fathom the complexities of My Pet Goat that he left managing the nation under attack to ChickenHawk Cheney, known for his five deferment heroics.  In the months that followed, it became clear that Cheney was the power behind the throne, and the only quality that exceeded his bellicosity was his incompetence, especially at weapons handling.  That earned him the title Dead-eye Dick.  No single individual was more responsible for the thousands of deaths, untold suffering, and trillions of dollars squandered in the failed Republican War in Iraq.  Now he and his horrid daughter, The Lizard of Lies, are teaming up to try to make it happen all over again, while blaming the mess that he created on Barack Obama.

war criminal2…In an Op-Ed [Murdoch’s Faux Print delinked] published with his daughter, Liz, in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, the Cheneys write:

Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.

This, from the man who helped lead us into this trumped-up war, searching for nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, a war in which some 4,500 members of the American military were killed, many thousands more injured, and that is running a tab of trillions of dollars.

During the lead-up to the war, Mr. Cheney said to Tim Russert: “I really do believe that we will be greeted as liberators.” Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Even if it were indeed rare to be “so wrong,” as Mr. Cheney puts it, he was vice president in an administration that was much more tragically wrong. His whole legacy is wrapped in wrong… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <NY Times>

You won’t see a more classic example of projection.  Had he added Vice, he would have described himself.

Chris Hayes brought us up to date on the Iraq crisis, and especially how several Republicans, especially ChickenHawk Cheney and his hate-filled daughter, are doubling down for more war.

Fallows is spot-on! The neocons who led us down the road to perdition over Iraq should shut up, not try to get us to repeat the same tragic mistake.

Rachel Maddow also nailed both Dead-eye Dick and the Lizard of Lies, focusing on the Lizard’s sordid history.

Cheney was so extreme that, toward the end of the Bush Reich, even Crawford Caligula stopped obeying him.  He deserves the inside of a cell, nothing more.


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  1. Sorry to disagree, T.C., But the least Dead-eye Dickhead deserves is an appointment with the hangman's rope.

  2. An Australian blogger said that many people reckoned that over half a million ordinary people had died in the Iraq war, and he thought it was probably more than a million.  Sadly that seems likely to me.  Both Cheyney and Bush and Blair are still so obsessed with their 'rightness' that it makes ordinary people ill to think about them.  In the Chris Hayes clip Liz is staring hard – but blinking at a high rate, most oddly.

    TC America may be in a Right Wing mess – but thanks to you, many in America and we too in Europe, can see the brilliant commentators of Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow – I wish we all had such! 

    Rachel Maddow's secret committee (Keep America Safe) sounds terrifying – they wanted to start a war with half a dozen countries including China and to try and prosecute perfectly virtuous lawyers who were defending people the Keep America Safe group hated – oh my!!  Why didn't the Koch brothers invite her to their secret meeting at that resort where security was total as reported in The Daily Kos today….

    Thanks TC!





  3. Come on, guys – I could NOT agree more with Cheney when he wrote:

    Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.

    He was talking about BUSH, wasn't he?

    This Op-Ed by Cheney is like having Jack the Ripper do a guest editorial about the gruesome murder spree in Whitechapel.

    Preview of tomorrow's WSJ guest editorial:

    Cooking With Jeffery Dahmer: Some of My Favorite "Ingredients"

  4. I know I posted this on the Open Thread, but it is so startling and shocking I feel it bears repeating:

    What wasn't predictable was that Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck would as much as come within a stone's throw of accuracy.

    Apparently pigs do fly.


    • I read this yesterday and laughed my head off.  FAUX NOISE wasn't very happy with her.  Is she developing a conscience finally? 

    • As far Cheney & Cheney, that's nothing but bilge rot.  The man needs to take responsibility for his actions. To say that the US went into Iraq for valid reasons is an outright lie.  Kudos to Kelly for taking the hard line in the beginning.

      And Beck, being somewhat conciliatory?  Now that was funny!  Usually bombastic, playing at contrition is enough to make one laugh out loud.  I wonder if this "We were wrong" même is more about attracting voters than anything else?

  5. Well how about dinner with Dick & Liz! A fine dinner of chicken & a huge hall in Iraq,shared with the families who lost loved ones,then Dick &Liz & some mega-rich shareholders in HALIBURTON,could distrbute the MONEY they collected during the war, to the grieving relatives,this is how they do things in Iraq.I,m sure it would all work out well,what do you good folk think?     Archie.

    • Welcome Archie! 🙂

      Fat chance!  If Halliburton served a meal for 100 people, they'd charge $100 million for it.

      • Under ordinary circumstances, yes, but in D.D.'s case I'm willing to make an exception.

        • Okay, something went seriously wrong here. The comment above should have appeared beneath your reply to my comment at post #1. The comment originally intended for the post immediately above reads as follows:

          And bill it to U.S. taxpayers.

  6. Something humourous that I noticed about Liz Cheney . . . when she stands in profile, she has Pinochio's nose!  I know that that is her father's influence, but damn, I swear I could see it growing!  But then daddy's nose grew and grew with all the lies he told.

    I don't want to spoil an Open Thread feature that I am sure TC will use, but AB said "In a development that offers a faint glimmer of hope for Iraq, both Sunnis and Shiites are finding common ground in the view that former Vice-President Dick Cheney seriously needs to shut up."  I cracked up when I read it.

    Excellent discussion with both Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow.

  7. I watch this Chicken Hawk, Chicken $hit run his mouth (Dick-Head Cheney), he is a War Criminal and I could arrange a ticket to ship him off…. 🙄

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