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I’m writing for tomorrow, when I shall be leaving for prison volunteer training.  I will return on Friday afternoon,  I’m taking my notebook, but I don’t know how much I shall be able to do, while there.  It will probably be little more than Personal Updates, if that.  Please keep the Republicans at bay, while I’m gone.  Day 44.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:52 (average 4:42).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Upworthy: Whenever I hear people condemn those who are financially less fortunate than themselves, I tend to tune them out (yes, sometimes I’m RUDE). A better idea would be to share the information from this infographic, because 1) it’s more tactful than what I usually do and 2) it might help some folks be a little more compassionate.


The loss of IQ and mental illness factors help explain why some poor people vote Republican.

From Daily Kos: Fox News has fallen and it can’t get up. Ratings for the month of May 2014, have just been published, and the numbers are devastating for Fox News. While still occupying the top slot among the cable news networks, Fox saw about a quarter of its audience dissolve across every demographic group and time period.

Every Fox program in primetime dropped by double-digits, with Bill O’Reilly taking the deepest dive. Sean Hannity posted some of his lowest numbers ever in his new 10:00 pm time slot. And Megyn Kelly’s new, and highly anticipated, primetime show failed to improve on the ratings performance of her predecessor.

To be sure, Fox was not the only network to see declines. In fact, CNN had an even larger dip. The news was much better for MSNBC who was down the least of all the cable news networks. They lost a relatively insignificant five percent of total viewers, but actually saw increases for Morning Joe, and for Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow in primetime.

For Fox to post numbers that they haven’t seen since August of 2001 (before 9/11) is a painful blow to both their reputation and their bank account. But they have even bigger problems. The viewers that do tune in to Fox are significantly older than viewers of their competitors. Fox News has always had the oldest skewing audience in cable news. With a median age of 68.8 years, Fox’s audience is over six years older than either CNN or MSNBC. It’s even worse for their top rated program (O’Reilly) who’s average viewer is over 72 years old. And their Great Blonde Hope (Kelly), who was specifically brought in to draw younger viewers, also exceeded Fox’s average with her typical viewer voyeur being over 70.

You can sum up my response in two words. The first is "Wooo". Can you guess the second? 😉

From NY Times: The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to consider challenges from Democratic lawmakers who say the Alabama Legislature packed minority voters into a few districts, diluting their voting power.

In another case from Alabama last year, the Supreme Court effectively struck down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which has required permission from the federal authorities before states may change their voting procedures.

This is one to watch. Considering the record of the Fascist Five Injustices of SCROTUS (Republican Constitutional VD), I’m not expecting an outcome that agrees with our Constitution.




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  1. 2:55 I didn't find Nemo.

  2. Time– 2:42 – I guess eating razor blades for breakfast does make me sharp 😉

    Thanks TomCat, for the great info graphic, I would just add one thing that should be included.  Those who live in poverty both children with developing brains and adults do not eat well.  Food is the fuel for our bodies and our brain.  Poor nutrition leads to poor quality in the brain's ability to cope and develop. Shame on this country and the leaders that have been directly instrumental in the horrible decline into deep poverty.  Poverty that is both forced and created of,and force by that damnable one percent of FAT CATS.  (No insults or derogatory comments are meant toward actual cats.)

    During the elections in Alabama a 90+  year old man, who can no longer drive and voluntarily surrendered his drivers license was prevented from voting.  He was told his voter registration would be adequate identification, and why not, the man had not needed his license to vote in prior elections.  Need I say that this man is a man of color?  All across the south state by state even when courts have struck down their shiny new restrictions on voting there are still blockades firmly in place to attempt to prevent the elderly, women and people of color from voting.  The constitution does not say that you must pay a tax to vote, but being forced to wait on line and buy state issued ID is de facto a poll tax.  The highly obstructive limitations on where one might vote is another way to limit voting.  Contrast this with the recent elections in India.  Voting poll areas every 2 blocks and cool water to drink should you need to stand on line and wait.  Far too many Americans do not want people to vote so they call out voter fraud.  The real fraudulent practice is the direct effort to prevent any citizen from the inalienable right to vote.

    I read that Daily Kos article yesterday and laughed and laughed.  Fox is insulting the few once loyal viewers they had.  This article also had a funny graphic of an elderly couple watching TV and giving the universal hand (finger) gesture to Fox.  

    Thanks TC, enjoy your trip and stay well. 

  3. 4:15 Poor little trangendered clownfish!  Although I suppose if everyone is. they don't get bullies for it, and then they get the best of both worlds, so feeling sorry is not appropriate.  In his day, Tiresias was considered the wisest (and luckiest) man on earth.

    Upworthy – the Republicans are trying to equalize some of that by reducing Social Security (the only thing keeping many older Americans out of poverty.  For some reason though, Democrats (myself included) just don't think that's a good idea.

    Daily Kos – Hooo.  I am going to whine a little bit here.  All my life I have been in groups considered less intelligent.  Female.  Blonde.  Overweight.  Now I am also elderly, and apparently grey is the new blond.  I really don't think I am all that dumb.  I know better than to watch Fox, and what I read from Fox I know better than to believe.  But I get no respect.

    NY Times – But the strategy is correct, after the first decision.  "OK, you say that Alabama has reformed since the 60s.  Well, what about this?"

    Cartoon – Couln't find one with Cliven Bundy, hm?  Well, this is just as good.

  4. best cartoon ever!

  5. Demographics. SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 
    While this study is less than 2 years old, it does present a factual graphic chart with 
    the usage of various news programs, outlets with age, economic and political profiles. It is an easy but hefty read. Simple but comparative charts are used. 

    Section 4: Demographics and Political Views of News Audiences 


    I am glad that Faux News is down. But, I am surprised that the viewers are in the 70+ range. I would have thought they would watch the standard bearers of old like NBC, CBS and ABC, not the brash and out of touch reality gop propaganda machine aka Faux News or another aka "Alternative History Journal". 


  6. Puzzle — 2:57  Ah, I think I found the "Great Pumpkin"!

    Upworthy — "The loss of IQ and mental illness factors help explain why some poor people vote Republican."  AMEN!  I knew there had to be some explanation for something non sensical.

    Daily Kos — "Hooo?"  It would please me to no end if Faux Noise, or the Alternate History Channel as Jon Stewart would call it, disappeared with their audiences.  Good on Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes!

    NY Times — The Injustices will do what they do best . . . interpret the Constitution in a half-baked way to favour the state government's position and in effect restrict the Black and Democratic vote.

    Cartoon —   Good one!  You could put the whole Republicanus/Teabagger contingent of Congress Critters in that picture and not be stretching the truth.


  7. Fox News has fallen and it can’t get up.

    I'm sending them a life alert… :mrgreen:

  8. […] Open Thread–6/4/2014. […]

  9. The loss of IQ and mental illness factors help explain why some poor people vote Republican.

    Not to mention Stress and Health Care…. IMHO

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