1% InsaniTEA on the Rise

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Feb 192014

In recent months, more and more of the super-rich vulture capitalists behind the Republican war on the poor and middle classes have been exposed as greedy ideologues, as Democrats have pursued policies to end welfare for the 1%, and Republicans have sabotaged them.  This seems to have hurt the Plutocons’ feelings so much that they have been going off the deep end in attempts to justify their extreme greed.

0219crazyrichpersonIs it us, or have America’s ultrawealthy been sounding increasingly unhinged lately? Despite the fact that the wealth of the 1 percent jumped 31 percent from 2009 to 2012 while the other 99 percent of America saw a gain of only 0.4 percent, the rich are very upset, and they need to tell us about it. Maybe it’s all the talk about income inequality that’s gotten them so stirred up. Whatever it is, here are five signs that the zillionaires seem to be losing it.

1. The rich are mouthing off in epic rants.

They’re going on talk shows, writing editorials, bitching and moaning, and taking every opportunity to tell us just how fed up they are.

Wealthy Upper East Siders in New York are screaming [Murdoch delinked] at progressive Mayor de Blasio is punishing them by not plowing their streets of snow. Billionaire Home Depot founder Ken Langone warned Pope Francis that if he doesn’t shut it about income inequality, the charitable contribution spigot will be turned off. Nutcase venture capitalist Thomas Perkins just claimed that there is a war on the rich comparable to the Holocaust and that the wealthy deserve more votes. Bill O’Reilly warned, "Every affluent person in America is in danger. Every one." He asks you to pray for them.

During the Occupy protests, there was a surge of wailing from the 1 percent about perceived demonization and vilification, and it seems to have risen once again. It’s gotten so bad that Jason Furman, head of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers (and quite rich himself) has told his fellow 1 percenters to knock off the “hyperventilating.”…

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Frankly, I disagree with Jason Furman.  The more these vulture capitalists and their Republican lackeys spew outrageous justifications for the welfare they receive at YOUR expense, the more we get to expose them for who they really are and what they represent.

This article has for more ways that the 1% are committing TEAbuggery.  They are worth the read, so click through.


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  1. I suggest they all go to their safe rooms and lock themselves in there for the rest of their lives. They will do just as much good in there as they do out here in the real world. And then we wouldn't have to listen to their whining anymore.

  2. "Billionaire Home Depot founder Ken Langone warned Pope Francis that if he doesn’t shut it about income inequality, the charitable contribution spigot will be turned off. …"

    Just goes to show that all that 'charitable contribution' is not about charity towards those who are in dire need, but charity towards himself and all the tax write-offs that flow from the contributions.

    The fear that the 1% feel is of their own making!  All the whining will not cure their fear.

  3. If they read any History at all, they SHOULD be very afraid – but apparently they didn't Understand any of it, or they would be helping us (and themselves) by Demanding Government tax increases on themselves & JOB bills to keep us Busy & Earning instead of stewing about stupid 1%ers that are Killing us!

  4. These whiny bags are a distraction – and maybe intentionally so – from the extent to which the government colludes in transferring your wealth to their possession.  We here talk about "corporate welfare" but I don't think most Americans realize quite how it works or how much it colludes in making the rich richer. 

    A little personal history – I had a fairly decent career going as a property and casualty insurance underwriter before my company left towin, after whoch I retired.  I wanted very much to acquire the CPCU designation, which is done by taking and passing eight tests – sounds simple, but the preparation for each test is comparable to a college course.  I completed seven.  I failed the eighth – Personal Financial Planning.  I failed the test because I was so horrified and disgusted at what was being advocated that I could not answer the (essay) questions without my answers dripping with scorn.  I understand the test is now multiple choice, but I am not going back to it for various reasons.  And I will never use the services of a financial planner.

    OK, end of rant.

  5. I read that article yesterday … and was nodding my head the entire time.

  6. Alternet:  I read all five.  I have some advice for the super rich that might quell their fears and guilt.  Pay a living wage, donate to charities, volunteer at a food bank, give scholarships to needy students.  I cannot cry for them.  They basically own this country, including our government. 

  7. Thanks for all the above, especially to Jo for the inside view, of a type we rarely get to see.

  8. I am the 99%… 😥

    I feel that the 1% has a compulsive addiction to gaining money (wealth), too bad no twelve step program to help… :mrgreen:

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