Rachel Maddow: Why We Did It

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Mar 082014

This is Rachel’s second major Iraq War special, and if you have not had the good fortune to see it, or want to see it again, you can watch it here.  She made her point well and documented it with her usual thoroughness and accuracy.  While my own analysis includes a second reason, she agreed completely with my main  reason.  Enjoy!

0308bush_warispeaceThe U.S. cannot escape from its sins in Iraq until it honestly accounts for its reasons for invading the Middle Eastern nation, said MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

She explained to Jon Stewart on Wednesday night’s “Daily Show” that she made a new documentary, “Why We Did It,” to help examine some of those unanswered questions.

“I did another documentary a little bit more than a year ago about how we were lied to, about how the administration’s case about why we had to go to war in Iraq wasn’t true, and how they sold us a false case,” Maddow said. “It sort of leads right away to the next question, that if the case they made wasn’t really why they wanted to go, why did they really want to go?”…

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Here’s the video I found in two segments:

I think we all knew that it was about the oil, but I have never seen it so well documented in one place.

In my opinion, there was also a second reason why.  The main place we station troops in the Persian Gulf is Saudi Arabia.  There the Wahhabi sect exerts considerable influence on the government and the populace.  Wahhabis are Republican Supply-side pseudo Muslims, the main source of funding for Al Qaeda, and every bit as rabid and hate-filled as Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians are here.  Because Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam’s two holiest places, Mecca and Medina, they consider the presence of US troops on Saudi soil to be sacrilegious pollution.  That presence is one of the two main reasons, along with US support for Israel, for Al Qaeda terrorism against the US.  The US is concerned that the welcome mat for our troops could be rolled up at some future time.  The Bush Regime intended to make Iraq a puppet client state and a permanent base for US forces to control the Persian Gulf from a local than does not make us beholding to the Saudis.


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  1. I agree with both you and Rachel (who, if you didn't know it, is a Rhodes Scholar). I also think it was to finish the job Daddy couldn't get done there.

  2. The song, "Money makes the world go around" (Cabaret) should probably be Oil make the world go around, we fight wars, steal property, pollute water, air and land resources to increase the profits of the few' while causing massive damage to the many.  I watch the documentary and will probably watch it a few more times.  I wish both could have been longer, but they are geared to the attention span of the general public.  Kudos to Maddow, she has done very well by the American people.

    A few years ago I read the book: "Vultures Picnic" (by Greg Palast) which is journey into the real facts and hellish truth of the oil companies.  Truths that most do not want to know, when the lipstick is off that pig it becomes a fire breathing dragon.  

    I doubt we can reverse the damage done in planet pollution, loss of species or governmental structures destroyed by those years and continued policies of oil at any cost.  Now we are FRACKING this country to once again gain the position of global leader; by selling natural gas to all comers.  The price we as citizens pay for the few to fill their pockets and egotistical quest for power is a devastated country; suffering with disease and earth quakes in this new gold rush for natural gas.  Maybe that should be the next documentary that Maddow takes on, the story is worth the telling.

    Thanks TC it's good to see you feeling better.

    • Being ostriches with heads buried in the sand is very good for the plutocrats and oligarchs, but disastrous for the American people, indeed the world's people.

      The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

  3. "The weapons he is deliveloping could well fall into the hands of terrorists . . . " — Colin Powell

    Well, there were no weapons of mass destruction to fall into nefarious hands, but the plans for Iraqi oil were being made by greedy plutocrats and oligarchs, the true terrorists to the world's people.  And many of these plutocrats and oligarchs were part of the Baby Bush administration, or had intimate access to it.

  4. Many of us knew at the time it was for oil.  I remember that and am glad to see that little fact included here.  I think the only intelligent person who was fooled was Colin Powell, and that was a tragic blight on an otherwise honorable career.

    I kind of hope I am no longer around when these war criminals are brought to justice.  If.  Because even  if they ever are, I do not want to see what they have done to the earth at that time.  Nor am I crazy about being  homeless, starving, and in rags, which I expect us all to be by then.

  5. When Colin Powell was testifying with his little vial of white powder, I was sayin liar, liar, liar.  I was castigated by some who believed him. Perhaps he wasn't lying, but telling the truth as he knew it, but his bosses knew.  Our country has been devastated by that folly, and I hope how soon all Americans know how they were manipulated for oil and profits for Cheney and the oil industry.

  6. Thanks everyone.  I think GW waqs more interested with finishing what his grandpa started.  Prescott Bush allied hinself with the Nazis.

  7. Thanks for posting Rachel Maddow story as I missed it… Seems Dubya avenged dad's honor. :mrgreen:

  8. […] Rachel Maddow: Why We Did It. […]

  9. Thanks Tom   I have not had chance to watch Rachel Maddow.  But will  Sure oil, money, power and revenge and the American people did not even care because of 9/11.  Have we even learned anything?  Let's see i do not think so becaue if you are white you will always fine a way to fool the American people and be forgiven>Just like Bush now Christie.  So what bush will we will we hang Obama from.  For trying to help the American people.  If you love power,money and dishonesty you can have your cake and eat it too.

  10. ~~North Korea and weapons of mass destructionI I had forgotton about North Korea  trying to build them.(Now we are not even looking  and listening  (It was in the news, but it did not seem to matter to anyone.   Bush was not even concerned.  But greed.revenage and lies was. Then we had 9/11 and the revenge that the American people had in there hearts and charge charge  What is worst  Bush and his greed and power or the hate of the American people?    I guess it true the only ones who will destory America is America.  Fear and greed,power and dishonesty.

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