Jun 102014

I’m writing for tomorrow after what has been a thoroughly frustrating, wasted day.  The TriMet LIFT bus picked me up at 8:50 AM and dropped me at the doctor’s office at 10:00 AM for my 11:00 appointment.  The doctor’s assistant came and got me and measured my resting blood O2 level at 95%.  Then I climbed a flight of stairs twice, without O2, and she measured it at 88%.  I climbed them again with 02, and she measured it again at 93%.  I was done at 11:15, and all we learned is what we already knew.  The culprit is not the insurance company, but the medical equipment company that the insurance company uses exclusively.  They notified my doctor’s office late on 5/30, so her staff did not see the fax until 6/2.  My doctor’s assistant called them to ask if they could do it during my already scheduled appointment on 7/14, and explained that, due to mobility and transit issues, an extra trip would be a hardship for me.  They said no.  It HAD to be done right away.  I know the name of the person who made that demand, and I have a call in to the manager of her department.  When I get done, they both may be candidates for rectal replacement.  The TriMet LIFT bus picked me up at 1:20 PM and, after several side trips, dropped me off at 3:45 PM.  Needless to say, it’s too late to begin research.  Day 50.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:10 (average 5:46).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

O2 can be a real pain!



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  1. 4:22 Lovely, confusing colored windows.

  2. Sorry you had to go through so much to satisfy some idiot in an office.

  3. 5:08  Pretty colors.  Probably even prettier when backlighted.

    Poor baby!  Hopefully you feel better by now after some rest.  Keep hanging in there!

    • OMG!  Eric Cantor has just LOST to primary challenger Tea Partier David Brat (yes, I know all Tea Partiers are brats, bur apparently that is actually his name).  If anyone had told me Cantor would lose for being too liberal, I wouldn't have believed it.  Thomas Jefferson must be spinning in his grave at several thousand RPM.

  4. Tom, I am just wondering how much an oximeter would cost that you could have at home, take your own readings and phone them in.  

  5. I hope you get both those idiots fired.

  6. That sick bastard, the Rt disHonourable PM Stephen Harper is at it again . . . he is banning Canadian meteorologists from talking about climate change.  Bitumen and climate denial . . . any doubt that Harper is a Republicanus/Teabagger?  Here is a Care2 petition urging the government NOT to ban Canadian meteorologists from talking about climate change.  Won't you sign with me!  May 2015 can't come soon enough!



    • Signed.  Next Harper will forbid Meteorologists to discuss weather.

    • Signed – thanks for the alert Lynn – poor Canada, no more freedom of speech, no more internationally respected scientific integrity due to this muzzling – vote these blighters out everyone!

    • ~~Richard,
       you took action on June 10, 2014

      Signed and Shared… Thank you,

  7. Thanks all.  See Wednesday's Open Thread for what happened.

  8. Thanks TC – I do hope you manage to get the manager's attention about the little Hitler who got you doing all this unnecessary amount of tooing and froing and climbing of stairs!

  9. Sorry they're screwing ya over, Tom..:(

    Do we REALLY know that Cantor lost for being too "liberal" – or were RepubliCONs just tired of him & voted "the other guy"? I've seen all the "experts" say that it means RepubliCONs & Democrats alike will need to be MORE CONservative – which is a LIE..it Could mean a REAL Democrat would mop up in the general election & Democrats will ONLY need to re-invigorate their Base by actually Acting Like Democrats (instead of Corporate Enablers!)

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