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I’m writing for tomorrow and am feeling a bit spacey having napped after finishing my research.  I have a lot of housework on tap for today and tomorrow.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From Upworthy: Every six months to a year, the Fox "News" crew gets around to attacking the poor, those on food stamps, and others not like them because, you know, hate and stuff. And the results, after Jon Stewart slices them up and serves them raw with his own special verbal jiujitsu sauce, are deliciously hilarious.


Jon sure has a handle on the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise!

From Daily Kos: The GOP’s problem with non-white voters, in one awesome picture


This is the audience for the Minority Outreach Panel at CPUKE.

From TPM: On November 27, 1770, John Adams began the most important trial of his legal career. His clients were eight British soldiers who, when confronted by an angry gathering of Boston patriots, fired into the crowd, killing five. The soldiers were accused of murder and threatened with the death penalty. Adams was a patriot, openly and adamantly opposed to British occupation of the colonies, with no love of the British army. He took the case, which he called “one of the best pieces of service I ever rendered my country,” because in this nation, even before its founding, every accused criminal is entitled to zealous legal defense.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Senate blocked the confirmation of Debo Adegbile President Obama’s nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Every Senate Republican voted against Adegbile’s nomination. They were joined by eight Democrats: Senators Casey, Coons, Donnelly, Heitkamp, Manchin, Pryor, and Walsh. The main charge against Adegbile is that, during the ten years he worked with the NAACP, he worked on a brief that successfully commuted the death sentence given to Mumia Abu-Jamal, a man convicted of murdering a police officer thirty years ago.

Sen. Casey said in a statement explaining his vote: “I respect that our system of law ensures the right of all citizens to legal representation no matter how heinous the crime.” It is difficult if not impossible to reconcile this statement with his vote against Mr. Adegbile. The right of every citizen to competent legal representation simply cannot survive in a climate where politicians punish lawyers for the acts of their worst, most despised clients.

If one of the DINOs is yours, give them an earful!  I could not have said this better. Click through for more.




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  1. 4:16 My faucet seems to have a slow leak.

  2. Upworthy ~ Sadly, your video doesn't work. I was lucky enough to watch Jon decimate FAUX NOISE when they jumped on recipients of Welfare and food subsidies. t seems they are concerned that these poor people can afford to eat seafood. Of all the nerve!

    Daily Kos ~ No place for any but angry old white men.

    TPM ~ I am fortunate enough not to have one of these hypocrites representing me in the Senate. When I read of this, I was astonished. I guess they really don't believe in the Constitution they swore to uphold when they took their oaths of office.

    Cartoon ~ They keep trying and then they had the nerve to compare President Obama to Hitler.


  3. Did everyone remember to "Spring Forward"?  In that regard, I'm going to try to win a MILLION BUCKS, so wish me luck!  From our local paper:

    The Kansas City Star announces a contest open to its readers featuring a cash prize of $1,000,000 for the person saving the most daylight during the new Daylight Savings Time (DST) period.

    Publisher Brock L. Lee stated, “Starting Sunday, folks planning to enter our contest are advised to begin saving daylight.  The person who has saved the most daylight by DST’s end at 2 AM on Sunday, November 2 (not that we expect contestants to be collecting a whole lot of daylight at that hour) will win our $1,000,000 prize.”

    Asked about the contest’s rules, Feature Editor Sara Bellum explained, “Only pure daylight is allowed.  We will not be accepting any early morning twilight or evening dusk.  And any contestant caught attempting to mix in some strictly prohibited moonlight with their daylight will be automatically disqualified.”

    Contestants are instructed to save their daylight in an appropriate container, and bring it to the Kansas City Star main office during regular business hours.  (All daylight saved in conjunction with the Daylight Savings Time Contest becomes the property of the Kansas City Star and cannot be returned.)


    • Upworthy:  I watched this segment earlier, Jon Stewart really ripped the GOP. Love him.

      Daily Kos:  Fitting picture.  If I were a minority I would run as fast as I could away from the GOP.

      TPM:  I wish I had a DINO to give my opinion to, all I got is Mitch, who is interested in no one's opinion who has not cash, and Rand, who couldn't understand my opinion if I gave it.  This vote illustrates how far away from our constitution our government has gone.  The right of defense, a speedy trial, and innocent until proven guilty have all fallen by the wayside.

      Cartoon:  Yes, it does, as so many states are proving with their new voting laws, designed to keep minorities from voting.  The GOP has apparently not been told that whites will soon be the minority in this country.  Oops!

    • Sorry, Nameless, I meant to reply to TC in the above.  I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Kansas City Star's sense of humor.

    • Nameless, let us known how you do.

      I thought it was a rather funny stunt by the paper, but I did think someone could monitor the energy they use for lighting.

    • You've got to love their originality and sense of humor.

  4. Patty,  Sorry you could not get the video.  Worked fine for me. It was indeed hilarious and spot on.

  5. Why is it that those with so much are so unwilling to let anyone else have even a little?  And why is it that Faux Noise is always leading the parade of selfish, grumpy ones?  

