Crazy Republican Rants

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Apr 072014

The Republican Party in not competent at governing, although they are good at seizing power, because they have no ethical boundaries for the lies that they tell.  When faced with public confrontations, between their statements and the true facts, they double-down on the lies and often follow with an insane tirade.  other times, they launch their rants for the mere enjoyment of committing TEAbuggery!  The following article provides examples:

GOPHatCharles Koch writes hateful opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, then moronic GOP senator recites it on the floor, instantly proving that pols are puppets of billionaires.

Isn’t it ftting [sic] that greedy-ass billionaire Charles Koch published his op-ed claiming he is against “cronyism and political favors” — knowing full well that he and his equally evil brother David spend hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase those favors — the same week the Supreme Court ruled that the Kochs don’t even need the cover of an organization to outright buy politicians anymore?

Money is speech, the right-wing gang bangers of the Supreme Court said, and people like the Kochs are free to lay it on just as thick as they want to.

But, Koch whined in his op-ed, just because he uses his enormous wealth to ruin the lives of all but the few of his fellow robber barons doesn’t mean that you “collectivists” get to criticize him. It hurts his feelings, waah, waah, waah!

Employing the age-old strategy of “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you,” Koch called his critics despots who are un-American.

Shortly thereafter, one of his flunkies in the Senate, Kansas GOP-er Jerry Moran read this great American’s op-ed out loud and in its entirety to his fellow senators, claiming it represented “mainstream” America.

Excuse us while we go throw up, collectively… [emphasis original]

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This is just one crazy Republican rant out of seven.  Click through for the other six.


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  1. All of them are truly CRAZY!

    1. TeaPublican Jerry Moran is a good little puppet.

    2. I want to see the uniform our President designed. Bet it's cool.

    3. It's official. God is alive and he's a shirt-shedding communist AND he likes Pootie better than gays.

    4. I didn't realize Rick Perry knew what "commendable, "cumbersome" and "counterproductive" meant. Someone else must have written that letter to AG Holder.

    5. Boomer needs to have brain surgery via his penis. No more uncomfortable than a C-section.

    6. Pat Robertson is unknowingly performing a community service . I wonder if he or anyone on his staff realizes they are giving out the "ObamaCare" phone number. Hmmm…

    7. Honey Maid graham crackers are now on my shoping list.

  2. These guys are such total dicks that when they take their Viagra, all that happens is they get taller.

    Definitely going to buy some Honey Maid products!


  3. It was an unfortunate moment but did give me a laugh. I saw the ad on TV for the New Republican party. Same as the old but with a shiny new foil cap. If the democrats one and all would just stop trying to out do these dim wits and stand up for the policies that are truly American, I think the rest would begin to fall into line.

    I would like to see some democrats respond to reporters when asked about one of the many republican lies by saying, "That is not a factual statement, and you as a reporter should know better". Then go on with a factual statement on a completely different issue. When asked about the ACA I wish they would stop apologizing and start stepping up with facts. Have there been problems with the site? Sure, so what? There are now 10 million people signed up, more will continue to sign up, be proud of that. Do we actually have a foreign policy that does not react to every slight by going off to yet another war? Yes, we do – be proud of that. Democrats under the leadership of Obama: have ended DADT, recapitalized Banks, toppled Moammar Gaddafi, told Mubarak to get out, ended Bush torture policies, tried to close GITMO, improved America's image abroad, kicked banks out of the student loan program and the treasury will save $67 billion over ten years, $36 billion of which will go to expanding Pell Grants to lower-income students. Obama has also turned toward more "green" technology, acknowledging the reality of rapid climatic change, supported more and improved veterans benefits, worked to improve the FDA for food safety and so much more, be proud of the many accomplishments.

    Republicans dare to brag about cutting benefits for vets, children and the elderly, redirect their pride in the negative to pride for those who do work for improving the lot of all Americans.

    Thanks TC

    • Kit, I agree with you, the Dems need to quit apologizing and get over their fear of the Tea Party.

    • I have seen Democrats do that, Kit.  Doing so well a couple times gets them off the guest list for mozst media outlets.

  4. Beat them at their own game. Votes still win elections, beat them with the truth.

  5. Sorry – migraine – agree with everyone!

  6. What is there left to say about these excuses for human beings?  I guarantee not one of them can spell or say P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N.

  7. I clicked through their rants. Pat Robertson has always needed therapy, since he is so sure that God only talks to him. Glen Beck should have been put on meds years ago. Rick Perry, so little brain power there, it is hard to comment.  The Kochs are unhappy because someone is finally standing up to them.  I love HOney Maid and also Cheerios for their latest ads.  Haven't bought graham crackers in a long time, but will this week.

  8. Charles Koch

    ". . . read this great American’s op-ed out loud and in its entirety to his fellow senators, claiming it represented “mainstream” America."

    Moran is absolutely blasphemous in his assessment of Charles Koch as a great American!  From a different article, 52% of Americans don`t know who the Koch brothers are, so how can this represent "mainstream" America?

    Glenn Beck — I have no words but I really hope he isn`t a communicable disease!  His ship is sinking and he has his mouth open!

    Pat Buchanan — This guy`s elevator does not go all the way to the top!  So he is hearing voices, and then responding?  OK Pat, get that white coat with the extra long sleeves out of your closet!

    Rick Perry — He`s too busy raping the state of Texas to be concerned about prison issues.  When the issue was brought up by the Justice Department, he responded "Oops!"

    Boomer Esiason and Mike Francesa — I have never heard of these two neanderthals, and obviously when God was giving out brains, they said they`d get the next one!

    Pat Robertson — He has it wrong!  It is the Republican healthcare plan with its death benefits that is killing people.  Delusional idiot, this one!

    The American Decency Association — Satan is in graham crackers?  That`s rich.  I`d say more like `Satan is in the The American Decency Association`.  Wonderful video response from Honey Maid. When I was a kid, my mother would bake a cake and always make extra chocolate frosting.  The extra always went on graham crackers.  Yum!  Is there any other kind other than Honey Maid?!

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Have a Honey Maid graham cracker!! 😈


  10. Money is speech, the right-wing gang bangers of the Supreme Court said,

    4. Rick Perry: Nah, we’re not going to do anything to curtail prison rape in Texas.

    I am just plain speechless… 😳


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