Jan 162014

I’m writing for tomorrow and feeling quite bleary-eyed, because a road construction crew has been working on the street below my window and literally vibrating the entire building.  I’m still under the weather. 

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:22 (average 5:17).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Raw Story: A conservative blogger drew big laughs at a rally for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) when he suggested that Texans open fire on cars bearing California license plates.


How typically Republican it is to think that killing families is a matter for humor.

From YouTube: Rachel [Maddow] shows DAMNING photos & emails that PROVE Gov. Christie and his staff were fully informed during the GWB Shutdown, despite all Christie’s LIES to the contrary.


Rachel has Christie so busted that a new nickname for him comes to mind: PIGnocchio.

From Daily Kos: Senate Republicans once again blocked emergency unemployment aid for Americans unemployed six months or longer. In fact, Senate Republicans filibustered an extension of the jobless benefits into November, and they blocked a three-month extension. After the votes, Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) pointed out that the CBO had estimated that the longer aid extension would create 200,000 jobs.

Republicans continued to whine over procedure in an attempt to distract from the fact that they are standing in the way of unemployment insurance. What they want is to force a lengthy series of votes on poison pill amendments.

How many times do I have to say it? Nuke the Filibastards!




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  1. But he doesn't know a thing"He's mother did it and didn't tell him.  Who was it that said with hands up in the air"I can not telll a lie?"  Oh I know Nixon  There is something to be said for true colors 

    Thanks Tom

    City lights are one thing.(you can always wear night mask) but city noise is in a class all by themselves. Hope you are better soon Tom

  2. Those who were loyal to Christie are still hanging in there.  I'm not sure his demeanor is quite right for a national stage, but I doubt that a few scandals will stop him from tossing his hat in the ring.  

    The worst scandal that I remember is the "Iran-Contra" and most forget that turd was polished and then properly ignored.  It was not just a scandal but an intentional and international illegal act.  Reagan was in that up to his dyed hair, and few bothered to understand just what it was all about. That was worse than "Watergate" and so much worse than any sex scandal.  

    "Bridgegate" just might be in that category, along with using Sandy Relief for campaign funds.  Christie claims he had free ride for those advertisements,  maybe he did.  That does not change the fact that money designated for assistance to those in need was de-railed for his personal use.  There are thousands that still have not received a dime in aid, they may not be so enamored with the governor.

    Feel better TC, all of your loyal followers are wishing you well. 

  3. Texans should shoot Californians as soon as they catch sight of their numberplates?!!  Good grief – who is that man and shouldn't he be arrested for inciting the population to violence?

    Thanks for getting us video of Rachel Maddow that we can see – she is always brilliant, incisive and correct.  I think anyone who suffered from this bridge shutdown should get together and sue the horrible people responsible for their suffering – what if people died of heart attacks and other medical problems when ambulances couldn't get to them or get them to hospitals?  It really is disgusting, cruel and immoral to treat people like this.



  4. It's becoming clear that the Christie Bridge Scandal will be a slow-motion train wreck.  The one caveat to that is if David Wildstein (the "Got It" guy who actually got the Port Authority to put up the cones and who pleaded the 5th during his first round of questioning) starts to sing.

    He's the guy who I think has the most culpability on the line, and if he can show he can actually put gloves on Christie in a legally meaningful way and is offered immunity, I think he'll sing.

    And I think the Federal investigation into Christie insisting on using Sandy Relief Funds to employ the ad agency that would feature HIM in the ads – at an additional $2.2 MILLION – may be a more troublesome scandal, since he's directly involved.


  5. Rachel Maddow didn't actually use the word "liar" but she might as well have. 

    Considering Christie's political style and personality, it's impossible to believe he didn't know what his staffers were up to.

  6. 3:23  There is something fishy here . . . this is definitely one that we have had before

  7. I think Christie took a walk off a Bridege to nowhere and is floundering for survival now.

  8. 4:21  Note to yarn manufacturers everywhere:  "Blue Sea Bream" would be the most frizoo sock yarn colorway since "Las Vegas Lights."  I hope you are listening!

    TC, you must have a very quiet oxygen concentrator.  The white noise from mine will screen out everything up to and including gunshots.  What's keeping me awake is the pain from the shoulder (and it's not really keeping me awake, just waking me up every couple of hours).  Maybe a small noise generator could supplement the concentrator?

    Raw story – Repubs think all killing is funny all the time.  Hence very few Repub comedians.  A pity.  More should demonstrate (on themselves of course).

    Christie, Kos, cartoon – It is so obvious what needs to be done if you know the facts – and it is so impossible to know the facts if you don't want to.  ("La, la, la, I'm not listening.")

  9. Puzzle — 3:23  There is something fishy here . . . this is definitely one that we have had before!

    Raw Story — Must be taking his lead from Bullseye Barbie!  How very Republicanus/Teabagger!

    Rachel Maddow — When this blew up, I was confident that Christie knew about the shenanigans despite what he was saying.  That is the nature of the Republicanus/Teabagger beast.  Although Christie has said that he is not a micro manager, on some things, like political shananigans, he is and this is one of them.  In my opinion, the only reason that Christie didn't act earlier is because of the pending election.  Now he feels he is free to act because there is no danger to his re-election.  Ditch Christie!

    Daily Kos — Has Harry lost his Obamaballs again?  Damn, someone attach strings to them like we do kids mittens so they don't lose those!!!  Make all Republicanus/Teabagger politicians unemployed and then deny them unemployment benefits . . . a taste of their own medicine!

    Cartoon — One of your best!

  10. "…vibrating the entire building."

    Well look at it this way, you get a vibrating bed without having to plug it with quarters or pay for the extra electricity it takes!  Often one must look carefully for the silver lining!

  11. Gov. Christie BUSTED…. ❗

  12. Raw Story:  The guy is obviously an idiot, but they really laughed at him.  SAD

    Rachel Maddoe:  Liar, Liar,pants on fire.  Christie is not going to get out of this one. 

    Daily Kos:  I shared this one on Facebook again.  Some of my Repub friends are actually reading the things I have posted and have not yet attacked me.  We have so many long term unemployed here, due to the death of the coal industry.  I want as many as possible to know that Mitch and Rand are keeping them from putting food on the table.

    The cartoon is perfect!

    Hope you feel better soon.


  13. Thanks everyone,

  14. It's funny how the right hates California and especially Hollywood – except when some Hollywood star is a Republican.   The right *loves* celebrities when it can claim them.    Even hippy types such as Sonny Bono.

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