Republicans on Parade 3/22/2014

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Mar 222014


Here is the forty-third article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is World Nut Daily commentator Erik Rusk. He is so honored for Republican conspiracy theories. Note the audio.

0322erik-rushOn Tuesday, we noted that right-wing conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow — a notorious con man who now claims to be a former CIA agent — believes that President Obama blew up the missing Malaysia Airlines plane as part of a “jihad” against China.

He said the military forced the plane to “land by wire” at a base in Diego Garcia and interrogated the “nerds” aboard the jet who are working “for China designing ‘classified’ leading edge computer/internet control software and are carrying the matching hardware with them on the plane.”

Occasional Fox News guest and regular WorldNetDaily commentator Erik Rush, who frequently hosts Garrow on his radio show, laid out a very similar conspiracy theory about the missing plane on his blog and radio program yesterday [Republican delinked]…

Inserted from <Right Wing Watch>

You won’t believe the InsaniTEA in this audio. BARF BAG ALERT!


On a TEAbuggery scale of one to ten, Erik Rush is completely Republican!


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  1. I was waiting for the "Obama did it" on the Malaysian jetliner.  I knew it was coming.  There is no level of the GOP that does not parody itself eventually.  

  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say he is an 11!

    Paranoia is so deeply ingrained on the right, it is almost incomprehensible that anyone could believe it. Unfortunately, the sheeple refuse to think for themselves and merrily follow people (term used loosely) like Rush. The world does not need another Pied Piper, especially a paranoid one.

  3. TY TC.

  4. (Joanne, stop banging your head on your desk and try to post something intelligent.)

    Lona, I'm afraid it's just the difference in time zones and schedules.  I don't think anything can be done about it but I do sympathize.  Would dramamine help?  Or is that just a US-allopathic-health-care "solution"?

    Mitchell, I don't shop at WalMart myself, but it has been rumored that all you need to do is go there and look around to see that when the country wakes up in the morning it is NOT capable of putting the appropriate clothing on the right body parts.  I hear it is worse in the summer.

    I think Arielle is on to something with the football-dementia suggestion.  It doesn't have to be pro football.

  5. Barf Bag Alert was just not sufficient for that.  TC, I was just about to eat a nice organic apple now I fear my stomach would not tolerate food. From laughter to nausea.   What is most bothersome is that some people out there in nut bar land actually do believe this Dung.  Gene is correct, that guy really needs heavy medication and nice quiet room, with padding on the walls.   

    Is the missing or maybe found airliner a mystery?  You bet it is, but a mystery is not defined as a conspiracy, not in the world where people actually think.  I did stop listening, but after removing people from the plane for questioning what is supposed to happen?  They are shot and the plane dissembled?  Moon beam creatures come down and eat the evidence?    The duly elected president of the United States hijacked a commercial air liner?  Just when you think things have hit an all time low, something like this comes along. Remember Don Lemon from CNN postulated that god or something "supernatural" could have taken the plane.  News? This is what passes for news?  

    Remember the room with goofy mirrors at the fair?  That was fun, but now I wonder how do we get out?

    Thanks TC, you must be feeling better to have listened to that and not laughed yourself silly, tossed your cookies or both. Let's put these bugs back under their rock.

  6. It was ony a matter of time before this theory was bandied about. You've all heard about the "Black Hole" swallowing it up too. haven't you? That was on CNN.

  7. Banging head on desk until I mercifully pass out……..

    I'm waiting for the 'It's all tied to Bengazi' moment…….

    Beam me up, Scottie, there is no intelligent life on this plant left………

  8. planet…..ok, going back to banging head

  9. Almost every thought I had has been said by others in this group, far better than I could.  My one wish is that this one is so far off the wall that even the sheeple won't believe it. 

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