Bill Maher–New Rules–4/11

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Apr 162014

Although I do not always agree with Bill, his sense of humor is so outrageous that it reminds me of my own.  He invariably leaves me in stiches.  Therefore, I bring him to you, whenever I can find him in a video format available to all.


Last night [Friday], Bill Maher closed with a New Rule explaining just why right-wing radio is so abundant.

Inserted from <Daily Kos>


"They don’t want to go to the moon. They want to howl at it!" I could not have said it better.


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  1. Bring on Bill Maher anytime.  Do not have HBO.

  2. I just love it! ~~ "But who could blame you for thinking, "Geez, aren't there enough right-wing radio hosts as it is?"  No.  Never.  There are never enough!  Why?  Because the Tea Party always has room for one more voice in their heads."

  3. This was near the top of the Daily Kos rec list yesterday, and he certainly had me in stitches too.  I do believe nothing is more serious than comedy (of course I mean real comedy, not the unintentional kind provided by the wing nuts) and this really shows why.  If this doesn't make you think, you are brain dead.

  4. OMG..totally correct on Everything! He really "gets" RepubliCONs! 😉

  5. When it comes to mocking the current politics of our day, I often agree with Maher. I was able to see him live on Saturday night in San Antonio. Two hours of laughter, he seems to enjoy his audience as much as they enjoy him. Not an empty seat in the house, a full sell out and those tickets were not cheap.

  6. No sound, I keep trying to solve the problem though,

  7. Thanks everyone!

  8. lol…."Republicans don't want the moon they just want to howl at it." Bill Maher

  9. I always enjoy Bill Mayer, he gets it… 😆

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  11. Thanks TC!

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