  6. Time 3:18  the water is flow

    The SNAP program has about a 1% or less fraud, for any program government or private that is an amazingly low rate and part of that is that when trying to buy things not approved the card will reject the sale. I know if the poor want help they should just stop being poor. ( Fox News contributor Todd Wilemon). As this time there is no way for the poor to suddenly stop being poor it was not a choice to be poor. There are many programs that would alleviate the suffering, and save huge amounts of Federal spending, but hold on; those programs are even considered. The right wing thing is still dancing to Greenspan quote: "If workers are more insecure, that’s very “healthy” for the society, because if workers are insecure they won’t ask for wages, they won’t go on strike, they won’t call for benefits; they’ll serve the masters gladly and passively. And that’s optimal for corporations’ economic health." At the time, everyone regarded Greenspan’s comment as very reasonable, judging by the lack of reaction and the great acclaim he enjoyed.

    I have been following some of the republican hoe down – as much as I could stomach, and they seem to become more intractable as they lose more of their base. Maybe they need a really big smack down at the polls to get the message, though I admit; in an off year election that is not probable.

    In a nod to your mention of the stealing of Jewish rights to vote: two things come to mind, one it was not that Jews could not leave Germany, the problem was in getting to a country that would accept them and I have recorded and plan on watching the HBO Documentary '50 Children: The Rescue Mission Of Mr. And Mrs. Kraus' — Depicts unlikely saviors Of 50 Holocaust children.

    More at ( )

  7. Upworthy:  I watched this segment earlier. Stewart really ripped the Gop.  Love him!

    Daily Kos:  Fitting Picture.  If I were a minority, I would run as fast as I could away from the GOP>

    TPM:  I wisn I had a Dino to give my opinion to, all I got is Mitch, who is interested in no one's opinion who has not cash, and Rand, who coudn't understand my opinion if I gave it.  This vote illustrates how far away from the constitution our government has gone. The right of defense, a speedy trial, and innocent until proven guilty, have all fallen by the wayside.

    Cartoon:  Yes it does, as so many states have proven with their new voting laws, designed to keep minorities from voting.  The GOP has apparently not been told that whites will soon be the minority in this country.  Oops! 

  8. Puzzle — 3:27  Amen! Jerry.  Amen!

    Upworthy — "…Jon Stewart slices them [Faux Noise] up and serves them raw with his own special verbal jiujitsu sauce…"

    I don't like sushi, but with the way Jon Stewart makes sushi out of Faux Noise, I do like it just fine!

    Daily Kos — Too bad the Native Americans didn't deport the first settlers.  Maybe then, the Republicanus/Teabaggers might have a clue!

    TPM — Another tangled web!

    "We need our young lawyers to aspire to be the next John Adams . . . Senate has told young lawyers that they must cast aside personal goals and ambitions if they choose to dedicate their careers to the belief that every citizen is entitled to a fair trial and a vigorous defense."

    I guess that the constitution is for sale!  Actually as I think about it, the Republicanus/Teabaggers are particularly adept at ignoring or selling the constitution, all in an attempt to stifle the people.

    Cartoon — One citizen, one vote!  The Republicanus/Teabaggers sure are trying to rewrite that ideal.  It wouldn't surprise me if they tried to limit the vote to angry old white men!  No women, no minorities, no non property owners, no … you fill in the rest.

  9. Thanks everyone!  It's too short a night.

  10. ~~I prepared this but was laughing to hard at Nameless that I didn't get it posted:

    ~~Sunday March 9, 2014, 10:09 am
     5:42 and all wet.

     Upworthy – You know, I had a friend (she has now passed away) who at the age of 10 was grabbed by some teenage boys, confined under a wire trash can, and sprayed with industrial pesticide (apparently they wanted to see how much it would take to kill her). Over the years she developed massive food sensitivities, to the point where she could not simply avoid foods she reacted to, since you can't get a balanced diet from fresh pineapple alone. (She had to eat on a very strict eight day rotation based on how close the DNA of foods were to each other). Is is a pretty good guess that her health precluded her from holding a job? Is is also a pretty good guess that she got foood stamp shamed? It's not the things people don't know that make them bigots, it's the things they know that ain't so. (Many people can't get hulu, especially outside the US. Daily Kos had the same vid in a different platform though.)

     Daily Kos – Yes. I sure hope this translates to the voting booths. I am very afraid.

     TPM – And this is one of the reasons why I love John Adams (and, incidentally, John Quincy Adams). None of those DINOs is mine, although I hear from a couple, who are not all bad, but I agree this is outrageous. Even though they are up for reelection and panicked. I suppose Mr. Adegbile is lucky he is even available to appoint, and not in prison like Lynne Stewart (yes, she is home now, though very, very ill – I haven't heard to the contrary so I assume she is still alive).

     Cartoon – So awful there is nothing to say. Except please help however you can to prevent it from happening here to blacks and also to Hispanics.

     Nameless – April 1 came early in Kansas? Good luck with that.

  11. one awesome picture

    This is the audience for the Minority Outreach Panel at CPUKE.


    5:47 – 😆

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